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Bulma's Confessions
Interactive Fanfic pt2
Interactive Fanfic
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Bulma's Confessions

Yea yea yea...this isnt for my personal gain...all these characters are borrowed from its orginal creator for your amusement..SO IF YOU SUE...ILL COUNTERSUE!

  It was a quiet summer evening, the sun was setting and the crickets were starting to play their late-night song. Bulma was impatiently waiting for Vegeta to stop training in the gravity chamber and come home. Trunks and Goten had left for the city whereas Videl and Hercule had left to catch up on events passed. Goten was on the dating scene so he wouldn't be home for a long time, if at all. Pan and her girlfriend had gone to a club and Trunks is just gone. Goku rests peacefully on Bulma's couch and snores like he normally does. Bulma finally left the window and woke up Goku. Drowzily, he awoke, rubbing his eyes. Once they came into focus, he saw Bulma's breasts, bouncing around. Since Chi-chi had long been admitted to a mental hospital for using her bazooka on an airplane that she thought was chasing Goten, Goku was looking for some free sex.
  "Goku, I'm needy again. I'm bored and want some action already."
  Since Goku wasn't about to pass up this, he grabbed Bulma and brought her to the kitchen. He then started to undress himself.
  "So what time span am I working with this time?" asked Goku
  "Ten minutes until Vegeta's supper is done." said a now naked Bulma
  "More than enough time to work with." said an eager Goku
  Ten minutes later, everyone was completely dressed. Seeing the time, Goku went back to the couch. At that moment, Vegeta walked into the house. He noticed that Bumla was hot, sweaty and flushed. He asked why she was like this and she simply replied that she was working out while he was gone. Everyone came back around dinnertime that night. After that, everyone got to their respective beds and slept. Videl, Gohan, Goku and Hercule were in the living room sleeping. Trunks left went Pan did with her girlfriend. He liked to stalk them on certain nights. Bulma and Vegeta were in their room fucking away. Goten never came home, as suspected. The next day, Bulma felt sick. She knew that it wasn't Vegeta's child. Last night was the first time in three months that they got freaky. She knew it was Goku's child. Before Goku and his family left the house, Bulma pulled Goku aside to tell him the news. Goku was in a state of shock. He never thought that he'd get bulma pregnant. He told her not to tell anone of this, especally Vegeta.
  Nine months later,a baby girl was born. She was appropriately named Bra.
  "She has your eyes, huh hunny?" asked Bulma
  "Hmph. Som,ething about this child makes me feel uncomfortable." remakred Vegeta
  As time went on, the whole gang came to see Bulma's child. This time, however, Bulma had her tubes tied so the incident with Goku wouldn't happen again. Krillin was the first to pay a visit. Marron and 18 were out shopping and had his credit cards, so they'd be awhile. Needless to say, Bulma pulled Krillin into the closet and he boned her like Cell was going to blow up the planet again. By the time Krillin had finished, Yamcha was waiting for Bulma outside her door.
  "Bulma! Let me in already! I'm anxious for you and I'm all hot and bothered!" cried Yamcha.
  "Hold onto your cock for a moment, I'm collecting myself from Krillin. For a little guy, he sure knows how to pound me." said Bulma.
  Krillin went to the living room and as Bulma crossed by, he said that if not for pounding her brains out on a monthly basis, he would go insane from all the stress that 18 and Marron put on him.
  "Krillin, I'm flattered that you think of me so." said Bulma, opening the front door. Puar and Yamcha walked in. "You ready Yamcha?"
  "I've waited too long for your sweet, sweet loving Bulma."
  At that moment, Vegeta walked in, Bra in one hand and shopping bags in the other.
  "Oh hi Vegeta, what's up?" asked a very nervous Yamcha.
  "Here Bulma, take the kid and the bags, I need to train and that's where I'm going."
  Vegeta left for the gravity chamber. Yamcha wiped the sweat from his brow and let out a sigh of relief. Bulma handed Bra to Krillin and placed the bags on the side of the couch. Yamcha and Bulma then left for the bedroom. Five minutes later, they came out all hot and sweaty.
  As time pased by, more and more of the group came to visit to see Bra and bone Bulma. Gohan had a romp with Bulma, so did Hercule. Goten even wanted Bulma, and a lesbian threesome with Videl and Pan happened. Everyone wanted Bulma. Master Roshi almost got Bulma but the turtle stopped him from, suceeding. When Vegeta took long nights to practice, Bulma would get so desprate that she would get her own son drunk and bring him to her bedroom. Trunks would drunkenly bone his own mother and have no recollection of it.
  Bra was an innocent girl as a young child. One day, she walked in on Vegeta and Bulma and she completely changed. Her new red outfit is a reprecussion of that and everyone can see what she hides behind that outfit now. She even went so far as to date older men. She lost her virginity to Goku, who has now been turned into a child by the black star dragon balls.
  Vegeta had come hom early one night because his training was finished early. Once he walked in through the door, he heard a stragne noise from his bedroom.
  "Oh...right there..YES..OH!"
  He ran straight to his bedroom to see his wife Bulma on her back with none other than Hercule pounding away at her. Vegeta lost it. He picked up Hercule and threw him through the wall.
  "I knew something was going on behind my back! Something never felt right with Bra and you were always sweaty. Tell me the truth!"
  Bulma confessed everything to Vegeta. She told him that Bra is really Goku's child. She also told him that basically everyone has had their way with her more then once. Vegeta was stiff with anger. His fists were so tightly clinched that his whole hand turned white. He slimply let loose of his hands and told Bulma that he'd forget this incident and accept Bra as his own child on one condition. That was, no one was allowed into this house other than him, Trunks and Bra, since Bulma never left the house anyway. She agreed and put her clothes back on. Just then, Bra came home. Vegeta took her out shopping. Bebi is now on his way to planet Earth.

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