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Driven to the brink of insanity, one of Gokus old foes hires a scientist to create a clone of the Super-Saiyan. The clone has all the powers and abilities of Goku, but the Saiyan mind of Kakarot. Will Goku be able to stop his evil counterpart?

This is my first chapter fic, so I hope I did okay. It takes place after DBZ, but before GT would have started. In it, I am pretending GT wont happen.

DISCLAIMER- I dont own Dragonball Z or GT. I wrote this for fun using the characters created by Akira Toriyama. I dont profit from this an any way.

Goku vs. Goku



"Its magnificent!" The short, blue-skinned man said excitedly. "Dont you think?"

"Yes, it is, Sire." The older, taller woman standing next to him responded.

"I cant believe what I am seeing." Stated the orange, dog-creature.

"So, you like it?" An old man standing behind the three asked.

"Oh, yes!" The first said, "You have done an outstanding job, Doctor."

"Thank you, Emperor Pilaf." The old man said, bowing slightly.

In front of them stood a stasis tube filled with a green liquid. A man floated, unconscious, inside. He had skin as white as the underbelly of a fish. Not once had it seen the light of the sun.

The jet-black hair on his head stuck out both in front and back in large spikes. A brown, furry tail snaked out behind him.

"Does he know any moves?" The old woman inquired.

"You mean attacks? Of course he does. His knowledge of ki and energy is quite extensive. He can perform any from a long list of attacks." The doctor answered.

"Excellent!" Pilaf interjected, turning around to the old man, "How much do you want for this incredible specimen?"

The doctor chuckled. "Nothing, of course! Just being able to work for you was payment enough!"

"Good!" Pilaf said, spinning back around. "Very good! We have been low on money lately." The doctor rolled his eyes. He couldnt care less about this annoying blue man. The real reward was working with the genes of the most powerful fighter of the universe, but he had to be careful. If Pilaf became angry, he could cut off the doctors funding, and his creation would go unfinished.

"I think that this is going to work. I truly do." Pilaf said. "What do you think? Mai? Shau?"

"Of course, Sire." The woman said.

"It has to." The dog creature responded.

"So many years." Pilaf said, closing his eyes. "So many years of trying, and we will finally do it! That little brat just couldnt leave me alone! Just couldnt! It was like he would follow me everywhere and foil my plans at every turn! All I wanted was to control the world. Not even the whole world. Id settle for a fourth! But no! He couldnt let me! Now all that will change! Now, with this, well stop him for a change!" The two cronies nodded in agreement. Turning back to the doctor, he asked "What do you call this magnificent being?"

The doctor smirked. "I call it: Kakarot."

The first five chapters are on the next page.