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Interactive Fanfic pt2

Interactive Fanfic pt2
Interactive Fanfic
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Yea, the other page was kinda getting long, so i decided i should move to another page. Go me! After getting some inspriation, and a little push from Matt with the people actually VISITING our site, i figured i should continue. Enjoy!

After an amount of time passed, the town of Benderville had grown in size. Penny, for instance, found her way into the hearts of the gang. Everyone liked
Penny, until she started to act different.
"Hey you guys!" said Penny from behind the town guillotine.
Almost simultaneously, Tom, Matt and Chris all said 'what'.
"Come back to my place. I have something to show you guys."
Since all of them felt a certain type of attraction to her, they blindly followed. James however just laid back since his new job had tired him out as of late.
"If its intresting, they'll rub it in my face."
Once at Penny's house and comfortably sitting in her living room, Penny emerged from the kitchen and sweetly said "Matt, come join me in the kitchen, I have something for you."
Since Matt was eating homemade cheeseburgers made by Penny, he went in unexpectedly. Once he was inside, all he could hear was the stretching of something and the banding to a chair.
A few minutes later, she walked down the stairs in a completely different outfit and asked for Chris to come up to her bedroom. Since Chris was, at the time, on a severe lack of pants vibrations, he followed. Once in her room, all he saw was Penny grabbing a roll of something, and then blackness fell.
A few minutes more later, Penny came down all hot and sweaty from the stairs and looked at Tom.
"Tom, can you help cool me off?"
Since Tom felt a strange tingly feeling in his pants when he say Penny, he instantly got a dirty idea. While his guard was down, Penny tied him to the couch.
After a few hours, the mumbling and moaning from three men were heard in the basement, and Penny now wearing close to nothing.
"Well my pets, you are all now my duct tape slaves."
Matt, Tom and Chris were all hung from the wall, with duct tape along their wrists and ankles. Surprizing enough, it was holding them.
"Now, I shall do things to you that haven't been in the past." she said with a devilish grin. Her eyes shifted to Matt first. She tore him off the wall, slammed him against the mattress and proceeded in raping him, duct tape holding him still. After she was done with him, naked Penny looked at Chris, and didn't even take him off the wall while she raped him. Then it was Tom's turn. He was raped the most of them all, duct tape burns and missing hair is what came after she was done.
A few days passed and finally the men were freed.
"Speak not a word my pets, or pain you will feel again." said Penny, now acting nice again.
Back at the town monument, Francesca and James were talking about something when the three walked to them. When asked what happened, Matt attempted to draw a '!', so he said, but it came out like a '1'.
A year has passed since our last encounter. Francesca has soon since married to Ken, and has gone off to the Navy. Matt had grown a pair of balls since then and has used them quite often, allowing more humor to ensue on gamedays. Chris and Penny have adapted well to this, poking fun at his balls. Devin is at the recieving end, and doesn't like Matt's balls too much. James, well James has been different as of late.
"Finally, the machine above all machines have been completed. Creative Generators, an invention that will rule the world! I will sell these at a price so high at it seems like I am taking the world for ransom, and they are paying little by little."
For some reason, James had become, socialible. He didn't mind most things and was starting to become generous, in most aspects. He loved going to gamedays and enjoyed poking zombies that he had created just so Chris, Matt and himself can swing different weapons at. Everything was right in the world until James started to feel something. He didn't like this feeling. He has had it many times before, and it always resulted in pain. This feeling of attachment to someone in a romantic way. Wanting this person and getting to know them personally. He tried to shrug it off but it was in his everyday living now. He just masked it and went on living. Matt was feeding his obsession with fan art and ecchi, which also made James a very happy puppy.
Role playing increased as Hunter was finally finished, and now needed some smoothing out. Mage was finally udnerway, which James enjoyed DMing, Werewolf, Vampire and Call of Cthulu, which Chris completely ran, were awesome. Matt finally started on Random Anime and we were all happy, except the Mayor. It seemed as if he was grumpy at the group. He was always in a foul mood and to be engrossed into his current video game. He rarely interacted with anyone of us when he had a new game over Matt's house, except Penny. He would always talk with her whenever he could. Some of us at gameday, were having a hard time with this fact. He seemed to bring a negitive emotion to the group. It was too the point where they had a hard time from yelling at him. But for now, we continue as normal.