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Familiar Evil Chapters 16 - 20
Interactive Fanfic pt2
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DISCLAIMER- I don’t own Dragonball Z or GT. I used the characters created by Akira Toriyama to write this for fun. I don’t profit from this in any way.

Chapter XVI

Kid Buu vs. Gogeta


"His energy is amazing…" Gogeta thought aloud.

"He has kept the power he stole from the blood of others!" Kabito-Kai shouted.

Buu hadn’t moved from where he stood, but a dark, almost black aura flowed around him. His crimson eyes slowly scanned the land, starting at Gogeta and ending at the nearby city.

His lip slowly curled into a sinister smile when he saw the almost destroyed buildings. Ever so slowly, Buu brought his arm up to aim at the town. A swirling black ball of ki appeared in his palm. The energy flickered with red lightning and radiated a dark aura.

Gogeta could do nothing as the blast shot towards the innocent town, disappearing among the jungle of concrete. Seconds later, the whole area was engulfed in a massive blast of fire and ki. The smile on Buu’s face widened when chunks of concrete and rocks blew by.

The blast slowly died down, leaving a gigantic crater in its place. Buu’s smile faded as he glanced around for something else to blow up. Gogeta quickly jumped into the air, performing a small flip, and landing in front of Buu.

"You need to deal with me before you go blowing things up!" He yelled confidently.

Majin Buu stared at him strangely, as if trying to decide if Gogeta was a threat or not. Finally, Buu began laughing hysterically, pointing at the fused man.

Gogeta took a step back in surprise at Buu’s reaction. He wasn’t scared? He didn’t even find Gogeta a challenge?!

"You mock me?!" Gogeta yelled, but Buu continued to laugh. "You’ll regret this! Keep laughing and I’ll just have to knock your head from your shoulders!" Majin Buu seemed not to hear Gogeta’s threat, he just kept pointing and laughing.

A drop of sweat ran down his face, Maybe Buu knew that he was using a lot of energy merely being in the Super-Saiyan Four state. Maybe he knew that Gogeta wouldn’t be able to fight much longer. Maybe he didn’t and was just very arrogant.

A golden aura washed around Gogeta as he powered up. The dirt around him was picked up into the air, and blown away from his energy. His baggy pants and vest flapped as the ki flowed around him, causing his power to soar.

Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through Gogeta’s face and he flew backwards. Buu had punched him in the nose, abruptly ending his power up.

Gogeta stopped himself from falling, and moved a few feet away. Kami, he’s fast, Gogeta thought. Then, as he felt a trickle of blood run from his nose he added, and strong.

Majin Buu continued to stare at Gogeta. The warrior knew that he was thinking up some sort of attack to use, and both Vegeta and Goku knew that the creature had a wide arsenal of vicious and tricky attacks to choose from.

Finally, a smile spread across the creature’s lips, then he slowly shifted himself like he was gong to throw a punch.

Gogeta lowered himself into a defensive stance, ready to block or dodge whatever the monster was going to do. Buu’s smile widened more, showing his teeth as he pulled back more.

Time seemed to stand still as Gogeta waited, prepared for the worst. Buu opened his mouth in a silent yell as he finally punched, but instead of stretching his arm to Gogeta, he aimed it to the ground. His fist disappeared below the surface.

"Shit!" Gogeta yelled; he had completely forgotten about this. He jumped into the air in an effort to escape, but it was too late. Buu’s hand emerged from the dirt below him, reached up and grabbed Gogeta’s ankle.

Buu let out a giddy laugh as he pulled Gogeta back to the ground, slamming the man hard. Stretching his other arm, Buu punched Gogeta in the face. He then grabbed the man’s arm, letting go of his foot, and pulled him up into the air.

Gogeta tried to break free, but Buu’s grip was far too tight. The Majin suddenly pulled Gogeta towards him, raising his foot to kick. The combination of Goku and Vegeta was helpless as his gut was rammed into Buu’s foot. With his other fist, Buu hit Gogeta across the head. The warrior was violently pulled back into another kick.

Buu grabbed Gogeta’s arm, holding him directly in front of the pink terror. Buu flashed Gogeta a toothy smile as he brought their heads together. Fortunately, Buu let go after this, but Gogeta was badly hurt.

The Earth’s only hope fell back, nearly unconscious. He could hear Buu’s triumphant laughter draw near, and he knew that the end was coming. Suddenly, the sound of someone screaming in rage replaced the laughter.

"Goku… Vegeta… whatever, are you okay?" Gogeta turned his head to see Krillin at his side. Gogeta lifted himself up to see what had happened to Buu. Goku’s old student, Uub was standing where Buu once was. The monster himself was lying in the dirt not far away.

Gogeta sat up and looked to Android 18 standing near Gohan and the rest, trying to revive them.

"No…" Gogeta said as he shook himself out of the daze, "You guys shouldn’t be here. Buu is too strong. He’ll kill all of you!"

Krillin sighed, "We need to help you guys." Then he added, glancing over his shoulder to the group, "Where’s Trunks, Goten and Piccolo?"

Gogeta frowned and was about to respond when a flash of light drew his attention to Uub. Buu had thrown a powerful blast of ki that knocked the boy away from where he stood.

"Get outta here!’ Gogeta yelled, jumping to his feet, "He killed Piccolo, Trunks and Goten!"

"What?!" Krillin blurted in shock.

"Get as far away from here as you can!"

Krillin nodded and headed back to his wife and friends. Gogeta ran to the fallen Uub. The boy was only slightly harmed, but he too, needed to leave.

"Uub, leave with the others, I’ll take care of…" Gogeta’s sentence was cut short as he disappeared in a poof of smoke. When the smoke cleared, it left a very confused Vegeta and Goku.

Uub stared up at the two Saiyans with just as much confusion. Majin Buu simply stared.

Krillin looked back to the battlefield when he reached the four fallen children. His eyes bugged when he saw what had just happened. "The fusion wore off!"

Goku and Vegeta simultaneously looked down at themselves, then to each other.

"Shit!" Vegeta yelled.

"Uh oh." Goku said. They both turned their heads to Buu, who had just begun laughing uncontrollably.

"Kakarot, how long until we can fuse again?" Vegeta asked, too scared to be his usual arrogant self.

"An hour."



Chapter XVII

Struggle for Life


The sun was level with the horizon, sending a red glint across the land.

"We’re dead, Kakarot." Vegeta said softly.

"No, there has to be a way." Goku replied.

"How?!" Vegeta yelled. "We can’t fuse for another hour, and there is no way we can stall him for that long!"

"I know, but maybe if I use my full power, I can hold him back…" Goku offered.

"Unless you’ve been foolishly hiding your full power until now, we’re doomed!" Vegeta responded.


Vegeta glared at Goku with more anger than he showed towards Buu. "I’m gunnna kill you, Kakarot!"
"Well, in order to fuse we needed to be at the same power level…" Goku said, softening his voice as if hoping that Vegeta wouldn’t catch all of that.

A vein began to appear on Vegeta’s forehead. He had never been so mad. Not only did Goku hide his full power in the face of the greatest evil to ever exist, but he just admitted to being much stronger.

During the first Majin Buu, Vegeta had nearly had his whole world come to a crashing halt. Everything he thought to be true was shattered when he realized exactly how much stronger Goku was. By the end of it all, Vegeta finally made amends with it by actually admitting that Goku would always be better, and for over ten years, that had been fine. Then, when Goku’s clone and Broly showed up, Vegeta had to push past his decision not to try to be better. Because of that, he was able to ascend another level. But now, in the face of the ultimate terror, not only was Goku showing that he was stronger, but he was practically rubbing Vegeta’s face in it!

"Vegeta, I’m sorry about this, but I want you, Uub, Krillin and 18 to take the kids and get out of here." Goku said.

Vegeta couldn’t argue, Goku may have been a sneaky liar, but he knew what he was doing when he put his mind to something.

Vegeta turned to Uub, still lying next to him. "Come, boy." Uub slowly got to his feet and they both flew to the hill where Krillin and 18 waited.

Goku stood up fully to face Buu. In an instant, Goku’s muscles bulged, his spiked hair stood up slightly, and his fur on his tail stood up. I sure hope I’m strong enough. He thought to himself.

Vegeta let his transformation drop as he and Uub landed. Krillin’s eyes immediately fell upon Vegeta’s backside. Vegeta was quick to notice. His face turning red, he yelled, "What the hell are you looking at, Monk?!"

Krillin’s face turned red when he realized how bad it must have looked, but he responded. "You have a tail still."

Vegeta looked around behind himself to see a brown tail growing from his back. "It must be a side-effect from being a Super-Saiyan Four with that clown."

They all then slowly turned to see the tremendous power that was radiating from Goku. The power was almost matching that of Gogeta’s.

A Golden aura burned around him, tinting his clothing gold. Lightening showered around him, and the ground cracked from his overwhelming power. Majin Buu still seemed unimpressed.

Goku suddenly took off in a flurry of ki, darting across the land toward the terror of the universe. As he neared his target, he swung a leg out to kick Buu in the side of the head.

Still smiling, Buu rose his arm to block the attack. He then threw out his arm, punching Goku square in the nose. Goku backfliped, trying to land on his feet, but a kick to the back while he was upside-down caused him to hit the ground on his stomach.

Buu began his malicious laughter again as he kicked down into the ground, having his foot shoot up under Goku. The Saiyan was helpless as he was propelled upward from the kick. Buu then jumped into the air and hammered him downward with his fists.

Before Goku could hit the ground, he felt something wrap around his neck and pull him back. Majin Buu had his antennae wrapped around his neck, keeping him at the monster’s mercy. The pink terror then began to rotate his head, swinging Goku around and around like a lasso.

He finally let go, sending Goku off like a rocket. Buu quickly brought his arms up and shot a powerful beam of pink ki. Goku was enveloped by the blast, burning his entire body. As he fell to the ground, he shot his own blast.

"Kamehameha!" The blue wave of ki shot through the air, hitting it’s target.

Goku hit the ground hard, but Buu still stayed in the air. He was missing an arm, and half of his head, but he stayed elevated.

The missing body parts quickly regrew, and Goku got to his feet. Majin Buu smiled evilly and he rose his arms up. A black ball of ki began to grow in his palms. It quickly grew to the size of a beach ball, then doubled in size.

Goku saw this and threw a small orb of ki at the monster. Buu laughed as he threw the ball of ki at Goku. The smaller blue blast of ki hit the larger black energy, and quickly evaporated.

Buu’s attack quickly cleared the distance between them, forcing Goku to put up his hands and try to stop it. Goku pushed against the ki, barely able to hold it back, he just prayed that Buu wouldn’t attack him.

Majin Buu laughed, then his eyes moved to see the small group of people on the hill. He smiled as he rose his hand up and shot a small blast at them.

The hill exploded in a blast of dirt and rock. Vegeta, Uub, Krillin, 18, Gohan, Mirai Trunks, Pan and Bra were all flung in different directions.

Goku saw this out of the corner of his eye and cursed to himself that they hadn’t done what he told them and left.

Buu zipped down to the nearest person, who happened to be Krillin. Swinging his foot under him, Buu kicked the man’s head like a soccer ball. Krillin skidded across the land, smashing into a pile of rubble from what used to be the nearby town.

"Bastard!" 18 screamed as she punched at Buu, hitting the back of his head. The monster spun around, grabbing 18’s head with one hand, and punching her in the face with the other.

Buu put his hands out in front of him and began launching a barrage of ki blasts at her. Vegeta charged from his side, kicking him in the head, abruptly ending the attack. Uub, conveniently located on the other side, sent Buu back with a ki blast.

Majin Buu stopped himself in-between the both of them, sending both fists stretching to hit each in the face. By this time, 18 had recovered, and rushed in to sink her elbow into Buu’s stomach. With a laugh, Buu grabbed her head again and slammed her forehead into his knee.

Goku watched helplessly as he tried desperately to push back the blast. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see that Gohan had finally woken up and was desperately trying to revive Mirai Trunks.

A sharp scream of pain made Goku look back to Buu. Krillin had reentered the fight, and was being pummeled with Buu’s fists. Uub and 18 stood behind the monster, desperately throwing ki blasts at him.

Suddenly, Buu grabbed Krillin’s shirt and threw him at 18. The second Krillin left his grip, he shot over to Uub and froze. Uub stopped his attack and stared at the monster.

Aside from Krillin and 18 getting up, and Gohan and Mirai Trunks going to wake up Pan and Bra, nobody moved.

Uub and Buu just stared at each other. Goku knew what was wrong. Uub was the reincarnation of the Buu from this time, so these two beings were essentially the same person.

The longer Buu stared at Uub, the angrier he grew. He began baring his teeth like a mad dog. Several veins began throbbing in his head, and steam began to fume from the holes in his body.

At this, Uub began to step back, trembling in fright. Suddenly, Vegeta charged in, throwing a fist at Buu. The monster moved out of the way and kicked Vegeta in the stomach. He then slammed his fists into the back of Vegeta’s head, making the prince fall into Buu’s knee.

Buu allowed the now unconscious Saiyan to roll off his leg and onto the ground. Uub backed up more and more as Majin Buu stepped over the fallen warriors body.

Goku looked over and saw that Pan and Bra had woken up, and now the four were watching carefully. They would be able to fuse in about fifteen minutes, and Buu would hopefully be beaten down.

However, as Goku heard Uub scream in pain, he realized that for that plan to work they would have to survive that long. That was something that just wasn’t going to happen.


Chapter XVIII

Light at the End of the Tunnel


Goku watched helplessly while he pushed back the ball of ki. Though the sun had finally vanished below the horizon, and sight was fading quickly, it was still clear what was going on. Majin Buu attacked Uub mercilessly, quickly turning the boy into a bruised and bloody mess. The ground was soon splattered with blood as Uub was beaten.

Krillin and 18 had moved to the group of half Saiyans to watch the horror. Goku almost couldn’t stand it. To bear watching what happened to Gotenks happen again was like every nerve in Goku’s body splitting. Nobody deserved that, not Gotenks, not Uub, nobody.

"I have to help!" Gohan yelled.

Goku heard this and yelled back, "No! We can’t lose you! If we get the chance, I want Trunkhan and Pran to fight again!"

"AAAAAAHHH!" Uub’s cry of pain almost made Goku change his mind, but he was right. Losing Gohan was just out of the question.

Majin Buu didn’t laugh as he beat Uub down. No, this attack was not for his joy, but of hate. Somehow, Buu knew that he and Uub had a lot more in common than just similar appearance, and he seemed determined to cause Uub as much pain as possible.

Buu kicked, punched, rammed, and blew the boy up over and over again, seemingly never content with the damage he had done.

Eventually, Goku had to shut his eyes, unable to watch the brutal beating. He could hear Uub cry out over and over again, forcing a tear to his eye.

"AAAHHHH!" Uub screamed, "GOKU!" With that, something broke inside of Goku.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" In a scream of rage, Goku pushed the black ball of ki he had been fighting against. The blast quickly shot off in the opposite direction, harmlessly leaving the earth.

Majin Buu stopped his assault on Uub and turned to look at Goku. The Saiyan’s aura burned around him brilliantly, lightning tearing through the air. The overwhelming amount of ki flowed from his body, making his hair and clothes wave as if being blown in the wind. Huge chunks of rock rose into the air, shattering overhead. Smaller dirt and rocks shot into the sky with Goku’s energy.

Goku could feel the incredible power flowing out of his body, but he could feel another power, much greater, just beneath his skin. All he had to do was make it surface…

Buu turned fully to his newest threat. Goku merely stared at him, waiting for him to make his move. With a smile, Buu bent down and grabbed Uub by the ankle. Goku’s eye widened when he saw Buu throw the boy at him.

Goku braced himself, and caught his former student. Before he had a chance to look back up, Buu’s elbow came into contact with his face. Goku fell back, dropping Uub. Again, before he could look up, Buu fired a blast of ki at him. The explosion threw him backward, skidding across the land.

The Saiyan jumped up and saw Buu rush him again. Throwing out a punch, Goku hoped that Buu would ram himself into it.

Instead, Majin Buu created a hole in his own body, allowing Goku’s fist to pass right through. Before Goku could even feel the least bit of surprise, Buu’s knee slammed into his face.

As Goku hit the dirt, he could only think of thing: We’re doomed. He wasn’t strong enough. He was at his full strength, and that wasn’t enough. Not even Trunkhan and Pran could take him down. Not that the earth would last that long anyway.

Goku’s eyes lay upon the moon, and everything around him seemed to stop and disappear. There no longer was Majin Buu, Uub, or Gohan. There wasn’t even an earth. There was only Goku and the moon.

His eyes widened and became fully red. His body began to grow, causing his clothes to become tight, and his power soared.

Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, he was back on earth, in front of Buu. The surge of power was just enough to make the energy that was just out of his reach, surface into his grasp.

His body stopped growing, and reverted to the normal size. His eyes returned to the bluish green that was of a Super-Saiyan. The only thing not to return to normal was his power, which continued to climb.

Goku threw out his chest and began screaming as the power took over. Everybody watched in stunned silence as the fifth ascension of a Saiyan was demonstrated.

Goku’s tail grew longer, doubling in size. The fur on it became longer, and shaggier. His Super-Saiyan four muscles shrank, not taking from his power level. Goku’s arms and body began to glow with gold light, leaving golden yellow fur in its place, covering all but his chest (Like a Super-Saiyan 4 DBGT style). His clothing became more gold tinted, making them shine in his aura. Lightning erratically shot around him, actually tearing into the ground.

Finally, the transformation ended. Goku now stood above a crater caused by his own intense energy. Majin Buu took a step back; never before had he felt such power. For that matter, nobody had.

Goku’s power now exceeded that of Gogeta by far, and the way it seemed was that he was also stronger than Buu. The amount of energy he had surprised even himself, although he could feel it draining away fast. At this rate, he would only be able to sustain his transformation for a few minutes, and then he wasn’t sure if he would ever be able to return to this state. He had to finish this quickly.

Buu and Goku both took off at the same time, charging each other, starting what would be the final fight.



Chapter XIX

Deciding Match


In Other World, King Kai and West Kai watched Pikkon spar with Olibu. Suddenly, a shiver ran down King Kai’s spine as he felt an incredible power. The northern Kai turned to look in the direction of the disturbance.

"What is that?" He asked aloud, causing Pikkon and Olibu to stop fighting.

West Kai turned to look in the same direction; he too, felt the power. They both aimed their antennae to get a mental picture. They both jumped in shock at what they saw. A newly transformed Goku was fighting the terror of the universe: Majin Buu.

"M…M…Majin Buu!?" West Kai stuttered, "What’s he doing back?!"

Pikkon and Olibu put their hands on their masters’ shoulders to share in the sight.

"I have no idea, but there’s something different about Goku." King Kai responded.

"His power is incredible." Olibu said.

"So is Majin Buu’s" Pikkon added.

Nobody said anything after that, they just watched the display of power.


Old Kai and Kabito-Kai stared in disbelief at what was happening. Goku and Buu exchanged punches and kicks faster than the eye could see.

"What’s happened to Goku, Ancestor?" Kabito-Kai asked.

"He’s ascended." The older Kai answered, "He’s now a Super-Saiyan Five."

"Super-Saiyan Five?! Is that possible?!"

"Well, obviously it is."

The crystal Ball suddenly lit up with a brilliant light as ki blasts were fired.

"Can Goku win?" Kabito-Kai asked.

"If he hurries." Old Kai said, "He’s using far too much energy to stay like that."

Kabito-Kai nodded and they continued to watch.


As spectacular as it was to watch from a far away planet, it was nothing compared to witnessing it first-hand. Krillin was shielding his eyes from Goku’s aura alone. 18, Gohan and Mirai Trunks watched, wide-eyed as the two most powerful beings fought head-to-head.

Pan was jumping in the air, cheering her grandfather on. Bra, on the other hand, was on the verge of tears at seeing her father lying facedown in the dirt.

Around the two fighters, chunks of rock lifted into the air from their ki, then disintegrated at the energy they let off at each hit.

Goku was an unstoppable force of pure power. No matter how many times Buu hit him, he kept fighting as if the attacks were nothing. However, Goku knew that each hit was taking its toll. Buu was the same, but instead of the attacks taking from his life, he recovered fully every few seconds.

"It has to have been an hour by now." Gohan said turning to Mirai Trunks. "Let’s try."

Mirai Trunks nodded and stood. They moved into position and performed it. "Fu… sion… HA!" They finished flawlessly, but nothing happened. They waited for a few seconds, when suddenly a stray blast of ki shot at them. They jumped away, allowing it to fly by harmlessly.

Soon, more stray blasts followed, hitting the land everywhere like rain. The spectators had to jump and dodge in an effort not to be hit.

All of a sudden, Goku and Buu erupted in a massive explosion. Goku was flung back like a rocket, slamming into the hill Gohan and the rest were on. The hill shattered into boulders as Goku was driven deep within the earth’s surface.

Then came the pink goo. All spectators were splattered with bits of Majin Buu.

"Quick! Get it off!" Gohan and Trunks yelled simultaneously. Following the advice, everybody flared their ki, shedding themselves of the bubble-gum flesh.

The ground behind them exploded in a flash of light and Goku emerged. He was breathing heavily, and his skin was bruised and bloody. "We need to finish this." He panted.

He slowly landed in the midst of the shaken group. "Ka…" He said as he pulled his hands to his side. Majin Buu reformed and looked around in a daze. When he saw Goku, he quickly began charging his own blast. "Me… Ha…" Goku was charging his most powerful Kamehameha he ever had, putting all his energy in it.

"ME…!" Majin Buu suddenly shot his pink energy beam at Goku. "HAAAA!!!"

The blue wave of energy blasted through the pink beam, heading straight toward Majin Buu. The monster saw this and quickly brought up his hands to catch the blast. To Goku’s horror, his attack was stopped, but he didn’t stop pushing energy into it.

Gohan saw that this was their last chance and quickly took to the air. "We need to help!"

Mirai Trunks and Pan followed. Bra wiped her eyes from her tears, and with a look of determination, went to help. Krillin and 18 soon followed.

They fanned themselves out around Buu and began charging their own attacks. Gohan, Pan and Krillin pulled their hands to their sides. "Ka…me…ha…me…ha!" They all shot at Buu, hitting him without resistance. Due to Buu’s power, however, it was merely an annoyance.

Trunks threw out his arms and charged energy in his palms. "Buster Cannon!" He shouted as he threw his own blast into the mix.

Bra put out her hand, concentrating her energy into her palm. "Big Bang Attack!" She hollered, using the attack her father had taught her. 18 pointed her finger at Buu and sent the last beam of energy to him.

Buu pushed back to Goku’s powerful blast while trying to ignore the burning on his back and sides as the other six beams ate away at his flesh. Goku saw that Buu was almost at his breaking point, and in a desperate attempt pushed what he had left at once. "HAAAA!!!" He screamed, the beam suddenly doubling in size and intensity.

Majin Buu’s eyes widened in horror as the wave enveloped his arms and soon covered his body. In a terrible scream of agony, Buu’s flesh was broken down and destroyed. His screams echoed into the night as the terror was finally beaten.



Chapter XX



All was silent as the dust settled. Goku had reverted to his usual self, and was breathing heavily. The rest all stood in a wide circle, waiting to see if their efforts had finally silenced Majin Buu. None of them could feel his power, and they hoped for the best.

Finally, as the smoke cleared, it was reveled that Buu was really gone. The terror was finally over.

Pan was the first to realize this. "YEAH!" She yelled, jumping into the air in a triumphant cheer.

Slowly the others came to breath a sigh of relief. Buu was dead. They quickly ran to Goku’s side who was quietly taking out the pouch of senzu beans Korin had given him. He emptied the bag of three beans into his hand.

He smiled when he saw them. "Just enough." he said barely over a whisper. Goku handed two beans to Gohan. "Give these to Vegeta and Uub." Gohan nodded and turned to hand them out.

"Does anybody need this last one?" Goku asked selflessly.

"No, Goku," Krillin said, "You need it."

Goku smiled and nodded. He slowly popped it into his mouth and chewed it up.


Dende, Videl, Chi-chi, Bulma, Mr. Popo, Marron, and Korin all sat in a circle, hoping that the fight was going well.

Suddenly, Goku and the rest materialized nearby. Bulma and Videl were the first ones to jump up, running to hug and kiss their daughters.

Marron got up and went to her parents, a tear of relief dropping from her lash as she hugged them. Chi-chi went to greet Gohan.

Goku, Vegeta, and Mirai Trunks stepped away from the group, allowing the parents to be reunited with their children.

Korin and Dende approached the three warriors. "Is he gone? Is Buu dead?" Dende asked.

Goku smiled and nodded.

Korin laughed, "You sure are amazing, Goku."

Goku immediately shook his head. "It wasn’t all me. The fight would have been short if it hadn’t been for Vegeta."

Vegeta looked away, "Shut-up, Kakarot, I don’t need anybody’s gratitude."

Goku laughed, "Oh, c’mon, Vegeta, you deserve some credit." Vegeta didn’t respond.

"Goku, where’s Goten?" Goku heard Chi-chi call out. He looked to the ground sadly.

"And where’s Trunks?" Bulma asked, both stepping in front of the Saiyan.

Goku shot a glance to Vegeta, who had turned away. Goku then looked to face the two women again. "They didn’t make it."

"What?" Chi-chi asked, taking a step back in shock.

"What do you mean?" Bulma asked, seemingly trying to be too ignorant to realize.

"They were killed by Majin Buu. As was Piccolo."

Chi-chi took another step back, and Bulma looked as if she was going to faint. The crowd of people behind them stopped talking, making the air dead silent.

"We can wish them back with the Dragon Balls." Goku said, hoping that it would calm them down.

"In fact," Dende jumped in, "We already have all seven collected in the palace." He pointed to the building behind him, "We can wish them back now!"

Bulma slowly nodded, and Chi-chi soon followed. Goku didn’t dare say that the boy’s had been beaten to death.

Moments later, the already dark sky had become completely black. Lightning sparked across the clouds. A beam of light shot from the lookout, solidifying into the great eternal dragon: Shenron.

"Who that has summoned me, make your first wish." The dragon’s voice boomed down.

"My first wish is to bring everybody who has been killed by Majin Buu back to life!" Goku hollered up.

The dragon’s eyes glowed red briefly. "It has been done. What is your second wish?"

Goku turned to look at the rest, as if asking what else he should wish for. His eyes then lay upon Mirai Trunks. He turned back to the dragon.

"Can you restore the home of Trunks? The way it was before Majin Buu?"

A few seconds passed, then the dragon answered. "It is out of my power."

"Thanks, Goku." Mirai Trunks said, "But I’m fine living here with all of you if that’s okay."

"That’s fine with me." Bulma said, placing her hand on his shoulder, "It’ll just take some getting used to."


Bulma nodded.

"Will no one make a wish?" The always-impatient dragon asked.

"Yes." Goku called out, "I wish to be transported to a far away planet where I can train!"

"What?!" Practically everyone yelled.

Goku turned to face his family and friends and said, "When I ascended to level five, it was because I got a boost of power from the moon. My body wasn’t meant to ascend just yet. I wish to train and hone my abilities so that I can freely transform to that stage whenever I want. It may come in handy someday."

Everybody nodded in agreement, and the next few minutes were spent saying good-byes to Goku. Finally, after all the mushy stuff was cleared up, the dragon’s eyes glowed, and Goku disappeared from the earth.

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