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Bulma's Confessions

This is the info about us..the writers

James things...well...ive confessed my eternal love to Francesca as well. i can stop thinking about her now. im glad she and i are together and ken was kicked to the curb. :D now i wait for the inevitable doom when cesca reads this!
BTW, this is for fun and games, if this were for real, i wouldnt be typing this..would i? id be out with Francesca cause whomever is with her is lucky and should be considered so...*shifty eyed* cause she is a good person, just gotta get to know her and all


*sing-song voice*"I'm ronry, oh so ronry" No real reason to put that other than that annoying song and voice from that movie have been stuck in my head for 2 freakin days! Not nearly as annoying as the "Fuck her gently" song though...or the one which replaced that song "I wish I was a lesbian". Good songs but annoying to be singing while attempting test-taking. Well thats a bit about me. "Peace"


I havn't been writing fics for long, maybe a little over six months.  My first fic was Tears of Torment, and I think it turned out pretty good.  I am a Godzilla and DBZ FANATIC.  I can't get enough of either, so most of my fics will be with those.  In fact, I doubt I write of much else, heh.

if you reading this..u have issues