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This is the first ever that ive seen at least...THE INTERACTIVE FAN-FIC!!!
all this means is that well take sum actual events and sum fictional events and mix them with real people with fake personas and BAM...we got a fanfic interactive..hope u enjoy

This story begins as a stranger named Matt moves into a small town known as Benderville. Once Matt moved into his small house, a person knocked at his door. It was the mayor of the town. He introduced himself as Tom because thats what everyone calls him. Mister is just too formal for him. He showed Matt the town. James' place, the inventor; Francesca the silent and smart one; Eric, the muscle with no brains; Garrett, the one who will rob you blind and lie about it and others who will be introduced later in the story. A month has passed now, and a story unfurrels

  "I've almost done it. My greatest work...almost completed..."
  Hi, I'm James. I live in Benderville, a small quaint town that has very little population and weird people living in it. I'm an inventor. I moved here because  I was called crazy for my theories. No one cares what I do as long as I dont disturb the peace. Right now I'm working on my machine to control the birds of the world! I have a small amount of friends. Brendon is cool to me. Ever since I created and gave him that device to make men horny and go to his 'clientel' for business, I get free hoes every week! He's the town pimp if you havent guessed it yet. Francesca is the silent one. We have nothing in common yet her and I talk the most about nothing. She normally reads books on the town monument's stairs. Matt, the new guy, well, I'll tell you about him later as I go along. Last but not least, the mayor, Tom. He lets me stay in the town for free as long as I don't disturb him ever with money troubles.
  "Hey James. Come play Melee with me."
  "Not now Matt...I've almost finished this project."
  "It looks like a bird. What's it for?"
  "I wish to control the birds of the WORLD!!!"
  "Riiiiiight. So come play Melee with me already"
  "Go away Matt...I'll play in a minute."
  "Fine...I'll go get Tom and Francesca.."
  "NO! Not Francesca. She has yet to forgive me about the car thing and her hair. I don't wanna die just yet."
   "Fine. I'll go get Tom and Brendon then. Meet you at my house in an hour?"
  "Yea yea. Sure. An hour."
  He left and singing a weird tune. All i heard was 'My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard' Matt never did catch on to the music known as rock.
  An hour went by, and Matt came to my house again.
  "DUDE! My house for Melee."
  "Alright alright."
  We went to Matt's house but to do so we must pass the towm monument. Francesca was there reading but looked up at me and smiled. I got scared for my life because she never smiles. The town monument, strangely enough, is a guillotine. I ran to Matt's house and sat down. I grabbed my traditional controller and sat in my usual spot. Gomez, the cat, had just puked again on Matt's bed. We all laughed heartily. A knock came on Matt's bedroom door. Since my character had been eliminated by the damned Jigglypuff, I answered it. Francesca was there. She smiled again and walked in. Man was I getting scared. Twice in a day, the last time she did that was with Ken, and I'm so not bringing up that story...too gruesome for even the crazy inventor to tell.
  Night fell and we all started to leave. I was just about to leave Matt's house when I saw Francesca again. I walked over to aplogize to her. All of a sudden, she started to laugh. I got really scared, since it was dark out, so I ran all the way to my house and locked all my doors and windows.
  "She'll never get me in way"
  I ran all the way down to my nuclear hideout in my basement and locked that hatch so she couldn't get me. I had enough food to last me 8 years down there, so I wasn't too worried about staying there. I fell asleep peacefully.

  Eight days later, I finally came out of my shelter. I noticed that the town was eeriely silent. I noticed my car that Francesca had taken left on my desk with a note.
  "Come to my house and I'll explain my actions."
  After reading this, I went to her house. There was an eerie red mark on her door I had never noticed. She opened the door with a smile. I was scared out of my wits because she only smiles when she's going to something very evil, and concidering my incident with her, I feared the worst.
  "Come in James, I have some friends waiting for you."
  I gripped my knife in my pocket because I had a feeling that something was about to go down. I never leave home without this.
  "I want you to sit. NOW!"
  I ran for the door. When she yells, you know she's mad. I ran to my house and closed the door.
  A few hours later, Francesca came to the door. I held my vaporizer in hand just in case she had the blood lust in her eyes like when her ex boyfriend broke up with her. No one will ever forget that.
  "James, open up. I need to explain my actions."
  "Talk through the door."
  "Fine. I'm acting this way because I died at D&D a few weeks ago and it was a stupid death. I know it's childish but I hate losing."
  "That still gives you no right to steal my precious car."
  "I know..I'm sorry."
  I was in complete shock, Francesca apologized for her actions. No one had ever heard her say sorry. I opened the door and let her in. I showed her my bird control device and the weather control device that doesn't work right.
  "Hey smarty! Is my 'present' ready yet?"
  "Not yet bondage queen."
  Not even turning around, I knew who that was. It was Crystal, the leather bound beauty that lives  right next to Brendon the pimp's whorehouse. She had a boyfriend, but he was not really considered a threat because he was always on a leash when out in public. Richard was his name and he loved being dominated by her.
  "Well, when will it be done?"
  "If you want, I can have it ready in fifteen minutes, all wrapped up and ready to go."
  "We can wait."
  She sat on one of my chairs in the middle of the room an waited for me to finish up her 'present'. It was a hybrid leather whip. She wanted it to have around town to whip the men she wanted and punish Richard. I'll never know why he loves domination, but not all guys have that alpha-male instinct in us, and he's the prime example.
  "Here you are Crystal, it's all ready now."
  "Thank you smarty inventor James, now I'm going to go test this thing out. Come, Richard."
  They left my shop and Francesca just stood there laughing at Richard. She left also and lefy me alone with my thoughts. Just then, Matt rushed in.
  "Dude, Ken has gotten his head stuck in the guillotine again! You need to free him!"
  "Jeses Christ, when will he learn! He already got Francesca, so why does he do these mindless stunts for her attetion?"
  I grabbed my oil-lube gun and my wood heater and left for the town square. Just as Matt said, he was stuck.
  "Ken, what the hell is your problem? First, you jump off this damn thing to gain the attetion of Francesca. Then, you steal my jet pack to write notes to Francesca in the sky. Once you had her heart, you stole my duplicater so you could make her more roses. You're damn lucky I don't make this blade come down on you, like the last time you were in this situation. You tried to make Francesca to forgive you for you kissing someone else. You're lucky that this thing doesn't work."
  With that said, Ken's head was freed. He punched the side arm and all of a sudden the blade came down. It hit the bottom and made a deafening hit with concrete. I disabled this thing, so why did it fall? I made sure that it didn't work so it couild be the monument of the town.
  "Mayor Tom, someone has sabotaged this. They made it active and now this is highly dangerous."
  "Well, James, you must disable it for good this time."
  "I refuse to destroy of which I have found buried over ten years ago."
  "Then make sure that it doesn't active again. My speech to the town is coming up and according to town charter, I must stick my head in that thing while I give my speech."
  "I'll make sure nothing happens like this again."
  With that, I went home to set up a bar to make sure that blade never came down again. I worked on it all night, but I made sure that blade was secured in place.
  "James, don't ever insult me like that again."
  I turned around to see Ken holding an unloaded gun to my person.
  "Ken, for one, that's unloaded. Two, you can't control me, I have more weaponry then your febile mind can hold. You aren't going to ever get to me like way back when. I hold the power now, and you are my puppet. No longer is it the other way around."
  He was speechless. He just walked off to Francesca's house. I went back to mine and went to sleep.

  The next morning, I went out into the town's center and found Ken sitting there. He still was holding his unloaded gun and he was siting down, looking at it.
  "Ken, what are you doing?"
  "How did you know about my gun? How did you know it was unloaded. Why did you bring up our history in front of Francesca?!"
  "She would have found out eventually. Though you and her are still relatively new to each other, your histories would have been revealed sooner or later."
  "Tell me, James, why haven't you sent me to the hospital? I know that I've enraged you beyond comparison, so why am I allowed to walk still?"
  "Well Ken, your right. I could very easly snap and send you to ICU, but I wouldn't be living by the code."
  "The code?"
  "Yes Ken, the code. We believe in second chances and that is why I haven't done anything."
  "James, thank you. If not for your gracious heart, I might not have met Francesca."
  "Ken, what are you doing?"
  It was Francesca. She had been listening to the last thing Ken had said to me.
  "Come on Ken, we've got work to do."
  Ken handed me his gun and walked off with Francesca. Francesca made Ken walk in front of her because she likes walking behind him to feel tall. She looked back at me and winked. I had no idea what in the hell that meant. She never laughs, but she did. I've never seen her wink, but she just did. I was freaked out beyond words. I walked home and put Ken's gun im my 'work on later' projects.
  Later that night, Francesca payed a visit to my house. Being the gentleman I am, I let her in and offered her refreshments. She sat and just started asking me questions.
  "What's your family like?"
  "Well, like any family, I am embarassed to have them as a family."
  "What's your love life like?"
  I looked at Francesca in astoundment. Why would she ask me this question. Why has she been acting so weird this week? Why did she come to my house?
  "Well James, how is your love life going?"
  "It's going pretty shity right now. My girlfriend just broke up with me and left me a whithering, pathetic type of man."
  She came up to me and placed a hand on my shoulder.
  "I'm always here to talk to. Be whatever you need to talk about, I am there."
  She winked again and left. I was in a weird state of frightenment and confusion. I went to my room and went to sleep.

  Morning came, and I was ready to start my new machine. This device would allow me to harness the power of leftovers to make a cannon ray so powerful, nothing would be able to survive it. I call this device, the lefto-ray.
  I started to work on this thing from when I got up, which was about 7 in the morning, to about the time I went to bed, which was about 2 in the morning. Everything was going according to plan until Ken walked in. He brought in Francesca and grabs two chairs.
  "James, about yesterday, I feel it's time she knew."
  "Know what Ken?"
  "How me and you know each other like we do."
  I started the story about five years ago, when I was new to this town. I was a hopeful person, with lots of energy to learn. I went to the mayor's office to get my house all set up. That's when I first met Ken. He seemed like a nice person. He was alone at the time and didn't really have friends to back him up. I tried to make friends with him from the begining, but he wouldn't have it. He told me he just didn't like me and that we'd never be friends. In a short two week period, he had the whole town against me. He made snide remarks to me as time went on. One day, he got trapped in the town guillotine. No one could free him and the town didn't have a locksmith. Since at that time I couldn't see a person, I recklessly rushed in to save him from utter demise. From then on, the town respected me just a little bit and left me alone.
  "James, why did you save Ken?"
  "Because I wanted to be a friend, and I didn't care what I had to do to get one in this town."
  Things fell silent in my house, not even the crickets were making noise. Ken stood up, grabbed Francesca by the hand and left my house. I turned off all the lights, went to my room and went to sleep.

  "That was the worst night ever."
  I couldn't sleep at all that night. I kept thinking about Francesca. What did she really mean behind those winks the other day?. I finally looked at the clock and saw it was 8 in the morning. I went to get me some breakfast when Matt came barging through my door.
  "James! Come quick! Tom wants all of us at the town monument!"
  I thought to myself 'Aww fuck, another town meeting about bullshit'. So i got dressed and followed Matt to the town monument.
  "I thank you all for coming to today's special meeting of the town. As you my have noticed, Matt has been here almost tqo months and no one has even tried to give him their welcome to town present, the tradition of this fine city. So, you will all give him one today, or be sentanced to a night in jail."
  The town's responce was all in a unison disgruntaled sigh. The townspeople scattered to find Matt a present. I went home to get mine for him.
  Three hours past and I couldn't find the damn thing. Francesca came over at about this time. I looked at her and told her i was busy at the moment. She just smiled and sat down.
  I finally found it. Of all places, it was in my closet, imagine that. It was a device to make life-sized holograms of characters from Dragon ball, Dragon ball Z, Dragon ball GT, and Godzilla, since I found out at an earlier date that he enjoyed their shows. I ran out of my house, straight to Matt's and dropped it off.
  When I returned to my house, Francesca had helped herself to a glass of water and still was sitting in her chair.
  "Can I help you Francesca?"
  "Yes James, as a matter of fact you can. You see, I have this terrible cramp on my back and need you to work it out."
  "I have a device that can..."
  "No machinary James, I want human touch, not artifical, and Ken has no idea how to massage me in just that right way."
  Ok, I finally was freaked out. If i didn't know any better, I'd swear she was hitting on me. I mean, the winks, the laughs, and now this?
  "Are you sure Ken doesn't mind you being here?"
  "He thinks I'm at Matt's, playing video games. I'm not expected back for a little while."
  I finally caved in. I got out my oils and started to give her a massage. After thrity minutes, I stopped and she said she was fine. She left a note on my massage table and left. I was so confused. I mean, she is messing with my mind and I can do nothing to stop her.
  I washed my hands and opened the note. Inside read this,
          'Dear James,
                 Please come to my house at the stroke of 10 tonight. I have a surprize for you and I can assure you that we'll be alone.
          I do await your presence at my house,
  Ok...I am now freaking out. What is she trying to do!? I mean, this note is like telling me that I'm in her thoughts and that I'm not leaving anytime soon. Now she wants me at her house, ALONE?! Ken isn't going to be there either?!
  10 o'clock rolls around, and I'm standing in front of Francesca's house. I'm debating to go to her door or not. I finally decide not and turn around. All of a sudden, the door opens and Francesca's there.
  "James, get in here, we must talk about something."
  She said that in the most seductive voice I've ever heard. Since she spotted me, I had no choice but to go in.
  Once inside, I saw some of the most beautiful laser arts I've ever seen. She dragged me by the arm into her room. She closed the door behind her and locked it. I looked around and I saw Fabec. I thought she said alone. Why the hell is Fabec here? Wait, what am I saying, Fabec here means my imagination is running wild again.
  "Edgecomb, so nice to see you here tonight."
  "Fabec, whats going on here?"
  I look down and see a Dungeons and Dragons playmat. So that's why she wanted me here. I was thinking she wanted something else from me. Silly me.
  "James, your the elven ranger named James, Fabec is a half-orc, half-human, and I'm a person who can sense evil and can't remember what the name of their creed is called."
  We started up a game. We played for hours and when we finally stopped, it was 3 in the morning. I had to stop because I hadn't got much sleep the night before. I went home and went to sleep. Before I could though, Francesca called and said she wanted me for something tomorrow night. She's messing with my head, I swear.

  Morning again. Wow, the night sure does pass by when your having fun. I got up and looked at the time, and it was already noon. I got dressed and walked the town. I ran into Fabec at the local card and role playing games shop. He was trying to get more Dungeons, the magazine from the clerk, but as usual, he didn't cave.
  "Hey Fabec! Get your ass over here, I've got a question for you!" I was yelling from a good distance, so he ran over.
  "What do you want Edgecomb?"
  "What was up with last night. Normally I get a heads up from you about D&D, so why the sudden game last night?"
  "Oh, well, Francesca wanted to surprize you, since she got you hooked and all. Hey, aren't you the one that said that you'd never play D&D, even if your life depended on it?"
  "Yea, that was me, but Francesca's allure that one night made me like it a lot more."
  "Yea yea, just don't get hooked on her James, Ken will try to kill you this time." With that, he left to plead his case again to the clerk.
  I walked the town some more, breathing in the air I had taken for granted so much. I was always in my lab, working on devices so I could take over the world, but what was the point? I mean, without someone to inspire you, all attempts are for nothing.
  I went bact to my lab to think things through. I couldn't figure out as to why I even started to take these inventions into thought and then create them. I sat in my drawing room and thought. I don't know how many hours passed by because I don't have a clock or any windows in this room. I heard the phone ring and that broke my concentration. I got up and answered it. It was Francesca.
  "James, my place, now." She hung up without letting me answer.
  I went over to her place because something in my gut told me too. I had looked at the clock when I left and it was already 9 p.m. By thetime I had gotten to Francesca's house, Ken decided to pay her a visit. He took one look at me through her big front window and left the house.
  "What the fuck are you doing here?!"
  "Why do you care Kenneth? Francesca happens to be my friend. I wanted to see if she wanted to go see a movie with me. Do you have a problem with that?"
  "As a matter of fact, I do! Now get the fuck away from here or I'll carry your dead carcus to the cemetary and bury you myself."
  Ken stuck a nerve right there. Telling me that I can't visit Francesca, he had balls. So what if its 9 at night. She's come over to my house at midnight sometimes. Big deal. Who was he do say that I couldn't see my friend at 9 at night?!
  "Ken," I said in a very low, monotone voice, "in a week's time, I challenge you to a sword duel."
  He looked at me in confusion. "Why a sword duel? What's the victor get?"
  "Always thinking about the spoils, and not the battle ahead. These are the stipulations Kenneth; if you win, You decide the hours acceptable for me to come over to Francesca's house, and they can be as ridiculous as you want."
  He looked at me with a smug look. The arrogance of this guy. Just a few days ago, he was thanking me for sparing his life. "What happenes if you win?"
  I smiled. "I hoped you'd ask that question." By this time, the townspeople had gathered around Ken and I. "If I win.." I stopped there to build the tension around the townspeople as they waited for a response. Finally, Francesca told me to say it already. "If I win Kenneth, I will have Francesca's heart!" The townspeople had no idea how to react other then in shock. Ken looked at me, then looked back at Francesca. "This sword challenge, is it to the death?" Ken asked, with a hint of frightenment in his voice. I laughed. "Hey, you think you can kill me with a wooden sword?" The townspeople laughed a little bit. Ken was relieved that it was only wooden swords. "How do you know when someone wins?" asked Matt from the crowd. "Simple, Matt, whomever falls to the ground five times loses. That means to your knees. One knee doesn't count but if your on both, that's a count. After five counts, you've lost." "I accept," Ken said from Francesca's porch, "for now, however, you all must leave, including you James."
  I left the house and went to go train. At about 10, Francesca called.
  "Were you serious James? I mean with the stipulations of this challenge?"
  "Francesca, I was thinking today. Everyone has inspiration towards their lives. Be it a person or goal, everyone has one. It wasn't until today that I found mine, in you."
  A few moments of silence, then she spoke.
  "James, win this duel for me."
  She hung up the phone. I went to my training room, which was formally my thinking room, and found my wooden sword. Before entering my room, I posted something on the outside of the door. I locked my front and back doors and then went into my training room. The note I posted read like this,
          'For Francesca,
               My love'

  Finally, the day of the duel. I finally came out of my room to see natural daylight, and it burned a little. I got dressed in my fighting garb, grabbed my wooden sword and got something to drink. I looked to my training room door to see the note I had posted a week before I entered the room. My heart knew what it was doing, so my path was clear.
  I met Ken at the dueling grounds.
  "You ready Ken, you ready to meet the worst beating of your life?"
  He looked at me smugly. "James, I know that you can't beat me. I am well trained in the art of pissing you off."
  I took my stance, he took his. We waited for the judge to show, about two hours until he got there though. We kept out stances and just stared at each other, trying to wear the other one down with looks alone. When the judge finally arrived, we became more tense. The judge was Tom of all people, since he was the mayor. He lifted his hand to signal the fight. All the townspeople had gathered to witness this fight. Everyone was in sight of eye, except for Francesca. I was too concentrated on Ken that it didn't affect me at the time.
  With that said, we started combat. A few hours went by, we were bruised up from the wooden swords, and we were tied at two knockdowns apiece. My right arm was bruised from a strong hit to it from Ken. I fought my hardest for Francesca. I couldn't let her go with out a fire
  A few more hours went by and Ken had the upper hand, three to two. I couldn't power swing, my arm hurt. I tripped him up to even the score three to three. We were exhausted but still was fighting.
  The sun was setting now. The score, four to four. Ken was using his sword as a third leg to stand while I was just wobbling back and forth. The last hit would probably decide this match. I slowly walked up to Ken. "This is your last moment Kenneth, any last words?" He just looked at me, and passed out, falling backwards onto his back. "I won. Yay me." I passed out knowing I had won this duel. When I came to, everyone had left but Ken, who was still passed out. I looked around for Francesca, to tell her the news. All I found was a note. It was addressed to me, so I opened it.
          "Dear James,
                  Francesca here. I know you won the duel, and I'm glad you did. Now I can think for myself. I've left town for awhile, to clear my head. Please wait for me to return. I want to get to know you a lot more. I look forward to our future encounter. ;-)
  She left town, to clear her head. Now I didn't know what to say. I wanted to hold her, but she was just out of my reach for now. I wondered when she would come home. When she would come back to this town that her and I finally got to meet one another. I got up slowly of the mat. I walked around town sorely, thinking of the stores her and I would go to. The car shop, the supermarket, even that one time we went to Brendon's place for some party. I didn't know what to think now. I only called out Ken to win her heart, but all she did was leave. I feel that I did win her heart, but what was there to clear her mind about. I didn't know. I went home, and I found an email waiting for me. It told me not to read it until I talked to Francesca again.I saw that it was from her so I didn't open it. I went to my hammock in the living room. I should make something for her. When she gets back, I should really wow her with something, but what? I stared aimlessly at my room. It felt so empty around with out Francesca to talk to. Suddenly, I got a call on my cell phone. I looked to see who it was, it was her.
  "Hello James. Miss me yet?"
  "Only a whole lot. Where are you?"
  "Listen, I'll be back in town in a few days. Wait for me OK?"
  "I am Francesca, I'd wait forever for you."
  "You really know how to make me feel better James, thanks for helping me feel better all those times."
  "It was my pleasure Francesca, and I'll always be ther for you no matter what."
  I felt better knowing that Francesca was good and that she was coming back. I closed my eyes in my hammock. Wow, this feels good. I started to fall asleep, and I did.

  I finally woke up from my hammock three days later. My body was still sore from the fight and the bruises were black and blue,covering my body almost from head to toe. I slowly got out of my hammock and walked around the house. Damn it, where is she. Why can't I read this email she sent me. I could very well read it now and tell her I didn't. No, I must wait until I see her again. I walked out the door and checked my regular mail. I've been passed out for the last three days so that means I must have a lot of mail. I looked inside and I saw a letter from Francesca.
          "Dear James,
                 I am back in town now. I want you to read the email I sent some time ago and it will explain my actions, both then and now.
           Loving always,
  Well, this is screwing with my head. I took her advice and started to read the email. It read like this;
               I'm writing this to tell you excatly what I'm thinking about the situation. I am glad that you and I could start a relationship, but at this time it won't happen. When I get back to town, I am going to hook back up with Ken. I shouldn't have allowed that to happen because even though you and I have a spark between us, it doesn't give the right to extinguish the one between me and Ken. I'm sorry if this hurts you in anyway, but it's the way I've chosen, and you'll just have to live with it. Maybe if you had been there first, we wouldn't have this problem.
  Well, that just made me feel stupid. I fought to free her from Ken, yet in the end, I lose her to Ken. What a fucked up world. I walked outside and went down to the town guillotine and just lied there, thinking of why this may have happened to me. I think it was about three hours before someone came up to me. It was Matt.
  "Cesca's back in town man, should go see her."
  "I can't. I've lost everything in the last week. If i saw her now, I'd break down in front of her and I just couldn't do that to her."
  "Well, if you want, her and I will be playing games at my house, you are welcome to join."
  "Thanks man. I think I'll just go to my house and work on something, to clear my mind and all.
  It was a long walk to my house from there. Not distance wise, but the thoughts passing through my head at the time made it seem forever. Why did you go back to him? What have I done wrong?
  When I finally got back to my house, I saw yet another note from Francesca. I figured, what the hell? I opened it and it told me to meet her by the card shop at midnight. I had to ask her why she did what she did. I waited until midnight at the card shop. She finally arrived and it felt kind of awkward.
  "So how have you been James?"
  "Miserable, tryring to figure out some things. You?"
  "Same. I guess I should explain why I went...."
  "No. I understand why you went back."
  "James, I know you're hurt just a little, so I came up with this idea. We have a hidden relationship. No one will know and if Ken and I don't work out, I have you."
  "That sounds good, but what if Ken should find out, or someone else in the town?"
  "Well only do this at your house or my house. Other then that we are just good friends."
  "Sounds good in theory."
  "Everything sounds good in theory, James."
  "Point taken. So you want to come over to my house?"
  "Can't, Ken's waiting for me at his house. I'll see you tomorrow though."
  "Ok, good night."
  As she left, she gave me a small little kiss on the lips. Man that felt good. She disappeared into the darkness and I walked back home.
  I couldn't sleep. That kiss I could still feel on my lips. That really felt good. Why can't I have that more? My phone rings, I just throw my arm over to the phone had his the speaker button.
  "Who is this calling so late at night, or in the morning, whatever the hell you'd call this."
  "It's not the next day until you fall asleep, which I see your having a hard time doing James."
  I knew right there it was Francesca. She is the only one that would call here and use that line about the next day.
  "Hello Francesca. Do what do I owe this pleasure of calling?"
  "I don't know. Felt like calling someone and Matt's still palying video games, so he's useless to talk to. So what's up?"
  "Nothing much really. Just lying in the darkness, you?"
  "Look outside."
  The phone hung up then. I slothily got up to my feet and looked outside. I saw Francesca standing there, looking back at me. I woke up and ran to my front door and ran over to her. We just stared into each others eyes. I could get lost in these beautiful eyes of hers.
  "James, I just came over to tell you that I wish I could have met you first."
  She walked off into the darkness again and disappeared. I walked back into my room, closed and locked all doors that needed it and finally went to bed.
 Matt, Tom, James, and Francesca were all playing video games. A year in the town had passed. Matt was now a well-liked member of the town, and also, a great addition. He worked for the town's paper, The Weekly Semi-True News. In this, he made the normally boring everyday events more entertaining. But moving on, they were all taking turns playing games. Francesca was currently kicking ass at Katamari against James.
 "Muhahaha," laughed I as the ball of junk got big enough to contain James'.
 "Hey!" he yelled out tapping the buttons on his controller furiously to become unstuck. Seeing that despite how hard he tried he wasn't going to, he reached over and poked me in the ribs. I yelped in suprise at his cheap tactics to win the game, so similar to my own, and poked him back. Within seconds we were rolling around on the ground tickling each other, the game left for time to run out. Matt and Tom, used to this strange behavior by now, just stepped over us to continue our game. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Matt pick up my controller.
 "I win!" Matt yelled in triumph, as the clock ran out, to Tom.
 "That doesn't count!" he yelled in response to the claim! "You only picked up the controller! No skill was involved! And if you win, that means-" a shocked gasp was heard, "- that I must be a loser! For we both can not be winners, cause what kind of a sucky game would that be."
 "Well, guess you are then,huh?"
 "No! I'm the mayor!"
 "But if you're the mayor, then that means you won a race which makes you a winner and I therefore am the loser." Matt said making himself sad.
 "But you voted for me which means you are the winner and I am the loser," Tom said confusing himself tenfold.
 I heard there conversation continue in this nonsensical manner, some stranger parts drifting in and out,
 "-but if I have a nanner that means I win and you lose!"
 "BUT if spreading the joy of nanner makes me happy, that makes me the winner and you  the loser!"
 Tiring of rolling around, I pinned James hands down so I could speak, for it is quite difficult to do so while laughing.
 "So anything new with anyone?"
 "Well," Tom said, "Don't tell anyone yet, but we're getting a town pet."
 "Intriging...any other details?" asked Matt
 "If I tell you any more it won't be a secret anymore," he said glaring.
 "Fine, fine; I'll just write my own." he said smiling.
 "A new town pet, eh?" said James? "And what do you think this could be?" he said looking up.
 I thought for a moment, watching James struggle to get free, and answered, "Perhaps a bunny?" And with further thought on what would express this town's nature, I expanded, "A man in a pink plush bunny suit. We could feed him and water him and enter him into bunny competitions just like any other pet!"
 The room temperarily went silent. Blank faces looked at me. Matt's on the other hand was grinning evilly as he pulled out a notepad, scribbling furiously.
 "Uh..." Tom uttered, " that's not quite what I had in mind..."
 Chris entered the room saying, "I just came to get my game back, Devin challenged me to-" and stopped short seeing the blank faces, James pinned to the ground, and Matt writing madly. "Did I miss something?"
 "Uh..." Tom uttered again.
 "Nah," I answered releasing James and retreiving his game from the system.
 "K..." he answered leaving again.
 Without the game, we dispersed for the day and planned our next meeting for a week since Tom would be busy with plans for the town pet.
I my god Matt's house is on fire"screamed the happy little gnome. NOOOOOOOO! screamed matt. Devin sat hunched over his ultimate computer, slowly going insane, and watched the going ons with his ultimate access. ARgh! The horror the horror matt yelled. The firemen arrived and had to drag Matt away from his house all the while him screaming no my baby my precious. Once the fire was put out, amazingly, his house was undamaged. Good thing you've got that lead paint on it or it would have been a lot worse stated the fireman. We found the source and luckly everything but it is in good condition still. As they walked past Matt's bathroom, they looked in and the firemen said in a sad tone, I'm sorry but it appears your bathroom was devestrated. Matt's eyes darted was like just uh needs to be cleaned. The firemen gave him funny looks but continued on. They opened his bedroom door and hope appeared. He saw his ceiling fan had had the dust burnt off! It was finally clean! And his walls had been charred a lovely black hue. But hope disapated as the fireman's voice spoke and here we have the source of the fire. Our technician here can explain it to you. "Well, it seems your computer downloaded a virus. No one sent this virus to your computer, and its very rare to find. In essence it's a computer suicide device. See? It even left a suicide note for you. He held up a piece of type paper with 0's and 1's written all over it. Matt fell to his knees once more"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" he screamed and screamed. Devin still sat watching but as the scream continued he began to think that his perfect computer was screwing up. What!? Devin thought, Abug? But it can't be! My computer is perfect and with that he lost his mind completely, ran wild in the streets causing cows to escape from trailers transporting them. Devin hopped on a cow and rode it off into the distance laughing hysterically."NOOOO!" could still be heard in the distance by Devin. The cow could too but didn't care. Inside its head rang "Iwish i was a lesbian"

"Damn, what happened?" I woke up to see myself surounded with beer bottles, limes and Bacardi gold and sliver bottles. "My head...hurts."
"Glad to see that you didn't kill yourself last night with all that 'drowning your sorrows' James."
I slowly looked to where the voice came from. My vision was blurry so I didn't know who it was.
"Your still wasted aren't you James?" The person helped me up to my hammock. "You need to know your limits dear, or you'll surely kill yourself."
Still trying to figure out who the hell is here, i supressed my urge to vomit on them. Once in my hammock, I fell asleep. A few hours later, my vision cleared and my memory sorta came back to me. I held a party to celebrate my new invention, the Person to Fruit ray. I can put anyone on the globe into a fruit suit. No one saw any harm in my invention, so they all came to my party. That was all I could remember. I also remember Francesca being there with Ken, and my urges to break them up in my semi-drunk state building. But for my better judgement, I did nothing.
I Got out of my hammock, grabed some alka-selzer and a beer and chuged down the alka-selzer, since a homemade reamdy a friend told me out of town. It worked surprizingly enough. I walked out into town. Benderville had really changed over the last year. We had gotten our first Starbucks, of which I have plans of destroying later. We also got a Wal-mart. We are getting some new people who seen us on the map, another new addition, and wanting to live here. The town is starting to expand as well. I don't like it. i like my quaint little town of people we all grew up with. But everyone else seems to like it, at least on the outside they do.
"Hey Matt, what's going on?"
"Nothing much man, just working here."
Matt works at Blockbuster. He loves it there. He gets free game rentals and all the free popcorn to sell for his own profit he wants.
"Matt, enjoy yourself last night?"
"Hell yea. Can't wait for your next one."
"Thanks man." I left and went back to my house. I thought to myself walking back 'So many new people here. They all should leave. I don't like them.' Also on my way back, I saw Chris. He's cool. Sure he's new here, but Matt knew him before he came here, so I don't mind him. I also saw Ken and Francesca. Man right there I almost lost it. I figured though that it's not right and did nothing. Tom was also seen as well.
"Hey there mayor, liking what you've done to this small town?" I said in an annoyed tone.
"No, I never wanted this, my council did. Personally, I want it back to where we had it just a ferw years ago, people wandering in, not on the map and so on."
"I'm with you mayor, I loved the old Benderville."
"not much we could do though. unless something that replused the new people were to happen." He said looking at me.
"Already in the process of creating." I said with a smile and ran to my house.
I went straight to the labratory and started to draw up plans for my new invetion. It was to be a machine to develop a stench so bad that everyone not with a special gas mask would puke.
As I was going through all my white paper and blue paper, I was a picture of Francesca and me when we went to the town's Rennisance Festival. We were so happy that day. I sat there and smiled for a minute, then tacked it to the corkboard above my workspace. I started to draw up the plans for this thing when a knock was heard at my door. I ran up to see who it was and it was Matt.
"Dude, the newbs are tearing up the town, make it better!"
"Way ahead of you, get everyone that's apart of the town that we accept and bring them to my lab. Use the coded door on the side. The password is 31337."
"On it." He left in a hurry, which i normally don't see.
I then started to get my materials togehter for the gas masks and the new stench.
"Muhahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa." was all that was heard before the grinding of metal and the melting of rubber.
My coded door opened and the town members came in. Tom, Francesca and Ken, Craig, Chris, Clay, Garrett, Brendon the pimp and the newest member of the group, Sam.
"Welcome to my lab. Here I will unveil my creation in the making. I call it the Gas-en-ator. It will produce a gas that is harmful to the nostils of the people without my special gas masks and totally safe to tehe ecosystem. It will take about 3 months if non-stop work from me to complete, but complete I shall do, now take these and wait by your phone about 3 months from now.
As they all left, they all started to mutter the greatness of my plan.
Three months had passed, and my creation was complete. The Gas-en-ator was fully operational.
I called everyone to my lab to see it before I unleashed its power upon the city.
"Welcome to my lab. I hope you all brought your specialized gas masks."
As I looked around the room, I saw everyone but Francesca and Ken in the room.
I let out a sigh and continued
"Now, to unveil my creation. As I pulled down the white cloth, everyone gasped in delight. "Ah haha. This will get rid of those forsaken tourists once and for all." Everyone cheered as i struck a pose to acknowledge my greatness.
I brought my device out to the town square, and called everyone in town to it.
"People of Benderville, you have all helped in making this town thrive and grow into better things. But its for these reasons that you all must leave." At this time, the people with gas masks, including Francesca and Ken, put them on. "Goodbye, virus to our town." I turned on my device and it let out a green cloud of smog that was so potent in stench that it make the people vomit. After about 2 hours with this device on, I shut it down. Tom asked through the radio sets I put in the masks, "How do you get rid of this cloud?" I grabbed my lighter and lit it, and in a giant ball of fire, it vanished. The town rejoiced and celebrated because the sickness to our town was almost gone. I ran my machine on a kamikaze run to the Wal-mart and it blew it up. As for the Starbucks, lets just say, it met a fiery end.
As the party started to wind down, and the sun set, everyone started to go back to their houses. I went back to mine. As i started to run my bath, I started to wonder about our little town. What is to happen if I were to die today? Could this town defend itself? I figured that if I thought about this too much that I wouldnt get any sleep, so I stopped and got in my bath. This feels good. Man how I wish I had someone to share this with right about now. A few minutes after I got in my bath, I hear noise from my living room. I thought my defense robots would take care of it, so I thought nothing of it. When my bathroom door opened is when I sorta got scared, since my destrucive weaponary were downstairs in the lab. When I looked over to see who it was, it was Cesca with tears in her eyes. I instantly grabs a towel, drained my bath and ran over to her.
"What's wrong?"
"I had a nightmare, and you died in it."
I looked over to see what time it was, and it was close to 1 in the morning.
"Look love, I wont leave without telling you ok?"
She looked at me and smiled a little bit. "Ok James. I dont want to leave you tonight, since I'm so scared you left me, can I stay the night?"
I looked down and smiled. "Now how could I say no to a face like that. Of course you can.
With that said, she grabed the hammock and I got out my cot to sleep next to her with. She wouldn't have it though, so we both went to my waterbed that I never use and feel asleep there.
Why did she cry when she thought I died? Why do I cause such sadness when I'm just another human being in her life? These were the only thoughts in my head as I feel asleep.
I awoke to find myself naked and written on. Cesca was gone. I couldn't read what it said just looking down, so I used my reverse mirror. It read:
   Sorry, but I had to go early, big test today...I get to drive! But anyway, I wanted
   you to know I'm sorry if I bother you, I mean I interupted your bath to talk and
   those are supposed to be relaxing and me worrying you over a silly dream, it's
   just that I care a lot about you. Despite that I don't love you the way I love Ken,
   I do love you as I love all my close close friends which consist of you and Matt.
   And its the same kind of love except without intimicy. I care a lot if you die; it'd
   hurt a lot to try to live without one of you, even more so you. That's why the
   dream got to me so much. I don't want to ever have to be without you. I talk to
   you and if I've had a bad day you make me feel better. And if I've had a good day
   you make me feel even happier. Even if we aren't doing anything and we're
   hanging out it makes me happy just to be around you. And I hope you're happy
   when we're doing things too. But anyway I'm just babbling on. I'm already to your
   bellybutton! So I'll see you later. And thanks for that wonderful invention for
   ridding the town of those people. And by the way...I couldn't find any paper.
Here it stopped. Hmm. I wondered about the message as I washed off the message with a washcloth. As I finished up, the phone rang. It was Chris.
 "Hey, I don't know you that well yet, but I figured we could hang out now. Craig's gonna dm a game and we need more people. And gaming is the best way to get to know somebody. So far we got Matt, Tom, the pimp Brendon, a couple of his girls, and hopefully you. So you wanna come?"
"Will Chesca be there?"
"No, but Ken might. We heard some screaming earlier. Devin's still giving her the driver's test. She called though and said after Devin has stopped rocking in the fetal position and muttering gibberish and she can continue with her test and finish, she'll come to watch."
"K. I'll be there. What time is it? I have a few things to do before I could go."
"As soon as it gets dark. It adds to the atmosphere!"
"Heh, ok. Talk to you later then."
I wandered around the crater of Walmart, looking for souvenirs of its destruction. I wasn't the only one. "Hey Tom, what are you doing here!"
He looked suprised as if he'd been in deep thought. "Oh nothing much. Just thought I'd look around at what the town has become. So many empty plots now. So many opportunities! I just can't decide what to do first!"
"Well," I said in a cheery voice, "If Cesca's driving we might need these for cemeteries!"
We both had a hearty laugh. I noticed something shine in the crater. I walked towards it to see. I picked it up and found it was a black and silver die, only slightly charcoaled.I easily scraped it off and had my souvenir.
"What'd you find?" Tom asked moving closer.
"A die. See any more of them?"
He looked, and sure enough found six more, all easily decharcoaled and appearing shiny again. "Here" he said as he handed them to me.
"Thanks" I said as I walked away, "I'll see you later at the game!"
"Hey," he yelled, "Is there something on your neck?"
"Huh? No." And I hurried off to find out.
At the closest fastfood resturant, I ran into the restroom. I twisted and turned, but could not see what it said. Damn why couldn't I have seen this at home. A burly guy I didn't recognize came in but I asked for his help anyway.
"Hey, can you tell me what this says? I said pointing.
"Uh, sure," he said giving me a confused look. "Love comma Chesca."
Well that's a weird place to end a note. Maybe she just ran out of room? That's gonna be hard to wash off too. Then I realised that was probably the idea.

I finally washed off the ink off my neck. I looked up at the time and saw that it was almost time for me to head over to Chris' to play Dungeons and Dragons. I had already created my character. His name was Daemon and he was an elven ranger, chaotic neutral that wears only black and a scar in the shape of an upside-down star on his left cheek.
I got to the place. I really haven't been here before. I've passed by it and talked to Chris at the door a few times but thats about it. I rang the doorbell and Kevin answered the door.
"Hey bitch, long time no see." As I started to give him a noogie. "Where's your brother?"
He broke free from my hold. "He's downstairs. He wont let me down there."
I walked on in and found my way to the basement. "Chris, I'm here!"
"We're over by my laptop dude."
Sure enough, as soon as I got down there, the map had been drawn and Craig was sitting with his usual grin of evil on his face. I looked at the board to see who was what. Chris was a half-orc barbarian, Tom was a half-orc barbarian, Matt was an elven wizard, Ken was a dwarvan druid, Brendon and his girls decided on being the shop owners in the towns since they didn't really get the jist of playing the game.
I sat in the empty space, inbetween Brendon and his girls, and set up my stuff.
"Hey James, how do you know this game man?" asked Brendon.
"It's simple really. You create your character, his race and class, you start out level one, and basically deicide your fate by chosing what to do. The dm, which in this case is Craig, decides what happenss on each route that happens, and has a detailed map of whats what in every dungeon and cave we go into."
"Wow." said both him and his girls.
A few hours past, and we all seen that Craig was evil as a dm. We were backed into a corner with stone golems walkng towards us and a rogue wizard casting chain lightning. All we had in our defense was our bag of holding filled with explosives.
"Look you guys," I said through my character, "give me the bag and I'll take care of this problem.
"Why should we elf?" said Ken through his character
"Because I can make the bad people go away you bastard."
The group handed me the bag and I took out as many explosives as I could, then handed the bag back.
"Take this. In our town where we first met, go to the local tavern and ask for a girl named Ellana. Give her this item." I handed over to them a miniature sword with the name 'Ellana' on one side and 'Daemon' on the other. "Give this to her. She must have it."
With that said, I took out my rope and tied most of the expolsives to my body. I ran past the golems and tried my best to reach the wizard. I drew my sword and just as i was about to strike, I was hit with chained lightning. The lightning triggered the explosives on me and blew both me and him up into nothing, The exploives I didn't tie onto myself were left by the golems in case a spark hit them, which it didnt. Matt casted fire on the fuses and blew up the golems.
They all went back to the town where they first met. Went to the local tavern and asked for the girl named Ellana. She seen the sword and broke into tears, as if she knew what had happened. The group of warriors did nothing as she was crying in front of them. Just then, a goblin army attacked the town, taking everyone by surprize. The warriors' was ended and the population fell to the reign of the goblins.
When we looked at the clock, it was already 7 in the morning.
"Ahh...I live it when I win." said a tired Craig
"You, my friend, are a bastard. I said, trying to keep my eyes open.
Everyone packed up their things and started home. It was a long walk back to my house.
When I finally got there, i found a note on my waterbed.
  "Dear James
         sorry about the ink all over you. I thought you'd think it to be funny. Just thought I'd say hi. later
I didnt really think much of it since i was super tired. I found my hammock then collapsed in it.
I woke about three hours later because I couldn't stop thinking about the note, as tired as I was. So i got online and typed her an email
   "eloved Cesca
          What is going on? You should have been there last night. It was awesome! How's Devin by the way. Last I heard, his head trauma was doing better and his therapy said that it was only temperary insanity. As for the interuption of my bath, don't worry about it. I don't mind what time of night it is when you come over. I enjoy having you over at my house. Come over whenever you want. My door is always open to you. And I too enjoy being around you. You help me have a better day even when I think it'll never get better. You are my closest friend, other then Matt, but I hold you closer then he because you care more. You're there for me, and you actually show me affection. Well, I should get some more sleep.
          See ya around,
With that typed, I found my hammock, and fell asleep.

"Rock beats paper." laughing
"Oh really. ROCK BEATS STUPID!" thud
"Paging Doctor Hemi, Paging Doctor Hemi, your needed in the O.R."
"Is he alright Doctor?"
Yea, he is fine. Just knocked out. Damn, I don't think in my one day here at this hospital I've ever seen such a hit. You did a really good job and it was a clean hit."
"Thanks Doctor Kilogramograss, I feel alot better."
"Oh, you're welcome."
"Hey Matt, did you hear?"
"Hear what Tom?" asked Matt inquizitivly.
Train blows its whistle is in the hospital!"
"No! Brendon's ladies scream in joy is there?"
"Mmhmm...and truck goes by put him there. Clean hit straight to the jaw."
"She must have been mad at him to do that. I don't think I've ever seen ducks quack loadly nearby angry enough to do that."
"Yea....poor guy never saw it coming too."
"Wanna visit him in the hospital?"
"Sure, we can bring Zombies to him."
Paging Doctor Rection. Paging Doctor Rection, Stiffy is dying in room 69E
"Hey man, what's up?" said Matt carefully.
" she hits hard...." said MOOOOOOOOO
Paging Doctor V, Paging Doctor V, your Aunt Flo is waiting for you in the main lobby
"Hey there man, how's the jaw?" asked Tom from the side.
"It makes it hard to chew threw my food....since its broken and all...but doc says I'll be better in six weeks."
"Well were gunna go, we have to go meet other patients alarm goes off at the mall. Later!"
"Peace out"
"Hey Brendon!" said Matt from across the mall
"Yo Matt!"
"Hello ladies." said Craig from the bushes, obviously hiding from Matt, since he was afraid that he was going to be killed by him ever since that day in the car.
"Brendon, did you hear that James is the hospital?" *yes i finally said a name*
"No way. What happened?"
"Well, it seemed that an unknown female hit him hard in the jaw unexpectedly."
Brendon immeditately looked to his girls and they gave assuring looks of 'no'.
"Hmm," said Brendon, "I will find out who did this and finger the culprit...then turn them over to the police..heh heh."
With that said, he ran out the doors.
"Weird...never seen Brendon act so...nice to anyone like this." said Tom
"I know what you mean Tom. Lets get Zombies 2 now!"
3 hours later, at the hospital
"I have fingered the culprit, and have brought them fourth to show to all!" said Brendon, obviously exausted from his session with the culprit.
"And the guilty person is?" I asked from the bed, now just lying ther for the sponge bathes and free food, and since I didn't feel like moving.
"She is none other then..."
Everyone in the town, somehow all in my room, gasped in awaiting the persons name.
"It is none other then.......
Can you guess who it is?
A) Francesca
B) Samantha
C) Carla, one of Brendon's girls
D) When am i getting three way action
"SARAH?" said everyone in the room
"Yes. She is someone from our dear James' past. She and he used to go to school together before the school crumbled and they split they're own ways. She was in town and James could help but have her over for dinner, since they are good friends. But he forgot that she had a temper when losing the game 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'. And thusly...she sent him to the E.R"
"Wow Brendon, you couldn't more further from the truth in your explaination, but at least you fingered the right one this time." I said from the bed, now getting out of it.
I went back home four hours later, hopped in my hammock and went to bed. But before I went to my hammock, I typed this in my online poetry book.
"Time's are changing and though I do not know
I hope that memories aren't fleeting, and those of me wont go
We are almost at the time, where we wont see each other again
My memories of you will never fade, from now nad from back then
You make me happy, and I'm sad when you are sad
Don't look back on times when I was enraged and mad
I will never think of you in a bad way
Only smile when I can remember your face, and the way you say
'It'll be alright, you always can talk to me.'
I'll never forget that, and I finally see
What you meant when you said 'It'll be all right'
Just cave in to them, and make them seem they've won the fight
And on that note, I leave with.....Goodnight"

"Who the hell is knocking this early?!" I said from my hammock.
"Open the fuck up! It's the police!"
Oh shit. Why are the police here?
"Coming!" I got out of my bed, got dressed and opened my door. Sure enough, the police were out there.
"Mr. Crazy?"
"That's me, James I.S. Crazy. Can I help you?"
"You under arrest."
"Why am I arrested this time?" as I put my hands behind me.
"Because you evacuated this town of its residents without a permit."
"God damn it. Can youtell me who snitched on me?"
"It was Tom, the mayor."
And at that point, I lost my head. He was the one in the first place that wanted me to build the damned machine. How was I to know I needed a damned permit.
"May I speak to him before you take me away to Pueblo?"
"Sure, but make it quick. We don't wanna miss the tumbleweed festival."
They walked me to Tom's house, and they knocked on the door.
"Hello James, police. What can I do for you?"
That's when I snapped.
Tom just looked at me with that' I did it because i don't like you look'. "I just don't think you belong in my town anymore."
I started to yell and scream at him, then I was tazed to the back and passed out.
When I awoke, I was still in the police car, but I wasn't in Benderville anymore. The people all looked bored, and the lack of anything but houses told me, I was in Pueblo now.
"You finally awake?"
I half-heartedly said yea
"Good, cause were almost there."
"Almost where?"
"You new home for a year."
I looked out the window, and i saw Pueblo Minimum Security Prison.
"You aren't so tough now are you?"
I looked at him, then I started to laugh.
"What's so funny?"
"This will be cake."
"That would be the case of Garrett wasn't here."
"Yea, Garrett is one mean sonofabitch."
Garrett's here? I wondered where he went afterthat incedent with the fire...
"I know him well. He doesn't scare me."
"We'll see little fish. We'll see."
I went through the processing and got my spiffy orange jumpsuit. and I was put in one of those most uncomfortable cells, which i thought was cozy compared to my lab. Since it was almost night, I fell asleep.
When I awoke, it was to the sounds of, "Get your lazy asses up, its time for yard work." and "Yard work for the maggots." I just smiled and took it
In the yard, I saw Garrett. Man did that fire take affect on him. He had no facial hair, or any hair at all. He sort of looked like an overgrown infant. He had really no skin or tan, and he was shorter after the fire was done. It shrunk him down.
I walked up to him and smugly said "Yo, Garrett, what's up?"
He looked at me, smiled, and attacked me. I laughed because all he did was sissy slap me a couple of times and started to pant. Everyone gasped in horror. Then I found out why. He kicked me swiftly to the nuts. I fell to the ground, like any man would. When I came to, I was still in the yard, but it was dark. I went in and went to my cell. There, I had a visitor waiting. The guards left and we talked.
"Hey James. Long time no see."
"Yea, Benderville takes my evil time. So what do you have for me?"
"It's the purest form of Diamond. So clear and prismatic, that any laser is magnifyed 100 fold."
"Really? What's this gunna cost me?"
"Nothing. You still have that favor of yours you need to cash, and this is it."
"Consider yourself dead from us now. Ask us no more for a favor."
"No problem Fat Tony."
The next day I had arranged for a freind I had in Pueblo to pay my bail of $100 so i could go free. I hitched a ride back to Benderville and started on my Doomsday Cannon. *because every evil person has one.* Before I got to my house, however, I was met by Tom.
"Well played Tom. They believed every word."
"See Matt, those acting lessons at the center did pay off."
"Yea, well, I love flash."
"Yes Matt," I said with a roll in my eyes,"we all love Flash Gordon."
"No, I was talking about flash graphics. They are my best friend."
And he went bouncing down the street like a loony to his house. He kind of lost it when he started to watch Pugyaru over and over again. He never was the same when they started to push the maid's buttons. He always wanted to push strange buttons.
I went to my house and started to construct my Doomsday Cannon. I became tired 5 minutes into construction, so I laid down in my hammock, and fell asleep.
After a while, I decided that I know longer wanted to make the cannon, and threw away the plans.

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