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DISCLAIMER- I don’t own Dragonball Z or GT. I used the characters created by Akira Toriyama to write this for fun. I don’t profit from this in any way.

Chapter VI

Two Days of Hell


Vegeta watched carefully as his children, Kakarot’s children, and the Namek disappeared into the time chamber. Kakarot was up to something. Vegeta was sure of it. He was also sure that it involved himself. He was the only one who had maxed out on time within the chamber. Kakarot still had six months. Why didn’t he go in as well?

When the door closed, Kakarot turned around. "No time to lose, we have to train."


"Wow!" Pan shouted when she stepped within the chamber. The gravity was obviously much higher than outside, fortunately, both girls had been trained under worse conditions.

"I’ve forgotten what it was like…" Gohan said in awe. The chamber was exactly like it had been before: bare. Not a single thing was seen out in the vast sea of white. If someone was to wander off, they would become hopelessly lost and never found again.

Around the small group, built onto the door, were ten individual beds, each separated by a heavy green curtain. Mixed in sparsely with the beds were three bathrooms and two pantry’s full of food and water.

The six Saiyans began to wander around, amazed by what they saw. Piccolo, however, was ready to start.

"Goten, Trunks." He said, causing the two boys to look over. "Show them what the fusion looks like."

"Aw, come on, Piccolo," Goten whined, "We have a year, there’s plenty of time."

"Every second counts." Piccolo replied, "And we will need every second to beat Majin Buu. Now, show them!"

"Okay, okay, you don’t have to yell." Trunks said.

"Everybody, pay attention!" Piccolo barked out. The four remaining Saiyans turned to watch.

Goten and Trunks took their places, the exact distance from each other that was needed. "Fu…" They said in unison, taking the appropriate steps and moving their arms as needed. "sion…" They swung their arms and legs out, perfectly symmetrical. "Ha!" They bent towards each other, their fingertips touching and their heads close together.

The two boys were enveloped with red and blue light, changing their forms into the silhouette of a single man.



Goku and Vegeta punched at the air in front of them, striking an imaginary foe repeatedly. They both jumped into the air and switched to kicks. By the time they landed, they had moved back to punches.

"So, Vegeta, what have you been up to?" Goku asked.

"Quiet, Kakarot! It’s bad enough I have to train beside you without having to listen to your mindless babble!"

"Sorry, Vegeta, I was just trying-"

"I don’t care what you were trying to do! Just shut-up!"

Goku shrugged his shoulders and continued attacking the air. The two Saiyan warriors’ moves began to get more extravagant as they warmed up.

"I’ve heard that Bra is becoming quite the fighter." Goku said.

"What did I say?!" Vegeta yelled.

"Oh, sorry, Vegeta."

Vegeta growled in annoyance, but continued his training.

After about an hour, the two fighters stopped to rest a bit. They both sat down on a stone step outside of Dende’s palace. Goku reclined on the stone and closed his eyes, relaxing the best he could.

Vegeta looked down at him in wonder. Trunks had told him that Kakarot had ascended to level four. It was only a rumor, but a believable one. Kakarot had always been one step ahead. When Vegeta had finally become a Super-Saiyan, Kakarot was close to level two. When Vegeta gave in to Babadi and ascended as well, Goku had already been a level three! It made sense that the man was a fourth level now that Vegeta was a three. Still, he had to ask.


Goku opened his eyes. "What?"

"Is it true?"

"Is what true, Vegeta?" Goku asked, sitting up.

Vegeta looked away, his pride trying to keep him from asking. "Have you… ascended?"

Goku shook his head. "No, Vegeta, I haven’t." Vegeta didn’t feel any better. Kakarot had lied before about his level. Goku must have picked up on Vegeta’s feeling. "I’m not lying this time, Vegeta, I haven’t ascended." Still, Vegeta didn’t feel any better. "I have tried, and come close, but I was never able to make the jump in power." Goku finished.

"Whatever." Vegeta said, forcing an arrogant smile. "That means I still have a chance to get there before you do."



Trunks sat on the edge of his bed. He watched Mirai Trunks and Piccolo train out a ways from the time chamber’s door. Gohan was off training with Pan and Bra somewhere, and Goten was fast asleep in his own bed. Trunks was bored.

He couldn’t sleep. He had slept enough in the month they had been in here. He couldn’t wait until six months were up, that way the future version of himself would leave. Trunks was normally a friendly person who got along with everybody, but not him. For some reason, he couldn’t stand being around the man. He didn’t know why, but something about him bugged him.

Future Trunks punched at Piccolo as a Super-Saiyan. The Namek was barely able to dodge the attack, but countered it all the same.

Maybe it was the fact that Mirai Trunks was older? He had had more experience and therefore was stronger and smarter. Maybe it was the fact that he learned how to fuse faster than it took Goten and himself? Maybe it was that he had brought the bloodthirsty Majin Buu for them to live with? Whatever it was, he didn’t like the man from this Majin Buu’s time.



"I knew it!" Vegeta yelled, taking a step from Goku.

"C’mon, Vegeta, it may be our only hope."

Vegeta narrowed his eyes. "I knew that you were planning something."

Goku smiled hopefully, "Please?"

"NO!" Vegeta yelled. "I will NOT lower to that level again!"

"But, Vegeta…"

"I have degraded myself with that ridiculous dance, not once, but TWICE! I WON’T do it AGAIN!"

"But Majin Buu is even stronger than before, and I don’t think there is any way we can beat them with our children alone."


"Vegeta," Goku continued to plead, "If we fused, we would have enough power to ascend."

"I DON’T WANT YOUR HELP TO ASCEND!" Vegeta roared, making Goku jump back a little. Vegeta spun around and marched off. "If I see you again before the kids get out of the chamber, I will kill you."



Chapter VII

Day Two


The door to the time chamber opened slowly, and Mirai Trunks emerged. His hair had grown to his shoulders once again, aged half a year.

"How was it?" Goku asked eagerly.

Trunks nodded. "Good."

"Did everyone learn to fuse?"

Trunks nodded again. "We all fused successfully."

Goku nearly jumped in joy "Yeah!"

Trunks smiled. "We learned within the first two weeks. The rest of the time we trained. Some of us have doubled our strength."

Goku smiled wider, "That’s great!"

Suddenly, Trunks’ face became serious. "Any idea where Majin Buu is?"

Goku shook his head. "We haven’t heard anything."

"Any luck with my dad?" Trunks asked. "Piccolo told us." He added, answering Goku’s confused look.

"Again, no. Vegeta is just as stubborn as ever. I haven’t even seen him since yesterday."

"Maybe if I talk to him…"

"Good luck."

Suddenly, a terrible feeling washed over them. A terrible energy was attacking their minds.

"What is that?!"

"It feels like Majin Buu!" Goku yelled.

"But the barrier?"

A voice suddenly boomed in their heads. "I’m so sorry, Goku!"


"I couldn’t hold it any longer! I’ll get it back, though, don’t worry."

Trunks and Goku waited. The evil energy was so strong, but what really worried them is that it was getting harder and harder to sense Human life. Then, suddenly, another fear struck Goku’s heart. He could feel Majin Buu. The monster had stopped.

"Oh, no!" Kabito Kai yelled out.


"Majin Buu has picked up on your energy and is already on his way!"

Goku spun around. "Oh, no!"

Trunks followed him as he ran to where Vegeta had gone. The Saiyan Prince was standing, wide-eyed, staring toward the energy of Majin Buu. "Vegeta! We’ve gotta go!"

Before the man could respond, Goku grabbed his arm and brought his fingers to his head. Trunks grabbed Goku’s shoulder, and the three vanished.

Majin Buu froze when he felt the powers move, then, suddenly, they appeared in front of him. Three Saiyans.

Goku looked in horror at the world below. Cities had been crushed into nothing more than rubble. The ground was dyed red with the blood of millions. Dark clouds hung in the sky as if trying to show the world the tragedies of the days.

Majin Buu smiled when he saw the men. "I’ve found you."

Goku looked in disgust at the monster. Thick blood ran from his lips and dripped onto his chest, making his body look red instead of pink.

"Kabito-Kai, how long will it take to get a new barrier up?" Goku shouted.

"It shouldn’t take too long, Goku." The voice responded.

Goku nodded. "Okay, we need to distract him." The three all immediately powered up to Super-Saiyan. Majin Buu began to laugh loudly.

Goku was the first to attack, slamming a punch into Buu’s face. Next, Vegeta joined in, moving around and sandwiching the monster’s head between his fist and Goku’s.

Trunks threw his hands out at his sides and gathered a quick bit of energy. "Buster Cannon!" He shouted, launching the beam of blue energy at Buu. Goku and Vegeta jumped back just in time to allow the monster to take the blast.

They all knew that the attack would only distract, so they took the opportunity to power up another level.

The smoke created by Trunks’ attack cleared with the sound of Buu’s laughter. The monster floated in the same spot, unharmed in the least. "Buu’s turn." He simply said. With that, he disappeared.

The three Saiyans looked around frantically searching for the murderous fiend.

Buu appeared behind Trunks and slammed a fist into the Demi-Saiyan’s back. Trunks shot forward uncontrollably, falling to the earth.

Goku and Vegeta moved to their sides, narrowly avoiding Buu’s kicks. Before Vegeta knew it, however, the Majin had flown to him and began pummeling him with his fists.

"Vegeta!" Goku yelled in surprise when he saw the prince being beaten in mid-air. He threw a blast of ki at Buu in an effort to stop the creature, but it didn’t even slow him. Eventually, Majin Buu began to mix in kicks to his barrage of attacks. Bloody bruises formed on Vegeta’s body everywhere a hit was made.

Goku threw a few more blasts, all of which exploded harmlessly against Buu’s flesh. Vegeta cried out in pain as Buu’s attacks quickened and intensified. Buu laughed like a hyena, taking sheer glee from the pain he was causing.

"Kakarot!" Vegeta choked out as he hollered in pain.

Goku began to gather his strength. His hair grew down his back, his eyebrows vanished, and his eyes gained black pupils. Electricity began to dance around him, flickering wildly within his aura.

In the blink of an eye, Goku shot over and kicked Buu as hard as he could in the side. Finally, the monster reacted, twisting around and growling like an animal at his attacker.

Goku kicked again, this time, in his face. Buu’s head snapped to the side, actually twisting around so that the top of his head was pointed at his feet. Goku put his hands out in front of him and charged a powerful ki blast.

Seeing this, Buu threw out a hand. His whole arm stretched, extending his reach unexpectedly. A fist slammed into Goku’s face, making him loose the concentration of energy and fall backwards. He could hear Buu’s malicious laughter as he was hit a by pink ball of energy.

Trunks got to his feet and looked into the sky. Vegeta and Goku both fell freely, Vegeta’s body bloody, and Goku’s smoldering. "That monster freak." Trunks muttered to himself. In a burst of ki, he launched himself into the air speeding like a bullet to Majin Buu. Buu smiled and welcomed this challenge with a fist.

Trunks took the attack in the face, but still managed to push his own fist into Buu’s gut. The pink goo that was the Majin’s body formed around Trunks’ hand, absorbing the pressure.

Buu quickly reached around and grabbed the back of the half Saiyan’s head. Trunks could do nothing as Buu pulled him away, smiled, then brought both their heads together in a bone-crunching clash. Trunks cried out in pain as the pink monster repeated the process, slamming his own head against the boy’s. After a third smash, Trunks couldn’t see straight, nor could he think clearly.

Majin Buu laughed loudly, the beating to his own head obviously not harming him in the least. Again and again he rammed their foreheads together, each time followed by holler of agony from Trunks and a happy chuckle from Buu.

Goku looked up from the ground to watch the pain Trunks was going through. Not that he couldn’t imagine from Trunks’ cries. The Saiyan got to his feet. Goku could feel himself becoming angrier every time Trunks called out.

Majin Buu’s laughter became louder when Trunks weakly tried to break free, actually clawing at his arm. Finally, the monster released Trunks’ head and began to let him fall, but then grabbed his ankle. Trunks hung loosely from Majin Buu’s hold. Buu pulled back his leg and slammed his foot into Trunks’ chest.

A gurgled groan could be heard as blood seeped from the boy’s mouth. Buu pulled back again and kicked Trunks in the face. Blood spattered from his nose as his head snapped back and he cried in pain again.

Goku couldn’t stand it anymore. It was too much. He could feel a power deep down inside begin to well up within. His golden aura flared as his anger increased. The electricity that sparked around him became erratic and violent. He was so close. He could feel the power just beneath his skin.

One last cry from Trunks, and Goku could feel the power explode. Trunks’ shouts were soon replaced with Goku’s defining scream of power. The ground began to shake, chunks of rock lifted, exploding in mid-air and turning to pebbles that continued to rise. A flash of light, and Goku’s Super-Saiyan Three hair spiked upwards. Another, darker golden aura washed over his body, tinting his clothing gold.

Feeling a huge surge in power, Majin Buu released Trunks and looked down to Goku. His muscles bulged, doubling in size, and lightning flashed around him. A brown tail grew from his backside, immediately turning gold like his hair. Goku finally stopped screaming, though his body was actually burning from the power.

Vegeta sat up and looked at the newly transformed Goku. "Fuck." Vegeta said to himself. "He beat me to it again."



Chapter VIII

Return to the Lookout

Flashing and glowing with pure energy, Goku slowly elevated to Buu’s height. The pink monster stared at the new Super-Saiyan Four in curiosity. Goku stared at Buu back with determination. He had never felt so powerful. It was as if every muscle in his body ached and burned with energy.

"Majin Buu." Goku said, "You’ve already caused enough pain and taken too many lives." He clenched his fists. "Now it’s time for you to die." In a flash of ki, Goku streaked across the sky towards his advisary.

Majin Buu grinned and readied himself for the assault. Goku pulled his fist back, then swung it around towards Buu’s face with all his strength. Everybody watched and waited to see how much the attack would harm the seemingly invincible Buu. The whole world seemed to stand still in anticipation.

Buu brought up his hand and caught Goku’s fist, stopping the attack fully. "What?!" Goku yelled in surprise. Buu smiled and pulled back his other fist.

Goku was helpless as Buu struck him the face, sending the Saiyan falling to the ground. Buu threw out his arms, stretching them out to catch Goku by the hair. Majin Buu began to laugh evilly as he pulled Goku back, throwing him back the air followed by a pink blast of energy.

The ball of ki exploded against Goku’s back, propelling the man even higher. Goku twisted around as he peaked and began to fall again. He clasped his hands together in a double fist above his head as he fell through the cloud of smoke.

Using his own fall to his advantage, Goku slammed his fists down on Buu’s head. The pink creature’s head disappeared into his body like a turtle’s. Goku brought back his knee and shoved it into Buu’s stomach. The head popped out, his eyes bulging. Goku punched his face as hard as he could. Buu’s head stretched back on his neck, making him actually backflip a few times.

Goku brought his hands to his side, creating an orb of blue energy between his palms. "Ka… Me… Ha… Me…" Majin Buu finally stopped himself from falling, then took time to straighten his head. The smile had left his face, replaced by an annoyed frown. He looked up just in time to see the powerful blast of energy being unleashed. "HA!"

Buu held out his hand, letting the beam slam into his palm. To everybody’s amazement, the blast was stopped. Goku pushed more and more energy into his attack, but Buu was still able to hold it.

Goku’s ki flared as he pushed more and more, but the monster did not budge. Buu smiled once as he shot a small blast of energy into the Kamehameha. The pink orb traveled through the blue beam, heading toward Goku, unnoticed.

Too late did Goku see the sneaky attack. The orb exploded against his hands, sending him reeling backwards. Beginning to laugh, Buu thrusted the blue ball of energy left from the Kamehameha back. The large orb slowly moved back to collide with the stunned Goku.

The resulting explosion was enough to topple a mountain. Goku shot to the ground like a rocket, slamming into the hard rock and skidding through it, leaving a deep trail behind him. Majin Buu laughed triumphantly.

Vegeta finally got to his feet and looked to his allies. Goku lay motionless at the end of the trench made by his own body and Trunks was unconscious where he had fallen. Only a faint ki signature told Vegeta that he was alive.

"Damn." Vegeta cursed. "We could sure use a few of those senzu things."

"Vegeta!" Kabito Kai’s voice called out.

"What is it?!" Vegeta yelled back.

"The barrier is back up, get Goku and Trunks and get outta there!"

A low growl escaped Vegeta’s throat as he looked back to the two, then to Majin Buu in the air. There was no way he would be able to carry them and outrun Buu. There was only one way they were all getting out alive.

Vegeta hurried to Goku’s side and bent down to inspect his condition. Upon seeing the Saiyan out cold, Vegeta cursed. "Wake up, Kakarot!" Vegeta glanced over his shoulder too see Majin Buu watching him carefully, as if deciding how hard he was going to hit the Saiyan prince.

"Wake up!" Vegeta yelled, turning back to his goal. "Kakarot!" Vegeta slapped Goku across the face as he yelled, trying everything he could to revive the fallen warrior. "Wake up, damnit!" Goku’s eyes slowly opened. "The barrier is back!" Vegeta yelled.

With a groan, Goku sat up. "Wha…?"

"You fool, use your Instant Trans…whatever to get us outta here!"

When Goku’s brain fully clicked on, he nodded and brought his fingers to his head. Vegeta grabbed his shoulder and the two vanished.

Majin Buu’s eyes widened when they disappeared. He looked left and right, trying to find them, then he saw them next to the third. Before he could attack, all three disappeared and did not return.



Chapter IX

Out of the Time Chamber

"Oh, Kami!" Bulma shrieked when she saw the three warriors. She immediately ran to Trunks and checked to see if he was alive.

Videl approached, wide-eyed at their condition. Trunks’ forehead was bleeding badly. Vegeta’s body looked like he had been through an eggbeater. Goku’s whole body was still smoking.

"They need help!" Bulma yelled.

"Hold on, hold on." A gruff and scratchy voice from behind them said. Bulma spun around to face a small white cat. In one hand, he held his usual cane, and in the other he held three senzu beans. "Give ‘em these." Korin said, handing Bulma the beans.

Bulma handed two beans to Goku, who ate one and gave the other to Vegeta. She gently slipped the third bean into Trunks’ mouth and made sure he swallowed.

The boy’s eyes opened as his wound healed up. "What happened?"

"Majin Buu is stronger than I thought." Goku said.

Bulma’s head snapped up to him. "What?!"

"I ascended to Super-Saiyan Four, and I was still no match for him."

"I’ve changed my mind." Videl suddenly said. "Pan isn’t fighting."

"Neither is Bra." Bulma added. Vegeta glared at his wife, but she didn’t back down this time. "I won’t let her go and get killed. Even if we can resurrect her. She’s NOT fighting."

"We’re gunna need all the help we can get." Goku said in defense. "I still believe that if we all work together, we can beat him."

"I don’t care!" Bulma yelled, crossing her arms stubbornly. Videl repeated the gesture. "She’s not fighting!"

"Neither is Pan!" Videl followed.


"Fu.. sion…HA!" Piccolo could hear Pan and Bra shout. He could feel their powers climb and join as one. Piccolo floated in mid-air, his eyes closed as he concentrated his energy.

In a matter of days, they would all exit the chamber to fight Majin Buu, and Piccolo wasn’t confident that they were ready. Sure, they had made great gains in the past year, but they just weren’t ready. He wished they could spend as much time as they could within, but the situation wouldn’t allow it.

"Worried?" Gohan asked, sitting down on the floor in front of his former sensei. Piccolo opened his eyes, but didn’t respond. "Me too." Gohan said.

"We’re not ready." Piccolo said.

"I think we’re as ready as we’re ever going to be." Gohan responded. "I just wish I had had more time to train with Fusion." Piccolo nodded. "Goten and Trunks were able to go Super-Saiyan three in their fusion, but Trunks and I can’t even transform."

"It’s because of the old Kai’s power. You cannot transform, and thus your fusion cannot." Piccolo said. "But you are still strong. From what I’ve seen, your fusion is even stronger than Gotenks."

Gohan nodded. "I guess, but I’m still worried."



Everybody waited as the seconds counted down. The two days were up, and the five people within the Time chamber were to emerge. Though Videl and Bulma still hadn’t changed their minds on Pan and Bra fighting against Majin Buu, Goku still eagerly waited to see them.

Everybody held their breath as the doors slowly opened. First was Piccolo, then Gohan, followed by Pan and Bra, and finally, Trunks and Goten.

All five of them wore clothes that were ripped and torn in many places, proof of how much they had been training.

"We’re ready to fight Majin Buu." Pan announced rather excitedly.

"I don’t think so!" Videl yelled.

"What?!" Pan said, surprised at her mother’s sudden anger.

"It’s too dangerous, you’re not fighting."

"Neither are you, Bra." Bulma jumped in.

"But, Mom!" Bra whined, "We’re ready to fight him."

"Yeah, we want to fuse." Pan begged.

"NO!" Videl yelled. She then jabbed a finger at Goku, Vegeta and Mirai Trunks. "Those three almost got killed fighting him!"

The five stared at the three warriors in shock. "You fought him?" Piccolo asked. Goku only nodded.

"Why?" Gohan inquired.

"The barrier went down." Mirai Trunks answered.

"You almost died?" Trunks asked.

"Enough!" Vegeta yelled, "It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we fight him and win!" Bulma opened her mouth to object, but Vegeta cut her off, "Bra and Pan will fight! If they don’t, Majin Buu will win and he will kill everybody when he gets the chance!" Neither Videl nor Bulma responded.

"Then it’s settled," Goku said, "We’ll leave to kill Majin Buu."


Chapter X

Three Fused Powers

Vegeta, Mirai Trunks, Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, Goten, Pan and Bra stood with their hands on each other’s shoulders, all linking to Goku.

Goku brought his fingers to his head, ready to give the order to drop the barrier. "Kabito-Kai!" Goku yelled.

"Ready, Goku."

"Goku, wait!" Korin yelled out. Goku stopped to look down to the little cat. "Take these." He held up a bag of senzu beans.

Goku took the small pouch and fastened it to his belt. "Thanks, Korin."

"Good, luck." The cat said. Goku nodded.

"Okay, Kabito-Kai, we’re ready!"



"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" The man screamed in terror and agony as his head was ripped from his shoulders. Majin Buu dropped the head and lifted the body up to drink the blood gushing from the neck.

Not far behind him, the group of Saiyans and one Namek appeared. Buu spun around to face the heroes.

"Oh, Kami." Bra muttered, covering her mouth.

"That’s it, Majin Buu, it ends here." Goku said.

Buu smiled. "You’re back? Good."

Goku shook his head. "You’re not fighting me. You’re fighting them." Gohan, Mirai Trunks, Trunks, Goten, Bra and Pan took a step forward.

"Them…?" Majin Buu repeated, a bit confused.

Goku nodded.

The six Saiyans spaced themselves apart, standing in pairs. In front: Goten and Trunks, behind them and to the side was Mirai Trunks and Gohan. Finally, to the other side was Pan and Bra.

"Fu…" They all said in unison, moving into their positions. Majin Buu waited, watching carefully. "sion…" The three groups moved perfectly in unison to one another, not a single one of them missing their mark. "HA!" Blue and red light enveloped their bodies, pulling their forms together.

Majin Buu stood perfectly still until the light dimmed, and the three warriors were revealed.

Gotenks stood in the front, his hands on his hips and the all-too-familiar cocky smirk on his face.

Where Gohan and Mirai Trunks once were, now stood the newest fused man. His hair was jet black on top where it stuck up in spikes like Gohan’s, but at the bottom, it was lavender spikes that hung down around his neck and one long spike in front of his face. He had Trunks’ blue eyes, and Gohan’s height. He wore the usual blue vest, with orange cuffs, and the usual white baggy pants held up by a teal rope belt.

Pan and Bra had fused into a perfect blend. Most of her hair was black, grown down to her shoulders, except on either side of her head. Two stands of hair that were a few inches longer were silvery blue. She had big black eyes, but Bra’s smirk that she inherited from her father. She wore a black vest with red trim and a purple tube-top. A violet rope held up her baggy white pants.

Majin Buu, Vegeta and Goku were all speechless. Not only had they never seen anything quite like the fused characters in front of them, but also never felt a power so great without a transformation.

"What’s the matter, Majin Buu?" Gotenks mocked in his double-voice.

"Afraid you’re gunna lose?" The man that was once Gohan and Mirai Trunks added.

"Look at him," The girl laughed, "He’s shaking in his boots."

Gotenks laughed. "Allow us to introduce ourselves before we kill you." He closed his eyes, looking even more arrogant than before. "I’m Gotenks."

The man behind him crossed his arms. "I’m Trunkhan."

The girl gave a toothy smile. "Pran."

Gotenks let out another laugh. "Now that you know who we are, you’ll know whose gunna kick your ass."

Majin Buu frowned, obviously not impressed. Goku let out a sigh. He had hoped that at least one of them would not be as arrogant this time. Piccolo, however, stood back with his arms crossed. By now, he was used to their attitudes.

Simultaneously, the three began to power up, gold and blue auras surrounding their forms. In a flash of light, Gotenks and Pran transformed into Super-Saiyan, and Trunkhan’s hair spiked upward as if he had transformed as well.

Goku and Vegeta jumped back as they felt the three powers jump incredibly. Pran’s was the weakest of the three, and her power exceeded even Super-Saiyan Three!

All three lifted their arms to point at the monster that was Buu. "Now is your time!" They all yelled at the same time, "Your carnage ends here!"

Continued in the next five chapters