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Tears of Torment
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By Matt

This is my first fanfic ever. If your review, please be gentle, but honest. Its my rendition of how Gohan became a Super-Saiyan in the Mirai timeline. Be warned, it has a bit of violence and death, then again, if you didnt expect that you wouldnt be reading this would you?

DISCLAMER- I OWN NOTHING. I wrote this for fun, borrowing the characters and story created by Akira Toriyama. In no way do I profit from this. ITS JUST FOR FUN.


Tears of Torment

Gohan sat, his back against a block of destroyed concrete. He was hunched over, his face buried in his hands. Tears flowed down his face. The dark sky suddenly lit up with a crack of lightning.

Gohan lifted his head up, his vision blurry from tears. He looked down to the torn cloth in his hand. More tears flooded his eyes. He pushed his hand into his face, sobbing into the white cloth.

Rain started to sprinkle down softly. Gohan again lifted his head, and using his free hand pulled a lock of his now, golden, hair for himself to see. He was a Super-Saiyan, but he didnt care.

He slowly, and weakly got to his feet, and began to walk forward. The dirty, white cloth was clutched tightly in his fist. He wished dearly that his father was there, but it was only a dream. Goku had passed away long ago from a fatal heart disease, and without the Dragonballs, there was no way he was coming back.

Gohan fell to his knees into the softening dirt. He was alone. All alone. Again he looked to the cloth. A new wave of tears forced him to his hands.

He remembered how it had started. Only six months after his fathers death, they had appeared. Gohan, and the rest went to fight, unknowing that it would be their last.

Gohan watched them die, one-by-one. Piccolo, Krillin, Yaumcha, Tien, even Chouzou. Vegeta was the only one who stood any chance at all, since he had become a Super-Saiyan not long before, but his fighting spirit had been shattered when Goku had died. The whole fight didnt last long, and it was a blur to Gohan. The next thing he remembered was running for his life. They gave up quickly, thinking that he was a minor threat.

A matter of days later, Gohan visited their most recent attack site: Satan City. Not long after arriving, he found a girl. She was crying heavily for the death of her father. Gohan quietly stood behind her. The second she noticed he was there, she shrieked and moved away.

"No, wait," Gohan said.

"Get away from me!" The girl shrieked, her dark eyes filled with tears.

Gohan fell to his knees, "Im not here to hurt you. I know how you feel."

"How could you possibly know?!" The girl yelled, her pigtailed black hair shaking in fury and sorrow.

Gohan felt his eyes fill with tears. "I know" He sniffed loudly, "I had to watch my friends all die" He whimpered, the effect of the fight just now reaching him. Soon, he was bawling uncontrollably.

The girl now looked at him sympathetically. She moved over to him, and put her arm around his shoulders. She then joined him in sobbing.

Later, they learned each others names. Her name was Videl Satan, and now she was an orphan. Gohan and Videl quickly became friends, as they ran. They were in constant fear, the androids pursuing constantly. Gohan could not go home, for fear that he would lead the androids directly to his mother. He was far too weak to take them on, so he ran.

Day and night, Videl and Gohan worked. Running, training, and sleeping. Over and over. They did not break this pattern for several years. Soon, Videl and Gohan became more than friends. They eventually realized that they loved each other. Gohan even promised that when the androids were destroyed, that he would marry her.

Gohan trained daily. Videl tried to keep up, but because of his Saiyan blood, he soon became too powerful to even spar with. Eventually, she would be forced to sit and watch.

Gohan would fly around, kicking and punching in the air. He would occasionally launch a ki blast at some rubble. Videl knew of his abilities. He had told her of his past, and of his fathers origins. She was a little freaked out at first, but she quickly got over it.

Gohan would look down to her from high in the air. He could see longing in her eyes. A longing to fly with him. He knew that she wanted to learn. Desperately. The first time he saw this, he made a silent promise to her that once the androids were destroyed, he would teach her how.

He normally would have dropped everything to teach her, but the need to become a Super-Saiyan was too great. He needed to transform in order to kill the androids. So, while he trained in the skies, Videl would watch, a hope of a better tomorrow in her eyes.



One day, Gohan returned from training to eat an apple that Videl had found. Gohan sat quietly while he ate. Videl watched intently. Gohan knew she was hungry, but she would refuse any of his food. Since she knew of his Saiyan blood, she knew of his appetite. He needed food to keep at full strength. A lot of food and Videl felt that any food she got, he should eat in an effort to try to sustain his stamina. He had tried many times to get her to eat, but they all were in vain. Videl was as stubborn as she was caring.

Eventually, Gohan gave up and ate whatever he was given. He knew that she would find her own food when he returned to train. So he ate quietly as Videl watched, her stomach protesting as loudly as it could. It hurt Gohan deeply whenever the hungry sound of Videls gut rang out. It made him feel like scum. He kept eating, however, knowing that if he offered any food, even a crumb, she would refuse it.

Suddenly, the sound of a crackling radio broke through the silence. Videl quickly moved to where the noise came. She dug out an old radio, and tuned it.

"The Androids have just struck a small town just half a mile outside of West City." The announcer said frantically.

Gohan quickly stood up, swallowing the rest of the apple. "Half a mile!?" They were close to Capsule Corp. home to Gohans last remaining friends: Trunks and Bulma. Gohan couldnt let the androids get there!

"Videl," He said, "I have to go!"
"Im coming with you!" She said, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"No." He said firmly, "Its too dangerous."

Videl glared at him. "You arent leaving without me."

Gohan sighed, "Please, Videl, I dont want anything to happen to you."

She continued to glare at him, "And I dont want anything to happen to you!"

Gohan breathed a defeated sigh, he knew that she wouldnt be left behind. "Okay" Videl smiled sadly. He quickly picked her up in his arms, and flew off toward the androids.


The town just outside of West City was completely destroyed, but Gohan knew that the androids were still there. He wasnt sure of how he knew. He just did.

Gohan settled down just outside of the ruined town, letting Videl to her feet. He floated up a few feet preventing her from grabbing him again. "Videl, you stay here."

"But, Gohan" Videl protested.

"Stay here, and dont move. I will be back. I promise."

Videl shot him a dirty look. "You had better."

He nodded, then took off, heading toward the heart of the city.


Gohans guess was correct. As he neared a small clearing of debris, he saw the two teenage androids. They were standing with their backs to him, surveying the damage. When Gohan laid eyes upon them, his blood began to boil.

There are the monsters that killed everybody. Gohan thought as he neared. Krillin. Tien. Yaumcha. Even Piccolo. They will pay.

As he settled down, he tried to feel their ki. Once he couldnt, he remembered that the androids dont give off any ki.

Gohan walked out into the clearing carefully. He wasnt sure as to how strong he exactly was, but he was sure that they still overpowered him. He lowed his ki so that they wouldnt be able to find him. He didnt want to lose the element of surprise.

"It looks like we killed everybody." The female android said.

"I think so." The male replied.

Gohan knew that they had specific numbers for names, but he refused to call them as such. To him, they didnt deserve names.

"Wait," The female said, stopping her brother just before he took to the air. "We didnt get everybody."

Gohans heart froze when he realized that he had let his ki flare a bit at his anger.

"Whod we miss?" The male asked.

The female turned to face Gohan. "Him."

The male turned to see. "I guess youre right." They both smiled evilly.

Gohans rage suddenly took control of his body, "You monsters will pay for all the pain you have caused!"

The female laughed, "Oh, no." She turned to her brother, "17, did you know we were causing any pain?"

The dark-hared man laughed back, "I had no idea!"

"You bastards!" Gohan yelled through clenched teeth, "You think this is just some game!"

The two android just laughed.

Gohan suddenly shot forward, swinging his fist at the male. Gohans right fist collided with the boys face, sending the android flying back, and into a pile of rubble. Gohan almost laughed in joy at the result of his attack- until the female hit him in the side of his head with the heal of her hand.

Gohan was sent flying to his left, right into a large slab of concrete. Gohan tried to focus, but his head hurt horribly from the blow.

"Wow." The male said, returning to his sisters side, "He is pretty strong."

The female laughed, "You have just gotten weak."

During the time they argued, Gohan put his hands together above his head, gathering energy. Once he felt he had enough, he pushed his hands out in front of him, aiming at the androids. "Masenkou-Ha!" Gohan screamed, launching the attack at the twins.

The noise briefly got their attention, but too late. The blast slammed into the females stomach, causing an explosion and sending both androids flipping through the air. Gohan shot from where he stood, flying at the raven-haired android. Gohan rammed his knee into the boys stomach, then brought his fists down on his back.

The android was sent to the ground. Gohan then flew straight across the sky as fast as he could. He beat a direct path to the other android, who was beginning to recover from the ki attack.

Gohan slammed his elbow into her face, sending her back flipping through the air. Gohan put his hands together and pulled them next to his hip. "Ka" He started gathering energy. "Me" He charged as much as he could, as fast as he could. "Ha" The female android finally caught herself in midair, and righted herself. "Me" Gohan suddenly pushed his hands out in front of him. "HA!!!!!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, sending the powerful ki blast at his target.

The teen girls eyes widened as she was hit, full force with the blast. Gohan breathed heavily, trying to recover from the exertion of energy.

Suddenly, stars exploded in his eyes as the male androids elbow connected with the back of Gohans head. He shot forward, but the android grabbed a hold of his long hair, and pulled the boy back into his mechanical fist again and again. Finally, the man let go of Gohan, allowing him to fall forward.

Gohan fell, unwillingly flying at the now very angry blond android. She brought her hand back, balling it into a fist. She then punched at Gohan as he fell to her. Her knuckles slammed into the left side of his face. He fell to the ground hard.

The two androids looked down at him in anger.

"The little brat." Spat the female.

"I told you he was strong." Answered her brother.

"Lets just kill him and go."

The two teens pointed at Gohan. Two beams of yellow energy shot from their fingertips. The last thing he remembered was intense pain as the beams hit him, then nothing.


Gohan awoke. The sky was hidden behind dark clouds, casting all into shadows. Gohan sat up slowly. His whole body felt like it was on fire.

Gohan rose to his feet. He was exhausted, and hurting all over. He looked around, thankful that the terror twins were no longer around. They must have thought that he was dead. He looked toward West City. It was still standing. The androids hadnt continued.

Gohan decided that he needed to return to Videl. He began searching for her ki. He felt nothing. This worried Gohan. Where would she go? he thought, beginning to walk to where he had left her. He expanded his feelings, searching further for her. Still nothing.

He continued to walk through the jungle of twisted metal and broken concrete. He also continued to expand his search. Finally, once he had gotten his strength back, he began to feel the ki of the people living in West City. Still no Videl.

It suddenly hit him. She wouldnt have left. She was stubborn, but she wouldnt have left when Gohan told her to stay.

Gohan began to walk faster as he neared the spot where he left her. She was okay. She had to be. The androids wouldnt have been able to find her unless they felt her ki Gohan broke out into a sweat. He never taught her how to control her ki level. She didnt know how to hide it Gohan began to run, faster and faster, until he was there.

He stopped. There was no one around. Nobody.

"Videl!" He called, turning around scanning every nook and cranny for her. "Videl!" He called again, his voice echoing off the debris.

"Videl" He stopped when he saw a piece of white cloth lying on the ground. He walked up to it slowly, a tear involuntarily coming to his eye. He picked up the small piece of cloth in his hand. The edges were singed from a ki bast and the cloth was dirty, but not from a fight.

Another tear joined the first before they both rolled down his cheek. The cloth was from Videls T-shirt.

He suddenly clenched his fists tightly. "No" He fell to his knees. "No, Videl" Soon, his face was drenched in tears. He closed his eyes tightly. He hurt. He hurt more than he can ever remember hurting in his life.

Suddenly, images of the past flooded his mind. He remembered a long time ago. His mother, his father, and him. A happy family, living quietly. In peace.

Then everything had changed. Garlic Jr. came first, and everything went wrong. Images began flashing before his eyes. Radditz. Nappa. Vegeta. Lord Slug. The Ginu Force. Freeza. Cooler. Now the androids. The androids.

Gohan could see the deaths of each of his friends. Krillin, Piccolo, Tien, Yaumcha, Choutzu, his father. Now Videl.

Gohan arched his back, throwing his arms out to his sides. He began screaming in rage. His body seemed to burn, but not in pain. In pure hate. He opened his eyes, and watched the golden aura wash over him. He felt his hair stand up. Dust and rubble began to fly away from him as he transformed.



Gohan was still on his knees. Rain poured around him heavily. He now knew what pushed him to become a Super-Saiyan. His hatred of the androids.

He lifted himself to his knees. He hurt, but now was not a time to cry. Now was not a time to mourn. Now was a time to plan. A time to train. A time to destroy the androids. He looked at his long, golden hair again. The androids had used it to fight him. He would have to cut it.

He looked around until he found a shard of glass. Putting the white cloth into his pocket, he brought the shard to his head, and began to cut his hair close to the scalp.

The long strands of hair fell down, reverting to become black before hitting the ground. Gohan hacked at his long hair, cutting it all away.

The transformation to Super-Saiyan had changed more than his appearance and power. Gohan felt reborn. He felt powerful, mentally and physically. He would win. He would kill the androids. Things would never go back to the way they were. Gohan could not turn back time, but he could liberate the future. He could. He would.



I know, I know, its not that great, but I think I did pretty good for my first one. Please review with comments or suggestions by e-mailing me at:

ooooo...isnt this a nice one?