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Familiar Evil Chapters 11-15
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DISCLAIMER- I don’t own Dragonball Z or GT. I used the characters created by Akira Toriyama to write this for fun. I don’t profit from this in any way.

Chapter XI

Buu’s Defeat


Gotenks was the first to act; he shot forward like a rocket, throwing his fist at Buu’s face. Instinctively, Buu brought his hand up to block the punch. Little did he expect, Trunkhan and Pran had also sprung into action. Just as Gotenks’ fist was stopped by Buu’s hand, two more fists slammed into his face.

Majin Buu stumbled back, two fist-prints indented into his soft skin. Gotenks let out a laugh, "Look’s better, don’t you think?"

Trunkhan and Pran joined the laugh, "Yup." Pran said.

Majin Buu pushed out the indentations in his face and growled a little. The three warriors stopped their laughter and continued their attack. Gotenks shot into the air, while Trunkhan and Pran moved around to either side of Buu.

Not knowing which to watch, Buu’s eyes darted around frantically. The three came together, simultaneously slamming either a fist or a foot into Buu’s head. The Saiyans gracefully jumped in front of the monster, allowing him to straighten his face from the attack.

Gotenks laughed again. "I think it’s time we got serious."

Trunkhan nodded, but Pran pouted. "But I wanna have some fun with him."

Gotenks rolled his eyes, "Okay, fine."

Pran smiled, taking a step forward. Majin Buu bent down into a fighting stance. Suddenly, Pran shoved her ki behind her, propelling her towards Buu. Majin Buu threw a blast of energy at the oncoming girl in an attempt to stop her.

She suddenly pushed herself upwards, skillfully dodging the blast. She flipped through the air gracefully, clearing the distance between her and Buu. As she began to fall, Pran stretched out her legs and kicked Buu in the face before twisting around to land on her hands and knees.

Majin Buu stumbled back a bit, trying to recover from the attack. Pran jumped to her feet, this time running at Buu. She leapt into the air, again aiming her feet at Buu’s head. She shoved both feet into his face, and vaulted off him. She backfliped, landing on her feet not far away. She immediately put her hands together and fired a purple blast of ki at the pink monster.

Majin Buu crossed his arms in an ‘x’ to block the ball, which exploded upon contact. From the smoke created from the attack, Majin Buu charged. He threw a fist at her, which she easily dodged by turning sideways.

Pran grabbed his arm and swung herself under it to the other side as Buu’s other fist shot by. She continued to swing, moving up and over it. As she passed, she kicked him across the face.

Pran let go of Buu’s arm, landing on her feet, and allowing him to stumble back again. After Buu regained his composure, he growled, showing his razor sharp teeth. His blood red eyes were narrowed, and a large vein was throbbing on his forehead.

Again, Buu charged her, this time throwing out both fists at the same time. Pran jumped into the air, performing a half flip above him. Placing her hands on Buu’s shoulders, Pran did a hand-stand above him.

Buu stared blankly, actually stunned and a little confused as to what had just happened. Gotenks and Trunkhan cheered and hollered. Pran smiled to herself.

Holding herself in mid-air above Buu with her ki, Pran pointed her palms towards each other. Majin Buu hollered in pain as a purple ball of ki enveloped his head, and Pran was flipping through the air gracefully.

Pran landed lightly on her toes as Buu’s head was revealed to actually be missing from his shoulders! The fused girl took a bow as Gotenks and Trunkhan applauded childishly.

A sweat drop ran down Goku and Piccolo’s heads, and Vegeta shook his head in shame. They were all just as pig-headed as any fusion, but Goku, Piccolo or Vegeta couldn’t complain; it was getting the job done.

"Are you done yet?" Gotenks asked. Pran smiled and nodded. "Good." Trunkhan stepped away as Gotenks began to power up again. His hair grew in large spikes down his back.

Just as Majin Buu’s head had regrown, the three warriors were all fully powered up. Pran, being the weakest, was at level two Super-Saiyan. Gotenks was next, ascended all the way to three. Trunkhan was surprisingly the strongest still, though he had not transformed even once.

Goku marveled at their powers. He knew that Majin Buu was not at full power, but all three of them were twice as strong as he was!

Majin Buu let out a low growl, "No more fooling around. You all die!"

Gotenks smiled. "That’s what you think." At that, all three shot forward again. Buu was soon enveloped in a merciless barrage of fists and kicks. Everywhere a hit was made, an indentation in Buu’s body was left as a marker.

Piccolo inwardly smiled as he watched the three make a punching bag out of Buu. For a full year he had trained them, teaching them how to fight as one, and now they were doing as they had been instructed.

Goku, too, felt a bit of pride. In every fight he was in, he tried to steer the foe away from any civilization so nobody would get hurt, and that was precisely what the three were doing. As they fought, they pushed Buu away from the city and toward the base of a cliff.

As they pushed him against the cliff, three different feet slammed into Buu’s chest, driving him deep into the wall. The warriors backed up a bit and gave each other small high-fives.

"I think it’s time we kicked it up another notch." Gotenks proposed. Trunkhan and Pran nodded. "Super Kamikaze Ghost Attack!" He hollered as the other two stepped away.

Majin Buu stepped from the hole in the cliff created by his own body to see fifteen white copies of Gotenks staring at him. "What the…?" He said aloud.

Gotenks, Trunkhan and Pran stood safely behind the little army of ghosts. With a snap of Gotenks’ fingers, the ghosts acted. They all shot out in a different direction, and began spinning around Buu. Barely able to comprehend what was happening, the Majin’s eyes zipped around to each one. They were all circling around him in erratic patterns, making faces and sticking out their tongues at him.

Too distracted by them, Buu didn’t see the bigger threat about to be unleashed upon him.

"Ka…" Trunkhan, Gotenks, and Pran all brought their hands to their sides.

Growing agitated from the swirling ghosts, Majin Buu charged a ki blast in his hand. He waited, trying to target a single ghost. Ignoring their taunting comments, too numerous to understand a single one, Buu picked a Gotenks clone. He threw the blast towards the single ghost, but it swerved away, narrowly dodging the ball of energy.

"Me…" Three orbs of blue energy appeared between their palms, growing as they held the note.

Majin Buu attempted to hit one of the ghosts again, missing just like before.


"You can’t hit me."

"Give it up."

"Sucker." The Ghosts’ high-pitched voices only added to Majin Buu’s frustration and anger, subconsciously, the monster began to elevate into the air.

"Me…" The three Saiyans exchanged smiles as they finished preparing the attack. By this time, Majin Buu had completely lifted into the air, and the ghosts swirled around him in a giant sphere.

Buu charged another blast and picked his target when suddenly, the ghosts all shouted, "Bye, bye!" And scattered, leaving him alone.

"HAAAA!!" Three concentrated beams of blue energy shot toward the blood-guzzling abomination.

Too late did Majin Buu see the attack coming; all he could do was cover his head with his arms and take the blasts. The creature was enveloped in blue light, burning and tearing away at his bubble-gum flesh.

The fifteen ghosts floating around pointed and began laughing at the terror that was Buu. Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo had to cover their eyes from the intense light of three Kamehameha waves intersecting over the monster.

The intersection of the beams suddenly gave way to a thunderous explosion that rocked the earth. Bits of pink goo flew out from the blast, splattering the land. Some of the ooze slapped onto a few of the ghosts, causing them to explode as well. The whole battlefield was covered in a thick cloud of dust.

When the cloud settled, the survivors of the explosions were seen. Only seven ghosts remained, and of course Trunkhan, Gotenks, and Pran. The land had been blown apart, leaving a massive crater behind, which of course had been splattered with Buu’s remains.

Gotenks, Trunkhan and Pran congratulated each other with high fives and pats on the back.

"Wow." Goku said, looking out over the destruction. "They did great!"

Piccolo nodded. "They are quite skilled."

"Buu’s not dead." Vegeta said, pessimistically.

"I know," Goku came back, "But at this rate, he will be soon!"



Chapter XII

One by One


Slowly, the pieces of Majin Buu crawled across the earth towards one another, forming a ball of pink flesh. Trunkhan, Pran and Gotenks were busy celebrating their victory over the monster, Buu, to notice him completely pull himself together.

The vein in Buu’s forehead was now accompanied by several more. His teeth were bared, and grinding together. All he could see was red. They would pay for making a fool of him. They would suffer. They would pay.

"I can’t believe that I had trouble with this fool before." Gotenks laughed.

"He’s so weak," Pran agreed, "I bet we could kill him with our hands tied behind our backs!"

Suddenly, Majin Buu pounced on Trunkhan, sinking his teeth into the man’s shoulder. Trunkhan howled in pain, blood already oozing from the wound. Gotenks and Pran jumped back at his outburst, watching in horror as Buu drank up all the blood.

To Goku’s horror, Majin Buu’s power level shot up with every ounce of blood consumed. "Because Trunkhan is so powerful, his blood is giving Buu a massive energy boost!"

Still crying out in pain, Trunkhan threw Buu off, and held his still bleeding shoulder. The monster wiped his face of blood and smiled wickedly.

"That bastard bites hard!" Trunkhan yelled.

"He just doesn’t learn." Gotenks said. The boy swung out his arm to point at the pink monster. The seven ghosts around immediately responded to the order and charged Buu, surrounding him.

Still unaware of what these creatures did, Majin Buu waited for them to latch onto him as if they were hugging him. Their bodies lit up with light, and one-by-one they exploded, covering Buu in smoke and flame. When the smoke cleared, Majin Buu was still standing, unharmed.

"That son of a bitch." The still angry Trunkhan said. He rose his hands up in front of him and created a small blue ball of energy in each. He quickly brought his hands back and punched the balls. Each fist actually went into the orbs of ki like gloves.

Goku and Vegeta both watched in curiosity, wondering what the boy was doing. "It’s his own new technique." Piccolo explained.

Majin Buu was unimpressed, however, as his smile widened. Trunkhan charged the monster, swinging one energy-encased fist at the creature’s head. Where fist contacted with Buu, an explosion erupted, sending Buu flying backwards. Trunkhan, however, was unharmed and the energy ball still on his fist. Immediately, the warrior moved to hit the monster again.

Another explosion sent Buu into the dirt when Trunkhan slammed a fist into the monster’s chest. Majin Buu slid away from the man and levitated out of Trunkhan’s reach.

"Not good enough, monster." Trunkhan muttered, he then threw the two orbs of energy at Buu. Both blasts hit their target, causing another big blast. Bits of pink flesh rained down on the fused Saiyan, coating him.

"Oh, no!" Piccolo suddenly yelled. Goku and Vegeta also knew what was about to happen.

"Shit!" Gotenks yelled, taking to the air in an attempt to reach Trunkhan, but it was too late. The pink bits of Buu had already expanded, enveloping the man.

"What the hell?!" Trunkhan yelled out from under the growing blanket of pink.

The insidious laughter of Majin Buu could be heard as the pink goo completely covered Trunkhan and was drawn up into the monster. The transformation was quick and simple. Buu now had the blue and red vest, and a longer antenna. His laughter became deeper as his voice changed from scratchy and gruff to dignified and refined.

The real change, however, was not in his appearance, but his power. Shivers ran up and down Goku’s spine when he realized that Buu had almost doubled in strength. He quickly turned to Piccolo. "Are Gotenks and Pran strong enough?"

Piccolo shook his head slowly, "I’m not sure." Goku quickly looked back to the fight.

Gotenks backed up quickly, returning to Pran’s side. They both lowered into fighting stances.

The new Majin Buu looked down to them and grinned. "Soon, you two will also be apart of me."

Gotenks spat, "I don’t think so!" The boy then rose his hand into the air as Buu lowered to the ground, watching to see what was about to happen. With his index finger raised, Gotenks made a large circle in midair, creating a golden ring of energy.

"Galactic Halo!" Gotenks yelled, throwing the ring at the intrigued Majin Buu. The ring stopped above him, then, following Gotenks’ order, lowered to circle around Buu. The ring suddenly closed around the pink creature, pinning his arms to his sides.

Pran immediately ran forward, fire in her eyes, and a cry of anger in her voice. She slammed her leg into Buu’s head, spun around and hit him with the heel of her other foot. Majin Buu stumbled back, but Pran didn’t let him get far before planting her foot into his stomach, and knee in his face.

She gracefully flipped over him, spun around, and kicked him in the back. With his arms still pinned, Buu could do nothing but fall forward, or at least, that’s what Pran thought.

The long antennae on Buu’s head wrapped around Pran’s ankle, and as he fell, he took her with him. Pran was pulled off her feet, flipped through the air, and smashed hard into the ground in front of the Majin.

Buu got to his feet, a satisfied smile on his lips. Pran cursed and got up as well. "Is that all you’ve got?" Majin Buu mocked. Pran growled and spun around, again slamming her leg into his head.

Buu only laughed. Pran threw a blast of ki into his stomach, and still he laughed. She jumped into the air and kicked him repeatedly in the face, and still, he laughed. She ran up to him and pummeled her fists into his stomach; swept him off his feet with her leg; slammed her elbow into his face; practically shoved a ki blast down his throat; and repeatedly kicked him; and still, he laughed.

Finally, Pran stopped, breathing heavily. "What’s so goddamn funny?!" She demanded.

Majin Buu smiled. "What’s funny is that I can break out any time I want, but I’d rather see you try to harm me when all you’re doing is wasting your strength."

Suddenly, Gotenks flew in, striking Buu in the face with his foot. The pink abomination skidded across the earth, only stopping when he hit a pile of rocks.

"Shut up!" Gotenks yelled, obviously annoyed by Buu’s taunts.

Pran was almost in tears. "That bastard absorbed my papa." Gotenks’ eyes widened in surprise. Pan was obviously dominating Pran’s personality at the moment. No wonder she attacked with such ferocity.

Majin Buu stood up where he had stopped. He was still trapped within the golden energy ring, and still laughing.

"SHUT UP!" Pran screamed, jumping into the air and flying to him at full speed.

Gotenks watched helplessly and Pran’s foot literally sank into Buu’s stomach. His laughter quickly dominated Pran’s screams of terror as she was pulled into his body, becoming part of him like Trunkhan. This time, no physical change took place, but Buu’s power elevated to a new level. A level far exceeding any that the Z-warriors had ever seen.

In a flare of red ki, the ring around Buu was shattered like glass, and in an instant, Buu was next to Gotenks.

"Your turn." He whispered. Gotenks stepped back in horror. He broke out in a cold sweat, and his heart was a jackhammer in his chest. For the first time in his life, Gotenks feared for his life.

With a smile and a flick of his head, Buu’s antennae wrapped around Gotenks’ throat and lifted him into the air. Buu brought the boy’s face close to his own. "I told you that I was going to absorb you, but I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to make you pay for what you did to me."

The next few moments were a blur to Gotenks. He was punched, kicked, and beaten at the mercy of the evil creature known as Buu. He was slammed against the ground, rock, concrete, and anything else Buu could find around. His body suddenly felt like it had burst into flame when Buu started using energy blasts. Blast, after blast, after blast, after painful blast was issued into Gotenks’ stomach.

After it was all over, Gotenks could feel Buu’s tongue on his skin, devouring the blood that ran freely from many wounds. Finally, Gotenks could feel the agonizing pain slowly disappear as a deep bite wound drained his blood. The world around him began to grow dark and cold.

The last thing he heard was Majin Buu’s malicious laughter, echoing in his head.



Chapter XIII

Gogeta’s Might


Goku and Vegeta watched in horror as Gotenks’ lifeless body fell to the ground, immediately splitting into their two sons.

"T…Trunks…" Vegeta stuttered in disbelief.

"They didn’t deserve that." Goku said.

"What a monster." Piccolo whispered his voice clearly laced in terror.

Goku turned to look at Vegeta, the prince’s face was pale and sickly looking. "We need to fuse, Vegeta, it’s the only way." Vegeta slowly nodded, keeping his eyes on Majin Buu as he celebrated his victory. Goku turned more to Piccolo whose face was pale green. "Piccolo, we need you distract him while we fuse."

Piccolo jumped back, "What?! You want me to fight that thing?!"

"Please, just for a few moments. Now that Buu knows what the fusion dance looks like and how powerful it can be, I doubt he’ll let us perform it."

Piccolo gritted his teeth. Goku was right and he knew it, but he still liked his blood to stay inside his body.

"Please, it’s our only hope left."

Damn. Piccolo cursed in his head as he nodded.

"Thank you."

"Whatever, just make it quick." Piccolo said, slowly taking to air and floating to Buu.

Not wasting any time, Goku turned back to Vegeta. "Vegeta, do you remember how-"

"Yes, Kakarot, I do!" Vegeta spat, cutting him off. "Now lets hurry, I want to make that freak suffer for what he’s done to my children."

"First, lets power up to Super-Saiyan Three so we don’t use up our power when we’re fused."


Majin Buu turned to face the oncoming Piccolo. "Another one wants to die?" Buu laughed, "Very well."

Piccolo landed quickly, pulling two fingers to his forehead and concentrating his energy. Majin Buu slowly walked towards the green alien, half-curious to see what he was going to do.

Goku and Vegeta let their ki soar, changing their hair yellow and their eyes teal.

"Special Beam Cannon!" Piccolo yelled, pointing his fingers at Buu and shooting the attack. The spiraling orange-yellow energy cut through Buu’s stomach like a drill.

Another flare of ki and the two Saiyans ascended to level two.

Dispite the energy shooting through a gaping hole in his torso, Majin Buu continued to walk forward slowly.

After one final power up, letting their hair grow, Goku and Vegeta were level three.

Sweat began to drip down Piccolo’s bald head as Buu drew closer, seemingly oblivious to the beam that Piccolo still shot.

Goku and Vegeta quickly got into position, standing six steps away from each other.

The monster stopped so close to the Namekian that Piccolo’s hand was actually within the hole. In an instant, the hole closed on Piccolo’s fist, cutting off the beam and trapping the alien.

"Fu…" Goku and Vegeta said in unison, taking their steps and swinging their arms and legs in the right fashion.

Piccolo struggled hopelessly against Buu’s pink flesh, trying as hard as he could to free himself. Majin Buu simply laughed. "What’s the matter, Piccolo? Stuck?"

Only one hope. Piccolo thought, and with a quick breath, he chopped his arm off with his other hand. The Namekian stumbled back, purple blood oozing from his wound. With a groan of pain, a new arm regenerated in the old one’s place.

"Sion…" Goku and Vegeta continued the bizarre dance, remaining perfectly symmetrical with one another.

Majin Buu laughed as he released the arm in his body and lifted it above his head, letting the remaining blood drain into his mouth. His eyes suddenly widened when he saw over Piccolo’s shoulder to the two remaining Saiyans. "NO!" He roared.

"HA!" Goku and Vegeta bent sideways, their fingertips touching. Both bodies were enveloped in silver light.

Buu pushed past Piccolo, racing to the light in a futile effort to stop the transformation from happening.

Pure energy washed over the land, blowing dust, dirt, and small rocks into the air. A yellow aura burned around a lone figure like fire, reaching up to the clouds. Golden rays of light beamed brightly from the central man. Lightning danced dangerously across the sky, coming not from any clouds, but from a single burning energy.

Majin Buu stopped in his tracks. The man before him was not a Super-Saiyan Three. The hair was spikier, the muscles bigger, the power too great. A golden tail rose from his backside, proving the ascension.

"Majin Buu!" The man yelled in both Vegeta and Goku’s voices. "Now you witness a power never before present on Earth! A power only seen in the depths of hell! A power that should have never been! You have invoked this power! The power of Gogeta!"

In a flurry of ki, Gogeta had taken to the air, making a beeline to Majin Buu. The creature had little time to react to the punch flying at his face. He narrowly ducked the attack, just to receive a knee in the nose instead.

Before Buu could recoil from the attack, an elbow to the top of the head sent him crashing to the ground. Gogeta placed his hands out in front of him, creating a yellow ball of energy. Rather than throwing or launching the ball, however, Gogeta mearly aimed it towards Buu.

Suddenly, rays of energy shot from the ball, arcing to the ground where Buu had landed. When each beam hit the ground, it erupted in a small explosion. More and more beams filled the air, adding more and more destruction to the monster below.

Suddenly, a translucent red ball of energy appeared below, absorbing the beams of ki. Inside the orb of energy was Majin Buu, using it as a shield.

"What?!" Gogeta shouted, following the protected Majin as he floated back up. Gogeta pushed more power into his attack in hope that he would break through the shield.

Majin Buu began to scream, as if in pain, and the shield began to expand, still absorbing the beams of energy Gogeta was sending at it.

In less than a second the shield broke open and Buu shot out, skillfully dodging the beams of energy, and striking Gogeta hard in the face. After he recovered from the hit, Gogeta retaliated with his own punch. Soon, the two began exchanging punches and kicks in rapid succession.

The two fighters became lost in a flurry of attacks. Piccolo began to have trouble keeping track of them as they fought, he could only hope that Gogeta was winning. As if to answer his question, Majin Buu came crashing down into the ground in front of him.

Majin Buu rushed to his feet, and growled. "You’re gunna pay for that."

Gogeta and Piccolo both gasped when Buu’s power began to climb. He opened his mouth wide, and a white ghost slithered out. Gogeta watched, unimpressed as Buu made many more copies of himself.

"Give it up, Buu!" Gogeta hollered down, "It’s been done!"

Majin Buu laughed, "That’s okay, I’m not trying for anything original." Gogeta smirked, whatever Buu was going to do, he was confident that he could handle it.

Majin Buu dramatically pointed into the sky toward Gogeta and yelled out: "Get him!" Suddenly, all the ghost copies of himself shot into the air, laughing like little hyenas. They began to tackle at him, trying to detonate themselves, but Gogeta was too fast and dodged their attempts.

Buu laughed as he created two red orbs of energy in the air, then punched each like Trunkhan had done before. Laughing more and more wildly, he rushed up to join the fray.

Oh shit. Gogeta thought as he saw Buu rush up. He was having enough trouble dodging the ghosts without having the real thing attacking as well. He soon found himself skillfully moving from a dozen possibilities of explosion.

As time went on, Gogeta began to slow in his movements, becoming clumsy and making more and more close calls. Suddenly, Buu’s energy-encased fist made contact with his chest.

The blast from the fist sent the man back into one of the many ghosts. The resulting explosion set off two others nearby and flung Gogeta forward into Buu’s fist again. The air around them erupted in a giant ball of flame as all the explosions were set off at once.

Piccolo could only watch as bits of pink goo flew in every direction, and the smoking body of Gogeta shot down to the ground. Majin Buu quickly reformed, laughing in triumph.

His celebrations were cut short, however as Gogeta’s fist slammed into his stomach. Buu buckled over the man’s fist, surprised at his speed. "You should never let down your guard." Gogeta mocked.

Buu stumbled back, a growl escaping his throat. He pulled back his arms, and suddenly unleashed a massive barrage of red ki. The Majin’s arms were shooting blasts like a pair of machine guns, rapidly pumping back and forth.

Gogeta, in turn, moved his arms quickly to deflect the blasts. Every ball of ki shot off in a different direction, detonating along the ground and mountains around. Buu didn’t slow his pace, however, he actually seemed oblivious to where his attack was hitting.

As quickly as he possibly could, Gogeta pulled his hands to his side. "Kamehameha!" He shouted as fast as he could, sending a blue beam of energy tearing through the smaller red orbs.

The wave hit Buu head-on, abruptly stopping his assault. Gogeta took off after Buu, skimming across the ground like a bullet. He got above the monster, reached down, grabbed his antennae, and threw him into the air.

"Ka.. me.. ha.. me.. HA!" Gogeta threw another, stronger blast at Buu, hitting the monster in mid-air. Majin Buu fell to the earth, catching himself with his ki before he hit the ground.

"I hate you…" Buu muttered, holding his hand above his head. In his palm a red ball of ki appeared and began to grow.

Both Gogeta and Piccolo could feel Buu’s power increase as he added energy to ball, making it grow bigger still.

"Oh, Kami." Gogeta whispered, "He’s gunna blow up the planet!" In a desperate attempt, Gogeta sent several blasts to Buu. The monster simply blocked each with his other hand. The red ball above steadily grew, doubling in size within seconds.

Gogeta looked from the ball to Piccolo. "Piccolo!" He yelled, "We need to do something! I won’t be able to stop this one!"

Piccolo quickly nodded. He understood, but what could he do? Then it dawned on him. "Damn." He cursed as he saw only one solution.

He took to the air and began to fly directly toward the growing ball of energy. Gogeta watched the heroic Namek go, also knowing that there was no other way. The ball needed to be detonated before it got too large or touched the earth. Energy blasts would have only fed it power, and that left only one option.

"Thank you, friend!" Gogeta called out as Piccolo increased his speed.

"Yeah, yeah," The Namekian said under his breath. A single tear rolled down his cheek as he flew straight into the ball. Immediately, he could feel his skin burn and disintegrate. Gogeta could hear him cry out, but it was not the cry of pain or regret. It was the sound of triumph. The sound of victory. The cry of a true warrior.


Chapter XIV

Time’s Up


Terror struck Gogeta’s heart. The ball of ki did not explode. The giant red orb of energy only continued to grow. Piccolo’s sacrifice was in vain. The earth was doomed. If he attacked Majin Buu, the ball would drop. If he attacked the energy itself, it would grow faster. All was lost.

In a sudden poof of smoke, Majin Buu changed. The fusion vest he wore disappeared and was replaced by Gohan’s training gi. With the change, came a drastic drop in Buu’s power. Without the power, he could no longer charge the attack, and it disappeared.

For a while, nobody moved. Majin Buu still stood with his arm in the air. The wind gently blew, kicking up some dust.

Finally, the full effect of what happened hit Gogeta. "YEAH!" He jumped into the air with the cheer. Buu still stood still, stunned. "YES! HA HA HA HA!" Gogeta continued celebration.

"Wha…?" Buu said, actually confused to what happened.

Gogeta grinned, lowering into a fighting stance. "It looks like the kids’ fusion finally wore off, Buu."

"But…" The monster protested, but was unable to finish his statement as Gogeta’s fist collided with his stomach. With his other fist, Gogeta hit Buu across the head. Majin Buu fell onto his ass, a dumbfounded look on his face.

"Yeah, that’s much better!" Gogeta laughed, "Apparently you stole a HUGE amount of energy from their fusions. Without them, you’re nothing!"

"Shut-" Again, Buu was cut off as Gogeta’s boot slammed into his face, sending him backwards.

Buu jumped to his feet after coming to a stop. "I hate you!" Gogeta let out a laugh of amusement, walking slowly to the, already enraged monster. In a swift movement, Gogeta jumped into the air and slammed his knee into the side of Buu’s head.

As Buu recoiled from the attack, Gogeta grabbed the end of the long antennae. As Buu fell one way, Gogeta pulled hard. The tentacle stretched from Buu’s weight, but soon snapped him back like a rubber band.

Laughing in amusement as Buu was flung back, Gogeta turned and pulled over his shoulder. Majin Buu was helpless as he was vaulted over Gogeta’s arm and slammed into the ground in front of him.

"Spit ‘em out, Buu!" Gogeta suddenly yelled.

"What?!" Buu shouted back.

"Spit out my children, or I’ll beat ‘em out of you!" Gogeta let go of Buu’s antennae and allowed him to stand up. "It’s obvious that you are nothing without their fused forms, so you might as well save yourself a lot of agony and spit ‘em out."

"Why don’t I just wait ‘til your fusion runs out of time?" Majin Buu growled.

Gogeta smirked, "You really think you can live that long?" Before Buu could respond, Gogeta moved to him, shoving his arm through Buu’s stomach.

The monster merely held still as Gogeta grabbed his antennae again, and pulled hard. Buu’s head was pulled backwards into the hole in his own body.

Gogeta stumbled backwards, almost falling to the ground in laughter. "You look so much better this way!" Buu let out an agitated growl again. Gogeta smirked again. "Here, let me help you with that." He swung his fist and punched Buu squarely in the nose. The creature’s head popped back out, snapping to its place on his shoulders. Buu’s eyes darted around randomly in a dazed look.

"One more chance, Buu, spit out my kids!"

Majin Buu righted himself and glared at Gogeta. "Never! You think you can kill me?! If you do, you’ll kill them!"

"A small price to pay to get rid of your vile hide!"

"You lie!" Majin Buu shouted back, growing more and more bold by the second. "Then why didn’t you just kill me in the first place?!"

Gogeta merely stared at him. "They can be brought back, I was just hoping that we could do it the easy way first."

"Brought back? How?!" Buu demanded.

Gogeta smirked. "With the Dragon Balls."

"Dragon Balls?"

"They have the power to grant any wish, including bringing people back from the dead."

"Where are these ‘Dragon Balls’?" Buu asked, growing intrigued.

"Ha!" Gogeta laughed, "Like I’d tell you! I just wanted you to know that I’m not afraid to kill you with my children still inside of you!"

Buu opened his mouth to reply, but no words came out. It seemed that the monstrous, blood guzzling, Majin Buu was actually scared.

"So?" Gogeta asked, "Are you going to play it smart and do as I say?"

Again, Buu tried to respond but didn’t. In the blink of an eye, Gogeta had shot to Majin Buu and began pummeling him with kicks and punches faster than the lightning that shot around him.

In a desperate attempt to escape, Buu jumped to the air and began to fly away. The fused warrior, however, grabbed Buu’s antennae again and pulled the creature to the ground.

Bringing his knee up, Gogeta kicked Buu in the head as hard as he could. Buu flew back up, this time unwillingly. The antennae stretched as his momentum carried him up.

Gogeta smirked as the flesh of the horn ripped and tore off at his head. Buu soared through the air, then crashed back to the ground in a cloud of dust.

"It’s over, Buu." Gogeta said as the bubble-gum flesh in his hand burned up into nothing with his ki.



Chapter XV

Out of Buu


Majin Buu slowly got to his feet, growling as he moved. "I hate you… I hate you so much…" He muttered, bringing his red eyes to meet those of Gogeta.

"That’s too bad." Gogeta said, slowly walking forward. "But I still have to kill you."

In a flash, the man was next to Buu. Gogeta brought up his hand to Buu’s face, and grabbed it like a ball. The monster did little to resist as Gogeta slammed his head into the dirt.

He brought Buu back up, and after lifting his knee, slammed him down onto it. Gogeta let go of Buu’s face and clasped both hands together into a double fist. Buu’s eyes bugged when he saw the man bring down his fists into his face, squashing it between his knee and hands.

Gogeta stepped back, allowing Buu to try to recover. First, he puffed out his face, reverting it to its normal shape. Then, his antennae regrew. Before he could do much else, however, Gogeta slammed a knee into his gut.

Buu fell back, a large crater in his stomach. Before he got a chance to form back, Gogeta bent down and hammered a fist into him. Another punch made the Majin fall back. Gogeta stood up and began kicking the monster with such force that the ground actually cracked around him.

Hit after hit was delivered to Buu, each more powerful than the last. Spit flew from Buu’s mouth as he cried out in shock every time.


Deep within the monster, two individual pods of flesh, both containing two individual Saiyans were mounted to the walls. After each kick, the walls shook, loosening the already weakened bonds.

Strand after strand of tissue broke with each hit. The two pods soon swayed dangerously, threatening to fall. Not far behind them, a third pod swayed. A pod containing another monster…


Gogeta finally stopped his merciless attack of the evil monster. Buu struggled to his feet, gasping for breath. "Stop…" He panted.

"Are you ready to give them back?" Gogeta asked more demandingly than anything else.

"They’re…MINE!" Buu yelled, pulling back his hand and throwing an orb of red energy.

Gogeta deflected the blast with his hand, and rushed Buu again. With one devastating kick, Buu’s eyes widened. The creature took a few steps back, holding his stomach in agony. His body began to tremble and shake and sweat began to drip from his face. Gogeta cautiously watched, making sure that this wasn’t some dirty trick.

Buu’s pink skin paled and his power began to drop. Suddenly, in a poof of smoke, Gohan’s gi that he wore changed into Pan’s red shirt. Buu’s eyes bulged as he bent over and gagged.

Gogeta curled a lip in disgust as Buu threw up and kept gagging. Suddenly, his throat expanded as something came up. With another gag, Gohan was lying in a pool of green slime below the monster. Mirai Trunks followed shortly in the same way. Gogeta smirked. It had worked. He really hadn’t thought it possible, but it had worked. Then to his amazement, Buu began to gag again.

In another puff of smoke and another severe decrease in power, Pan’s shirt disappeared, and Buu reverted back to his original form. Pan and Bra were vomited out the same way the first two had been.

Buu finally stopped gagging, and struggled to his feet. Gogeta slowly walked to the four unconscious kids and pulled them away. "I warned you, Buu."

Majin Buu was still trembling, but the pinkness of his skin had returned. "I hate you…" He muttered. "I hate you…"

"Now," Gogeta said, "Since you were neglecting to hand them over in the first place, I’m gunna have to kill you." Buu glared at him angrily, but then his eyes suddenly widened again.

Gogeta took a step back as Buu’s ki began to swirl around him, throwing sand and dust into the air. "What’s wrong with you now?"

"Gogeta!" A voice echoed down.

"What is it, Kabito-Kai?" Gogeta responded.

"Get the children as far away as possible!"

"Why?" Gogeta asked, "What’s wrong?"

"It’s Buu! He’s changing!"

"To what?!"

"It’s just like the last time!" Old Kai chimed in, "Your attacks knocked more than just your kids loose!"

"What are you talking about?!" Gogeta then looked back to Buu. His body had ballooned outward, and his eyes were tightly shut. He looked like the original fat Buu, but he was still changing.

"Get Gohan and the rest out of there!" Gogeta took one step towards his children, still watching Buu. The fat version had already changed into a another form. His muscles had bulged, and his body had grown. He was built like a tank, and yet he was still transforming.

Gogeta had seen this before. At least, Goku and Vegeta had. Gogeta quickly bent down and lifted the four kids under his arms. He took off into the air, heading for a small hill in the distance. Even as he flew away, he could feel Buu’s power increase. He glanced back and saw that dust and steam now surrounded Buu.

Gogeta landed and quickly placed the four down. When he spun around, he saw the evil of all evil. Majin Buu stood alone. The smoke had settled, and the swirling ki vanished. Blood red eyes stared up at the man, sending chills down his spine.

Majin Buu was short and puny looking, like a child, but Gogeta knew the mistake of assuming he was weak. This new form of Majin Buu was the actual true form. Kid Buu.

Finished in the next five chapters.