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Familiar Evil Prologue - Chapter 5

Interactive Fanfic pt2
Interactive Fanfic
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DISCLAIMER- I don’t own Dragonball Z or GT. I used the characters created by Akira Toriyama to write this for fun. I don’t profit from this in any way.

This is my second 'long' fic, and a sequel to Goku vs. Goku.  It's a lot more brutal and graphic than the first.  Enjoy ^^

Familiar Evil


Trunks ran as fast as he could. All around him, pillars of steam and fire erupted from the ground. All he hoped for now, was that the time machine had survived the attack. Nothing else had.

His foot suddenly caught on something, and he fell. He cursed as he hit the ground. He rolled over and looked up to the blood-red sky. Lightning shot through the air, scorching the already ruined earth.

Trunks sat up to investigate what he had tripped on, and nearly jumped out of his skin to find a torso missing a head and an arm. He quickly backed up in disgust. Kami, it was horrible. The overpowering stench of death floated to his nostrils. He threw his head to the side and vomited. Twice.

An explosion in the distance told him that he didn’t have much time left. Shaking his head, and regaining his composure, he remembered his goal. He got to his feet and continued running.

His feet pounded on the blood-soaked soil, and he avoided the large chunks of concrete and twisted metal as he continued on his way.

Finally, with a sigh of relief, he saw the yellow pod that was his time machine. He quickly jumped inside and punched a few buttons. The engine roared to life, and Trunks cheered to himself that it still worked.

Wiping his forehead of sweat, he lifted the machine into the air. Once high enough, he looked around the land. A tear rolled down his cheek. They had come so close. The world had almost gotten back on it’s feet since the androids. The cities had been rebuilt, the population was on the climb, life was just beginning to get back to normal.

Then it happened. He appeared.

Now, Trunks had only one option: to go back to the ‘past’ to seek refuge. Of course, there was the possibility that he would follow. Trunks knew that in the past, Goku and the rest wouldn’t be nearly strong enough. He would have to skip a bit, but exactly how much?

A nearby explosion made the boy jump. He had to decide fast. He glanced up and his eyes widened in horror. He was coming. Trunks quickly punched in a date and hit the ‘launch’ button. In a flash of light, he was gone.


Chapter I

Super-Saiyan Four

The gravity chamber shook violently from the rough training going on within. Bulma watched from the Capsule Corp. window, shaking her head in pity. "He’s gunna kill himself in there if he doesn’t take it easy."

Chi-chi, Videl, and 18 all nodded in agreement.

The giant spherical room outside shook again with a muffled explosion. "I swear," Bulma continued, "If I have to repair that thing one more time…"

The other three chuckled softly as Bulma trailed off, not caring to finish her threat. She twisted back around in her seat to face her guests. She looked to her oldest friend, Chi-chi. "So, how’s Goku doing these days?"

Chi-chi growled and shook her head. "You know him, he’s never home. He’s always training with the boys or Pan."

18 chuckled a bit. "That’s right, he kind of ‘adopted’ that boy, Uub. Right?"

Chi-chi sighed. It was true. When Goku moved back in, Uub stayed. He now lived with them like a part of the family. To her, it was almost like a third son.

"So," Bulma asked, trying to ignore another explosion from within the chamber. "Where did the kids say they were going again?"

Videl shook her head, "Goten and Trunks aren’t kids anymore, Bulma."

Bulma let out a laugh, "Yeah, but the way they act, they might as well be!"

Chi-chi nodded in agreement. "They just never seem to grow up."

"How old are they?" 18 asked out of curiosity.

Chi-chi and Bulma both blushed as Videl announced their ages. "Twenty-five."

18 almost broke out into hysterics, "And I thought Marron was bad!"

"Yeah… well…" Bulma said, trying to think of an excuse, "Well, Trunks is only looking after his sister."

"And Goten keeps track of Pan!" Chi-chi said defensively.

Videl laughed a bit, then finally answered Bulma’s question. "They went to see a movie."


Vegeta threw another ki blast into the air. The glowing orb of yellow energy circled around the center of the chamber, returning itself to the prince. Vegeta threw another blast to counter the first, then repeated the process.

He had to get stronger. Much stronger. Since his ascension to level three Super-Saiyan, he had become determined to hone that power and build upon it. For seven years he trained in the gravity chamber. Seven long years.

Of course, after so much time, he was convinced that he had matched Goku’s power. Then he found out from his son that Goku had supposedly surpassed even level three! According to Trunks, Goku had become a Super-Saiyan Four!

At first, Vegeta couldn’t believe it. Then he remembered that Goku had gotten a huge power boost when he fused with his clone. Vegeta was sure of this, that it was the cause. After that, he became determined to ascend as well.

His training was harsh and unforgiving, but it had to be done. Occasionally, Trunks or Bra would join their father in his sparring. Since his power greatly surpassed their own, however, it was rare that they did. Not that they weren’t strong on their own; just not that strong.

One of Vegeta’s blasts slammed into his chest, throwing him against the back wall with a crash. He cursed loudly, but got back to his feet and continued training.


Bulma and the rest jumped in surprise when the room flashed with a white light. Bulma spun around, expecting to see the gravity room in pieces, and was relieved to see it intact. Her eyes then wandered over to something new…

A yellow machine sat in the grass outside. "What the…" When her eyes laid upon the Capsule Corp. logo on the side she gasped. "The time machine!"

She jumped to her feet and rushed outside, Chi-chi and 18 close behind. Videl got up and followed, not exactly sure what was going on. "The time what?"

They ran out onto the grass as the hatch opened and someone crawled out. The person fell to the ground and lay motionless.

His lavender hair was stained with blood, and his skin bleeding from many wounds. His Capsule-Corp. jacket was shredded, barely hanging on his shoulders. A large sword was strapped around his shoulder.


Videl stopped. "Trunks?"

Bulma ran up to the boy lying on the grass and checked to see if he was alive. "He’s unconscious." She said, turning around. "We need to get him inside fast!"

18 walked over and lifted the boy in her arms. The four women walked back inside as the gravity chamber shook with another explosion from within.


Chapter II

From One World to the Next

Trunks opened the door to the movie theater, allowing the rest out. Goten and Marron came out, hand-in-hand. Two energetic eleven-year-olds, and a bewildered fifteen-year-old followed behind them.

"So now what?" Trunks asked the group.

"Ice-cream!" Pan and Bra both screeched out.

Trunks chuckled a bit and nodded, "Okay, okay." He agreed, leading the way to his car.

"So how did you like the movie?" Marron asked the three children.

"It was funny." Bra said, smiling happily.

"Yeah." Pan agreed, grabbing a handful of leftover popcorn from the bag.

"It… was…" Uub, who had never seen a movie before was astounded by the fact that he could watch other people on a big screen.

Goten chuckled, rubbing the boy’s head playfully. "Different, huh Uub?"

Uub nodded slowly in response.

Trunks glanced at his watch, "It looks like we have an hour and a half ‘till we need to get back home."

Goten nodded; they were supposed to meet their parents at Capsule Corp. Trunks and Goten had both promised to spar with Vegeta. It was a promise to Bulma, actually, just to make sure Vegeta took it easy.

The group stopped when they reached the car, and they patiently waited for Trunks to unlock the doors. He pushed the key into the slot, but didn’t turn it. Something had caught his attention.

"What?" Goten asked, noticing that Trunks’ gaze was fixed on something in the street. He slowly looked to see.

Hovering just above the street was a large black disk. At first it looked like a giant hole in the middle of the air, but Goten knew that was impossible.

Suddenly, light beamed from the disk, making Goten realize that it actually was a hole!

"What the fuck…"

A deep gust of warm air billowed out, washing over the growing crowd of spectators. With another flash, the black disk turned red. After looking at it for a second, Goten realized that it had not turned red, the landscape inside was.

The disk had become like a window, showing a desolate red landscape. Fire seemed to shoot from the ground in random places, scorching a twisted pile of concrete and metal nearby.

"What is it?" Marron asked barely above a whisper.

"Wow… neat…" Pan muttered.

With another gust of hot air, a shadowed figure filled the hole. Suddenly, a horrible feeling washed over the group of Saiyan’s. It was not a feeling of something bad about to happen, although that feeling was there too. It was the fighter’s sixth sense. The sense to detect energy, and the energy they felt was nothing but bad.



Goku jumped into the air, narrowly avoiding his son’s blast. Gohan quickly joined his father in the air, and began launching a barrage of punches and kicks.

Goku dodged each easily, occasionally sending his own attacks. Eventually, the two’s fists collided, creating a small sonic boom and forcing them away from each other.

Goku smiled. "How ‘bout a break?" he huffed.

Gohan took a deep breath and wiped some sweat from his head. "Yeah." The two lowered and sat down into the cool grass.

"You’ve become quite strong." Goku said.

"Thanks." Gohan responded, "You too." The two shared a laugh. Slowly, they each reclined into the grass, dozing off in the cool breeze.

Goku suddenly sat up in shock. Gohan was quick to follow. "What on earth is that?" Gohan questioned.

Goku shook his head. "I don’t know." They had both felt a strange energy. A terrible, dark energy. They held still, monitoring the power.

They both stood up as fast as they could when they felt Gotenks’ familiar energy. "What the…?" Gohan blurted.

"Something’s wrong. Very wrong." Goku said, pulling his fingers to his forehead. Gohan quickly placed a hand on his shoulder. "Ready?"




Bulma tenderly cleaned the gashes in Trunks’ body. At the same time, a million questions wandered her mind.

Why is he back? What’s wrong? What happened to him? Was the Cell from his time too much of a match for him? Did he even destroy the androids? How could he have gotten so beaten up? Is he even going to survive? I hope he wakes up. It seems that he’s in shock. Will he be okay?"

Chi-chi, 18, and Videl helped in any way they could: getting fresh water to clean him; wrapping bandages around him; making sure he didn’t die.

"Who is this?" Videl finally asked, still quite confused.

"This is Trunks." Bulma answered. "Not the Trunks from this time, but a different Trunks."

"He’s from the future." 18 continued.

"He came from the future to warn us of the androids over twenty years ago." Bulma said.


Before they could continue, the boy’s eyes snapped open, making the four women jump.

"AHHHH!" He screamed.

"AHHHH!" Bulma Chi-chi and Videl screamed.

He sat up as fast as he could. "Where is he?!" He yelled. "Where is he?! I can feel him! Where is he?!"

Bulma placed a hand on his shoulder to calm him down. "Where is who?"

Trunks opened his mouth to respond, but vomited instead. Bulma grabbed the nearest rag and wiped his mouth gently. "Where is who?" She asked again.

Trunks’ eyes widened. "We have to warn Goku!"



Goku and Gohan appeared suddenly. They took a quick look around and knew that something bad had happened. The buildings were pieces, and the pieces were on fire. The ground was littered with bodies and body parts.

"What the hell!?" Gohan yelled, jumping in shock. Goku could only shake his head.

"Help Trunks!" A voice suddenly called out. The two Saiyans looked to the direction of the noise. Bra stood with Pan and Marron, pointing up. Tears ran down all three sets of cheeks. A wide-eyed Uub stared up in horror.

Before Goku or Gohan could even glance up, something crashed into the ground nearby. The two sheltered themselves from the blast of asphalt and pavement. When the smoke cleared, Trunks and Goten lay motionless in the crater.

Goku quickly directed his gaze upwards.


The door to the gravity chamber swung open, and a beaten Vegeta stepped out. His eyes were wide in shock. "What the hell is that energy?" He muttered to himself.

He began to take to the air when Bulma hollered from the window. "Vegeta!"

Vegeta growled, but slowed down. "What is it, Woman?!"

"Don’t go! You’ll be killed!"

Vegeta fully stopped. "What?!"

"Hurry! Come inside!"


Gohan followed his father’s shocked gaze. His heart nearly stopped when he saw what he saw.

"Ma… Majin Buu…?" Gohan said slowly, a little confused as to what was hovering in the sky just above.



Chapter III

Buu’s Craving

"Ma… Majin Buu…?" Gohan muttered again

Goku didn’t move. It was indeed the monster they had once fought, but something was different.

He was already in his second form. The form that had originally fought Gotenks, but back then, Gotenks was able to overpower him. This time, however, it seemed that Buu had easily gotten the upper hand.

Goku looked around at the bodies lying around. That was another thing different; Majin Buu either ate or disintegrated his victims, not rip them to pieces.

It wasn’t until Gohan’s eyes widened in horror and disgust when Goku looked back to the monster in the sky.

Majin Buu’s smiling lips were covered in blood. A Human arm was clutched in his hand. He smiled maliciously and took a bite from the flesh. Goku almost vomited right then and there.

Gohan opened his mouth to say something, but no noise came out.

Goku glanced over his shoulder to see the children, huddled up and shaking in fright. Uub was still staring at Majin Buu in shocked horror.

"Uub!" Goku yelled, snapping the boy out of his trance. "Get the girls outta here!" Uub nodded slowly and went to the three.

Goku looked to his son. "Gohan."

Gohan looked to his dad, still unable to speak. "Something is wrong. He seems much stronger than before. I want you to take your brother and Trunks to Capsule Corp. as fast as you can."

"Wha… what about you?"

"I’ll distract him, now go!" Gohan nodded and spun around to help the two boys.

Goku waited until both groups were well on their way before he turned back to the monster. "I don’t know how you came back, but it won’t last long." In a wave of ki, his hair was dyed yellow, and his eyes teal.

Majin Buu smiled again, acknowledging the new challenge.

Goku slowly elevated until he was as high as his foe. He took another glance back to Gohan and Uub. They were almost out of sight. All he had to do was stall for a short time.

Majin Buu suddenly started laughing, and in one swift motion, threw the arm at Goku.

The limb slapped against Goku’s shoulder, splattering him with blood, and distracting him long enough for Buu to strike. The next thing Goku knew, he was curled over Buu’s fist, and he couldn’t breathe.

Majin Buu quickly brought his fist from Goku’s gut, and slammed into the Saiyan’s back with his elbow.

Goku fell to the ground, in a bit of shock at how much the attack had hurt. He hit the pavement hard, further destroying the already wrecked street. Buu immediately threw a blast of pink energy down at Goku. The attack slammed into the ground right next to the Saiyan, sending him flying through the air.

With a flare of his energy, Goku caught himself. Before he could do anything else, however, Buu zipped over and kicked him in the face. Goku flew back into the wall of the movie theater.

Lying in rubble, Goku knew that Super-Saiyan two was far too weak. He got to his feet, and in a flash of light, powered up another level. He slowly elevated himself into Buu’s sight. The pink monster didn’t seem impressed; the evil, bloody grin never left his face.

"Where did you come from?" Goku asked as calmly as he could.

"I followed the kid." Buu replied.

"‘The kid’?"

Buu nodded.

Was he talking about Goten or Trunks? It would explain why they fought first, but it still didn’t answer his question.

"But where did you come from?"

"Enough talk." Buu didn’t wait for a response, instead he charged Goku.

The Super-Saiyan Three warped out of Buu’s path, appearing behind him. Buu spun around, laughing wildly. He flung an energy blast towards his target. Goku again warped out of the attack’s path.

Buu still showed no sign of annoyance. In fact, he seemed to be enjoying the game of cat and mouse.

Goku appeared far above Buu, watching the monster carefully. Buu looked straight up, smiled, and in a split second he was at the same height as Goku.

Buu’s speed caught Goku off guard, allowing the pink creature to slam his fist into Goku’s gut again. Goku yelled, both in shock, and in pain. Spit flew from his mouth as the wind was knocked out of him.

Laughing hysterically, Buu grabbed the chest of Goku’s gi with one hand. With the other, he created a ball of pink ki. Goku’s eyes widened as the ball of energy was brought to his face, as if Buu was trying to show it to him.

Before he could do anything, the ball was smashed into Goku’s face. It exploded against his skin, making him feel as if his face had burst into flame. The force of the explosion was so much that it actually took Buu’s arm with it, however, Goku was still being held by his clothing.

Buu’s arm regrew quickly. Goku could barely open his eyes to see Buu’s hand clutch into a fist and slam into his burning face. This hit tore the strong gi, sending Goku reeling backwards.

Majin Buu held the torn fabric in the air like a trophy, and he hollered in triumph.

Goku hit the ground on his back with a thud. It was incredible how much stronger Buu was since the last time. However he came back, he must have gotten a massive boost of energy.

The malicious pink monster slowly lowered to the ground and walked to the nearest body. Goku watched in horror as he picked up the lifeless man and literally ripped off his arm. Buu dropped the torso, and took a huge bite of flesh from the limb.

Feeling his stomach clench, Goku turned over and vomited. Something was seriously wrong with Buu now. What ever happened to the not-so-graphic theme of turning people into candy?!

Buu held the arm above his head, letting some of the blood drain into his mouth. As he did this, Goku could swear he felt the monster’s energy grow.

Majin Buu’s eyes traveled to fall on the Saiyan. Buu smiled, dropped the limb, and turned to face Goku again.

Uh oh. Goku thought. He then quickly found Gohan and Uub’s ki. They had made it to Capsule Corp. Good. The Saiyan quickly brought his fingers to his head and vanished, leaving the bloodthirsty Majin Buu behind.


Chapter IV

The Boy From the Future

Uub landed, letting Marron down. Pan and Bra landed right behind him and went to open the door to Capsule Corp. to allow Gohan to carry the still unconscious Trunks and Goten within.

Their parents were all crowded around someone on the couch. When they entered, Bulma spun around, tears of worry streaming down her cheeks. Once she saw Bra, she smiled in relief then she saw her son. "Trunks!"

Gohan slowly let the boy into her arms. "He’s okay. Just a nasty hit to the head." Gohan said. "Let’s put them down on the couch."

Gohan stopped when he saw who was already there. "…Trunks?"

The future version of Bulma’s son stood up. The kids all stared at the long-haired version of their friend while the other two boys were set down.

"What the…?" Marron was the first to speak.

Mirai Trunks opened his mouth to say something, but before he could get a word out, Goku appeared in the already crowded living room.

"We’ve gotta go!" He yelled. Nobody questioned this, and placed their hands on each other’s shoulders.

Seconds later, they were all atop Dende’s lookout. A stunned Mr. Popo and a not-so-confused guardian of the earth stood with Piccolo and Krillin, who trained there regularly.

Without wasting any time, Goku asked aloud. "Kabito-Kai? Can you hear me?"

"Yes I can, Goku." The Kai’s voice was heard as if from inside their own heads.

"Can you put a barrier around the lookout? One that blocks energy levels from being detected?"

"I’m way ahead of you, Goku."

Goku nodded. He looked around to all the very confused faces. "So Majin Buu can’t detect us."

None of the confusion lessened, it mearly converted to mirai Trunks. Goku was the first to ask. "What’s going on?"

M Trunks sighed sadly. The memories of his time were already tearing at his heart. Wiping a premature tear from his eye, he began. "After I returned from the Cell games, I destroyed the androids and Cell from my time. My mother and I picked up the pieces of our lives, and continued the best we could. As time passed, the world had almost gotten back to normal. This went on for about ten years."

Goku’s eyes widened. "That’s when Majin Buu first appeared."

M Trunks looked to him in a bit a shock. "You’ve fought him?"

Goku nodded. "About twenty years ago." Trunks was about to ask another question, but Goku stopped him. "Continue with your story." Trunks nodded.

"Anyway, after the ten years, I noticed two large energies on earth, so naturally, I went to investigate. A wizard named Babadi had landed on earth with two demons. Dabura, and Nomedo."

"We know about Babadi and Dabura, but who’s Nomedo" Gohan asked.

"He’s a demon much like Dabura. He is almost like a vampire, though. He has an insatiable appetite for flesh, and gains power from drinking blood."

Goku’s eyes widened a bit. "Majin Buu absorbed him, didn’t he?"

Trunks nodded. "I tried to stop Buu from hatching, but I wasn’t strong enough. In the end, Dabura gave his life to power up the ball Buu was in, hatching the monster.

"At first, nobody thought he was a threat, until he demonstrated his power on a nearby city. I was too scared to fight, so I went into hiding with my mom. I tried to stay up to date on Majin Buu’s rampage, but it became too hard when he absorbed Nomedo. Babadi wasn’t happy when Buu absorbed his right-hand man, and started yelling at Buu. Apparently, in Buu’s new form, he wasn’t the happy-go-lucky creature anymore and became too much for Babadi. Before I knew it, Babadi was dead.

"The next thing I knew, Buu had transformed again, becoming much more powerful than before."

"He transformed into the form he’s at now?" Goku questioned.

Trunks nodded. "I tried to fight him, but I almost died. As time went on, Buu ate more flesh and blood, and because of Nomedo’s ability to gain power from Human blood, Buu became stronger and stronger, so I went back into hiding with my mom."

Another tear came to his eye. "One night, Majin Buu found us and attacked. I barely made it out alive. But… Mom…" His voice cracked and he had to stop. Bulma moved to him and put her arms around his shoulders in a comforting hug. He cleared his throat and continued. "After that, I decided to come back to your time."

"And he followed you." Vegeta spoke up for the first time.

Trunks nodded. "I kinda figured he would. That’s why I decided to come so far into the future. I knew that at the end of Cell, nobody would stand a chance."

Goku let a half laugh, half sigh. "You should have picked a later time."

Trunks’ head snapped up. "You mean he’s still too strong?!"

Goku sighed again. "I wasn’t even a match for him as Super-Saiyan Three."

This caught everybody’s attention. "What?" Gohan barked out.

"Super-Saiyan Three?" Trunks wondered.

"Impossible!" Vegeta yelled.

"It’s true." Goku admitted.

"Wait, wait." Pan said, standing up. "I still have one question!" She jabbed a finger to Future Trunks. "Who is that?!"



Chapter V

Time Chamber Bound

After all was explained, everybody had become silent. Some tried to get used to having two Trunks’ around, others tried to cope with the fact that a vampiric Majin Buu was on the rampage. The fighters, particularly Goku, were trying to figure out a way to beat the new threat.

"We could use the fusion technique again." Gohan suggested.

Goku shook his head. "Not enough time." Piccolo said for him.

"Could we all train to the next level?" Gohan asked.

"Again, no time." Piccolo said again. "By the time we all get that strong, Majin Buu would have destroyed the earth."

"If it’s time you need, you can use the time chamber." Dende suggested, walking over to the small group.

"But didn’t Piccolo destroy the entrance?" Gohan questioned.

"Yes, but I was able to make another doorway to a different chamber." Dende responded. "It isn’t as good as the last, but it works."

Goku jumped up. "Really?! That’s great!"

"The chamber is only half as powerful: for every day out here, six months will have passed inside. The same rules apply, however. A person can only stay within for two years, and that includes the time spent from the first."

"How many can it have at a time?" Piccolo inquired.

Dende smiled proudly. "I figured that we would need it again, so I stoked it with supplies to sustain ten people for two years."

Goku almost jumped in joy. "That means we can train with fusion!"

At that exact moment, Mr. Popo walked from within the building. "Trunks and Goten have awoken."

Gohan sighed heavily. "How are we gunna explain to Trunks that there are now two of him?"

Goku smiled, "He’s mature. He shouldn’t take it too badly."



Trunks glared at his future counterpart. Everything had been explained to him and Goten. All about Majin Buu. All about the future. All about the threat to the earth. He only had one problem. He didn’t like the idea of another, more experienced version of himself.

Mirai Trunks watched Trunks awkwardly. The boy was staring at him strangely. He didn’t like it. It wasn’t like looking into a mirror at all. They looked distinctly different. M Trunks had lavender hair, while Trunks’ was dark purple. Their facial features were different, too. M Trunks’ was more defined, like he was determined to do any task given to him. Trunks’ face was more carefree, yet dignified.

Despite these differences, however, certain features were obviously similar. Their eyes, for example. They both had the same black eyes, rimmed with a blue circle. To the future Trunks, it was creepy.

"I wonder what’s going on down there…" Krillin wondered aloud.

"It’s probably very bad." Piccolo responded.

"Try not to think about it." Goku said, "They can all be wished back."

Krillin gritted his teeth. "I know, but nobody should be put through that kind of torment."

Goku nodded, "I know, but there’s nothing we can do for now."

Piccolo turned to his ex-rival. "Do you have a plan?"

Goku smiled and nodded, he then turned to address the rest of the crowd. "We’re going to use Fusion."

"Dad, don’t you think we’ve fallen back on that enough? I mean, we can’t rely on that every time something goes wrong." Gohan said.

"I know, son, but it’s the most powerful tool we have at the moment."

Gohan looked down in defeat. He knew his father was right.

"So what’s the plan? Who’s going to fuse with who?" Krillin asked.

"Wait a second." Mirai Trunks interrupted, "What’s ‘fusion’?"

Goku let out a laugh, but Piccolo was the one to answer. "A way for two people to become very powerful."


"Just trust us."

"Anyway," Goku continued, "My plan is to have Gohan and Future Trunks fuse, and Pan and Bra fuse." The four Saiyans jumped in surprise at hearing their names, particularly, the two young girls.

"What?!" Pan choked out.

"Huh?!" Bra said.

Goku nodded. "I know that Pan is strong, and I believe that Vegeta has been training Bra." Vegeta snorted out a laugh.

"Well… okay… I guess." Pan said.

"WAIT!" Bulma stepped in front of Goku. "There is NO way you’re sending my only daughter out to fight that demented beast!"

"Yeah," Videl agreed, "I don’t mind Pan fighting and all, but this is going too far!"

"C’mon, it’s the only way." Goku pleaded. "Those girls have great potential, and with their help, we could actually win!"

"‘Could’, Goku, ‘could’. That means there’s a good chance that they won’t!" Bulma yelled.

"Quiet, Woman!" Vegeta suddenly yelled, "I’ve been training Bra for something like this, and she will fight!"

"Well, I’m still not letting Pan go." Videl said stubbornly.

"C’mon, Videl." Gohan pleaded, "I’ll be out there with her. I’ll see to it that she won’t be hurt."

Videl closed her eyes in frustration, but Gohan could tell she was about to give in. "Fine, Gohan, but if anything happens to her, I’ll kill you."

Gohan nodded, "She’ll be safe."

"Okay, good." Goku said. "Future Trunks, Gohan, Pan and Bra will go into the time chamber to learn how to fuse."

"That’s all fine and good, but how are they going to learn?" Piccolo asked. Goku grinned to him, giving the alien his answer. Piccolo sighed. "Fine."

"I want Goten and Trunks to go in as well to train." Goku said.

Mirai Trunks stepped forward, "But I’ve already spent eighteen months inside, I only have six left."

"That’s okay, you’re a fast learner." Goku said, "So is Gohan, so you should be fine. Besides, it took Goten and Trunks a matter of hours to perfect the fusion. I want you all to train most of the time." Goku turned to Piccolo. "You’ve spent a year within already, right?"

Piccolo nodded. "Pan and Bra are the only two who haven’t been inside yet."

"Okay," Goku said, confident of his plan. "You seven will all go in, and after six months, Future Trunks will come out. Six months later, everybody else will come out." Everybody nodded, but didn’t move. "Well, what are you waiting for? Two days will pass while you’re in there, and that already is too much time."

The six Saiyans slowly turned and followed Mr. Popo into the building behind. Piccolo, however, moved to Goku and asked, "What are you going to do?"

Goku sighed and looked over to Vegeta who had already begun to walk away on his own. "I’m going to try to convince him of fusing with me."

"Will it work?" Piccolo asked.

"I hope so. Vegeta’s stubborn, but he’s fused with me before, so he shouldn’t have too much of a problem with it."

"No, I mean the fusion itself." Piccolo said, "You are already fused at the moment."

Goku looked down at himself in a bit of surprise. "Oh yeah, I forgot." Piccolo tried to ignore Goku’s still evident ignorance. "Well, I assume so. I hope so."















It'll continue in the next five chaps