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Second Chance
Interactive Fanfic pt2
Interactive Fanfic
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Inuyasha: Second Chance
Bulma's Confessions

Of course I'm just an Inuyasha fan who doesn't own these characters or anything from the show. If I did, I wouldn't be writing stories for free.

Second Chance
By Francesca
Miroku thinks I'm an idiot, but what does he know? Just because he didn't get my

reasoning doesn't mean I'm wrong! So what if none of them got it? They're all just questing

with me to kill a common enemy. I know what I'm doing, and besides, it makes sense that

only I would understand my actions. Only I could know how I feel. I sent Kagome home so I

could be loyal to Kikyou...okay, fine, she left on her own because she was mad at me after

seeing me with Kikyou. But the point is I was going to. She gave Sango the Shikon jewel

shards and went home. She left without saying goodbye to me and I'm never going to get a

chance to seeing her again... but that's the way I wanted it! Kagome was just a school-girl not

even from my era so why should I care about her? I made my choice. Kikyou died because of

me. I owe her my life. And if that's what she wants, I'll give it to her.

That night, under the Sacred Tree where I had first met Kagome, I knew what my

choice had to be. I stood holding Kikyou close. When I looked into her eyes, I understood how

much her feelings towards me had changed. Before Naraku tricked her into thinking I had

betrayed her, I would see love in her eyes. My breath would catch in my throat and I'd feel

such loyalty towards her at the sight. If she asked anything I would do it because I knew she

loved me as much as I did her despite her only saying so once. She would never ask me to do

anything bad because of that. If she told me to jump off a cliff I would instantly do so

knowing it would be in my benefit. I was going to prove my love to her the day that she died.

It...just didn't work out that way.

Because I knew her, I knew all about the Shikon Jewel. As a priestess, Kikyou had to

protect it. Demons had attacked her often to try to get its power. But I was different from

them. The night before she died, I told Kikyou I wanted to become a human. She looked up at

me with a glazed look in her dark eyes. At first, I thought she was upset because she started to

cry with her face cupped in her hands. Filled with worry, I grabbed her wrists, pulling her

closer, and tried to reassure her in a voice that was especially high to my ears, "What's wrong

Kikyou? I thought you'd be happy! Now we can be together without scorn from your village

because I'm a 'demon'." She lifted her face and had the most beautiful smile, I'd ever seen. "No

Inuyasha, I'm not sad, I'm just so happy!" she said as she hugged me. I closed my eyes and

confessed my feelings for the first time outloud. She hugged me tighter and did the same.

Despite always knowing it, to hear the words, " I love you" spoken in her voice was

pure heaven. The words drifted in my ears to my heart which felt like it had just melted. I felt

hot tears running down my face, but I couldn't stop them; I was just too happy. I knew I

could never be with anyone else and I never wanted our embrace to end. We made plans for

the next morning. She would get the jewel from the shrine since I was not allowed in. We'd

meet in front of the Sacred Tree and I'd use the jewel to become a human. Then our new lifes

together could begin. We left each other for the night. But the next day, Naraku tricked us. He

took my form, stole the jewel, and fatally wounded Kikyou causing her to believe it was I who

had done so and therefore betrayed her. She shot me with a sacred arrow and pinned me to

a tree where I was stuck until her reincarnation, Kagome, freed me. That arrow, piercing my

chest like a needle piercing your eye, still did not nearly equal the pain caused by the thought

she had betrayed me. But I don't blame her now for what she did. Damn it, tears again.

Tears like acid burning lines down my face as they run and, similiar to the other tears, unable

to stop them but for a less welcomed reason: pain. Tears of shame knowing it's my fault she

died; without her trust in me she would have seen my form and done something about it, not

just stand there trustingly like a baby mouse looking up at a hungry bird diving down.

But that look in Kikyou's eyes when I held her under that tree was of such hate. Over

time, with the believe that I betrayed her, she no longer loves me. She doesn't believe me

when I tell her she was tricked by Naraku. So the only way to get her to love me like I still

do her is to do what she asks. When she died, she went to hell. A witch, Urasue, created her

body with magic and brought her soul back for it. That reincarnation is still Kikyou and she

wants me to go back to hell with her after the Shikon Jewel fragmants are all collected and

protected from evil use again. I will do this for her. Then maybe she will realize I didn't

betray her and that I still love her. She'll look at me with those dark eyes and smile again. No

more glaring and scrowls. We'll feel the same for each other as we did in the beginning and be

happy together, even in hell.

So now I just sit by the era-breaching well, looking down, and trying to reason with

myself that all this is true because even though I sound sure of this decision I'm not. When I

first met Kagome, I had wanted to kill her and take the Shikon Jewel from her to use to

become a full demon. But then the jewel broke into many shards and we both had to go

looking for them. We spent so much time together that we grow closer. All of us did: Sango,

Miroku, Shippo, me, and Kagome. But our relationship was different from either of ours with

any of the others. I never told her anything though about my doubts I had with my love for

Kikyou, but I'm sure she guessed them just as I'm sure of her feelings for me. But she left

without me speaking to her again. That night, all she saw was me holding Kikyou. When

Kikyou left and I saw Kagome it was too late to make any other choice. Kagome ran home,

dropping off the shards before I could say anything more then her name. I wanted to explain

to her that I had feelings for her too, but that I had to stay with Kikyou because of all the pain

she has endured because of me. It had to be my decision, but now, I can hardly stand to

imagine life without Kagome.

Looking down the well, I can almost imagine her coming back. Climbing out of the

well with a smile on her face as always before. Eyes shining and making me feel glad to be

alive. I hadn't spent nearly as much time with her as Kikyou, but does that matter? I see the

look of sadness in her eyes again as she runs away from me in my mind. That look made me

want to run after her and apoligize, but all I could do was fall to the ground and hope I'd

made the right decision because that look she gave me was one I'd always feared. The

heartbreak is so clear in her eyes. I can see her heart ripping into symetrical halves, pieces

breaking off so as never to be fixed completely again. She could never forgive me again. This

time I did betray the woman I love, unknowingly as it may have been. I was so caught up in

my guilt over Kikyou's death I believed her without a doubt that it was my fault. Now

Kagome is hurt, I'm hurt and I don't know if this can be fixed despite that I know what the

right decision actually is. I can imagine me crossing into her era through the well. I'll go to her

house and she won't listen to me. She'll use the incantation "sit boy!" and cause me to be

glued to the spot where I stood. She'll look at me with rightfully hate filled eyes and tell me

how stupid I was. But unlike my friend doing it, it will hurt more. Each word will be like tiny

shirakons going into my very soul and ripping it apart. Or worse yet, I might even not be able

to see her. The shrine containing the well in her era might be locked up. But now comes the

time to face my mistake. As I jump down this well to be taken to her era, I know I will search

her entire world to find her and try to get a second chance.

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