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DISCLAIMER- I dont own Dragonball Z or GT. I wrote this for fun using the characters created by Akira Toriyama. I dont profit from this in any way.

Goku vs. Goku

Chapter I

Peaceful Times

"Catch me, Uncle Goten!" Pan squealed as she launched herself into the air towards the teenage boy.

He caught her with ease, spun around with her, and threw her into the air. Pan giggled in joy as she caught herself with her ki in mid-air. Goten laughed along with her in their little game.

Chi-chi chuckled slightly while watching them from the porch of their forest home. Videl sat with her, quietly sipping tea.

It had been a whole year since Goku left with the boy known as Uub. Chi-chi had gotten used to Gokus absence, seeing as how he commonly left to train in the past.

Gohan was inside the house, working on a paper for work. Though he would dearly love to go out and spar with his brother, things had to be done.

Chi-chi sighed happily outside on the sunny day. "Its so nice when the family gets together like this. Even though we practically live in the same house, we rarely get to see each other!"

Videl laughed. "Yeah. Between Gohans work, and with myself trying to get Pan into school, I guess we kind of lose track of well everything else."

The two ladies shared a laugh.

"Cmon Uncle Goten!" Begged an eager Pan. "Lets fight!"

Goten laughed. "Sorry, Pan, but youre too strong for me!"

"Cmon. Please?"

Goten smiled and shook his head. "Sorry. Youll have to fight your daddy when he gets out here."

Pan pouted her lip with sad, puppy-dog eyes. Though she was only five, she had already perfected the heart wrenching look. Goten figured that she had picked it up from Bra, who had the move down since she was two. It was the one and only look that could melt Vegetas heart. Goten wasnt as strong willed as Vegeta, so he was no match for the look.

"Oh, okay Panny-chan." Goten sighed. "Just be gentle."

Chi-chi and Videl giggled when Goten gave in.

"I sure hope Gohan gets finished soon." Chi-chi said.


Chapter II

Family Fun- Ruined

From the safety of the forest, Kakarot watched the fun. A boy, about the age of eighteen faked a fight for a small child of five. Two women sat together in front of the large, double-house. All were laughing and enjoying themselves.

The man could sense a fifth ki emitting within the house. None seemed too impressive. The boys power was the greatest, but still not enough to even match himself.

He didnt know why he had come here. Then again, he didnt know much. In fact, all he knew was: his name; his race and ancestry, his goal, and an assortment of attacks.

All he could remember was being sent to Earth as a child. Then, nothing. Then waking up in a dark room. Three creatures were there. Two humans and a dog-creature. One human, who looked like he had held his breath for far too long, stepped forward and told Kakarot to go. He told Kakarot to go and kill the one known as Goku.

Before the Human could say another word, Kakarot remembered his initial goal: to kill the Humans. The three had been his first victims.

After that, Kakarot was led to this forest by some unknown means. He was still quite confused, however. Somewhere in his life, he had become a Super-Saiyan. More interestingly, he had ascended a few times beyond that! He wished that he could remember, but he couldnt. His whole life was completely dark.

It didnt matter. All that mattered was continuing on with his mission.

Slowly, Kakarot stepped from the trees, and made his way to the house. The clothes the man had given him were of a strange variety. They werent Saiyan-style. They were Humans clothes. A strange orange gi with a blue shirt underneath. At first, he had been very uncomfortable in the attire. The shirt, boots, and wrist bands were all weighted.

After a bit in them, however, he got used to them. They allowed good mobility, and the weight seemed to strengthen his every step.

He was halfway to the house when one of the women saw him.

"Goku!?" She screamed in surprise, jumping from her seat and spilling her drink.

The other woman stared in shock. The boy and the girl stopped their game and looked to see what the noise was about.

"Grampa!" The little girl yelled in glee.

The woman who had jumped up, ran towards Kakarot. Her face showed nothing but anger. Her black hair was worn in a bun. She wore pink and purple clothes, with a blue scarf around her neck. Kakarot was beginning to take interest in Humans choice of clothing.

Before he could examine the others, an open hand raked him across the face. The blow was weak, but the message got across.

"Who do you think you are?!" The woman screamed in his face. "You cant just keep leaving for years at a time!" She placed her hands on her hips. She stood on her toes to be face-to-face with him. "You promised your granddaughter that youd visit! The least you could have done was dropped in for a minute or two! Are you so inconsiderate towards your family?!"

The womans rambling went on. Kakarot looked over her shoulder. The other woman had black hair as well. It was cut evenly on all sides of her head except for her face, stopping at the bottom of her ears. She wore blue pants and a blue shirt with a purple jacket.

Then Kakarot looked to the two children. They both wore the same orange gi that he wore. Kakarot guessed that it was a popular style.

"Are you even listening to me?!" The woman in front of him screamed, bringing his attention back to her. Kami, she was annoying.

"Well, Goku?"

Kakarot furrowed his brow. Goku? The blue man had said that he was to kill this Goku.

"Where is Goku?" Kakarot really didnt care about killing this guy, but he was curious to find out who he was.

"What are you talking about?! You are Goku you idiot!"

Kakarot frowned. This woman was of no use. "My name is Kakarot." He said. The woman stared back at him in confusion. He let his ki flare, sending her tumbling backwards.

"What the hell do you think youre doing?!" She roared, getting to her feet. She slapped him across the face again.
Now, Kakarot was getting angry. He brought up his hand, ready to strike her, when suddenly her eyes filled with horror. She jumped back. "Wha wha" Tears welled up in her eyes. "You would never hit me"

The boy suddenly ran to the womans side. "Mom. I dont think that this guy is Dad."

"Dad?" Kakarot said to himself. Apparently, these two were related to Goku.

"Hes an impostor. Dad would never threaten us." With that, the boys ki flared dramatically. It jumped to a level much higher than it was.

Kakarot smiled slightly. Good. He thought. Ive needed a good fight.

The woman ran back to the house, tears running down her cheeks. The boy stepped fully in front of Kakarot. "I dont know who you are, or where you came from, but Im going to stop you."

Kakarot smiled. "My name is Kakarot. I am from Vegeta-sei. I am a Saiyan."

The boys expression did not change. "Bah! You are a horrible impostor! My dad would never refer to himself as that!" With that, the boy struck.

His fist flew at Kakarots face with amazing speed. Kakarot, however, was ten times faster. He tilted his head, letting the fist shoot by. He was so quick, that to the naked eye, it appeared as if he hadnt moved a muscle.
The boys face washed over with confused horror. Kakarot brought his own fist up into the boys face. The Human flew backwards, tumbling over backwards.

Kakarot smiled at his accomplishment. The boy jumped up, now just as angry as his mother. "You seem to be more powerful than I thought. I havent had to go super since Majin Buu!"

In a flash of yellow light, his shoulder-length hair stood up and turned gold. His black eyes became sea-blue. His power more than doubled.

Now it was Kakarots turn to be confused. This was the Super-Saiyan transformation.

"How?" Kakarot asked, stunned. "How did you do that? Only a Saiyan can transform in such a manner"

The boy smirked. "Thats right. I am half Saiyan."

How could this be? Half a Saiyan? The other half had to be Human, but that would mean that either his mother or father was Saiyan. It had to be this Goku. His mother was in no way strong enough to be Saiyan.

Suddenly, images began to flash through Kakarots eyes. Images of an old man with a white beard. Images of trees and a stream. Images of himself as a child. Suddenly, those pictures were taken over by new ones. This time he saw himself at that same age, but in a cylindrical tank of green liquid. Another old man stood in front of him, writing something down on a clipboard.

The two sets of memories suddenly vanished as the boys fist collided with Kakarots cheek. Kakarot stumbled back, but quickly got over the hit. Looks like Ill need to fight in my transformed state as well. He thought.

The boy was about to throw another punch, but stopped when he saw Kakarot become a Super-Saiyan as well.

"You" The boy started, but Kakarot punched him hard in the head. The boy flew backwards, smashing into the wall of the house.

"Uncle Goten!" The girl screamed. She turned to Kakarot. "Grampa! Why are you hurting us?"

Kakarot just stared at her. Judging by the fact that the boy and his mother had thought that Kakarot was Goku, the girl did as well.

Suddenly, a new voice rang out. "What is going on out here?!" The fifth energy signature had emerged from the house. It belonged to man with black hair that stuck straight up. He wore glasses in front of his eyes, as well as a white shirt and blue pants.

When Kakarot looked into his face, his mind was suddenly overcome with more images. These depicted this man as a young boy. He wore a red hat with a large orange ball on top. He was in a stroller, being pushed by a young woman. Next to her stood Kakarot.

Just like before, these pictures were overridden with new ones. He saw himself at that same age, but was still inside the tube. The three people Kakarot killed were standing in front of him, talking amongst themselves.

Kakarot shook his mind free of these confusing memories. Whats happening to me? He asked himself.


Chapter III

Gotenks to the Rescue

Gohan looked out over the field. He stopped when his eyes landed on a lone figure. "Dad?"

"No!" Goten choked out. He was lying in a pile of rubble from the house. "Hes not Dad! Hes an impostor!"

Gohan looked back to the man who he thought was his father. "An impostor?"

"Yeah!" Goten shouted, getting to his feet. "And hes strong!" Gohan didnt know what to do. Should he attack? Should he try and talk? "He almost hurt Mom!" That answered it.

Gohan took off his glasses and handed them to Videl who was cowering with his mother. He began to walk towards the man. "Who are you?!"

The man frowned in annoyance. "I am Kakarot. I have been sent here from Vegeta-sei to clean up this planet and hand it over to my people."

"Oh? Well, Im afraid that I cant let you do that." Gohan let his power flare wildly. He had become considerably more weak since the threat of Majin Buu over eleven years ago, but he was still the strongest in the house.

The man who called himself Kakarot suddenly jumped back and bent low into a fighting stance. Gohan bent down into a similar stance. Goten quickly joined his brothers side.

Kakarot smiled, and the battle began.

Gohan and Goten each shot into different directions, circling their enemy. Kakarot stood smiling. Though he wasnt watching them, he was monitoring the two by their ki output.

Both brothers suddenly dashed at him on both sides, hoping to sandwich him between their fists.

Kakarot kicked off the ground, allowing the two to clash into each other. Gohan and Goten quickly recovered, and shot into the air after the imitation Goku.

The three warriors quickly became locked in a fist-to-fist brawl above the meadow that made up their front yard.

"Get em, Daddy!" Pan screamed up to her father. Gohan glanced down at his daughter for a split second. The brief lack of concentration caused Kakarots fist to slam into the Demi-Saiyans cheek.

Gohan fell like a bullet to the ground. Goten doubled his efforts, but without the aid of his brother, proved to be no match to Kakarot.

Goten soon joined Gohan on the ground.

The impostor laughed down at his victims before unleashing a barrage of ki blasts at them.

The ground exploded in a shower of dirt and rocks. Gohan and Goten were lost in the blast. Chi-chi and Videl shielded Pan from the debris as best they could, screaming in fright.

Kakarot laughed again, when suddenly Gohan appeared behind him. His face was scraped, and blood ran from his lip; other than that, he was fine.

The man slammed a double-fist into Kakarots back, sending him forward. Goten appeared in mid-air in Kakarots path, and punched him back to Gohan.

Kakarot spun around, swinging his foot at Gohans head. Gohan ducked, narrowly escaping the attack. However, Kakarot lowered his hand and sent a ki blast into Gohans face.

Gohan fell back to the earth. Goten was quick to react and flew upward to Kakarot. The man again spun around and booted Goten in the chest. As the boy flew back, Kakarot pulled his hands to his side.

"Ka Me"

When Gohan heard this, his head snapped to look at the man in the air. He knows the Kamehameha?! He thought frantically. Goten noticed this, too, but was unable to do anything about it. A orb of blue light began to grow in Kakarots hands.

"Ha Me"

"Goten! MOVE!" Gohan screamed to his brother who had just regained control. The ball of ki had now grown to the size of a softball.

"HA!!" Kakarot screamed, thrusting his hands in front of himself and sending the ball of ki at his target in the form of an energy beam.

Goten took off as fast as he could, trying to outrun the deadly blast of energy.

Gohan pulled his own hands to his sides. "Ka me ha me ha!" He shot a quick burst of ki at Kakarot in an effort to stop his attack.

The smaller energy beam slammed into Kakarots side, causing him to lose control of his own energy. The Kamehameha Wave shot in a straight line, allowing Goten to dodge it.

After recovering from the weak attack, Kakarot glared down at Gohan. "You die first!" he shouted.

The impostor dropped down to Gohans level, and without offering any warning, shot over and planted his knee in Gohans gut. Gohan fell to his knees. Kakarot then jumped into the air, spun his foot around himself, and kicked Gohan hard in the side of his head. Gohan skid across the ground, coming to a motionless stop.

"Gohan!" Goten yelled. Suddenly, he felt a familiar ki approaching from the west. "Yes! Its Trunks!"

Kakarot, too, felt the ki approaching. Another? Good. These fools are too weak.

Goten shot off towards his friend.

Trunks was flying alone, a worried look on his face. When Goten reached him, he started. "Whats wrong? I was on my way when I felt you and your dads ki start to raise and drop."

"Its not my dad, hes an impostor!"

"You think I could help?" Trunks asked.

Goten nodded. "The guy seems as strong as Dad. I think we will need Gotenks for this one!"

Trunks eyes widened. "Gotenks?" Goten nodded. They had not fused since Majin Buu. "Think it will be enough?"

"I hope so."


Chapter IV

Kakarots Power


The boys landed, side-by-side, in front of Kakarot. The evil man had waited near the house for them. Chi-chi, Videl and Pan had retreated to a safer distance.

"Finally. Another." Kakarot said.

"You wont be getting any further, Impostor." Goten and Trunks said in unison, flashing each other grins.

Kakarot smiled. "I hope you do better than him." Kakarot jerked his thumb towards Gohan, who was just beginning to stir.

"Oh, we will do better than that." Goten said.

Trunks looked over to his friend. "Ready?"

Goten nodded. "Ready."

With that, they took their positions.

"Fu" They took their steps, moving their arms accordingly. "sion" They swung their legs into the stance. "Ha!" They bent sideways, allowing their fingertips to touch. Kakarot watched in stunned awe as both boys were engulfed in light and their bodies slowly became one.

The light disappeared, leaving a black and purple-haired boy standing alone. He grinned. "Gotenks is back!" He said in his double-voice.

"How" Kakarot started, amazed by what he had seen, "How did you do that?"

Gotenks smiled cockily. "Thats for me to know, and you to find out. Then again, maybe you wont." Gotenks said dramatically. The fused boy pointed at Kakarot, still grinning widely. "Now I will stop you!"

Kakarot smiled again. He could tell that this boys energy was quite high. It would give him a real challenge. As he was monitoring it, however, it began to climb. The kids ki swirled around him in a golden spiral, and with a sudden burst of ki, he made the transformation to Super-Saiyan.

Kakarot watched intently as Gotenks power continued to rise. His hair became much more spiked while electricity began to shoot around him.

Kakarot knew this form well. An ascended Super-Saiyan: only the second stage in Saiyan evolution. Kakarot knew that to counter this, he too, would have to ascend. In a split second, he had matched Gotenks intense power.

A drop of sweat appeared on Gotenks head. "Wow, you are strong. Stronger than I thought. I guess Ill just have to take it one step further"

Kakarots eyebrow raised. He couldnt be a Super-Saiyan Three? Could he?

Gotenks bent down slightly, his hands balled into fists at his sides. He stared straight ahead, and began to yell.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" His holler began to get louder and louder as his ki raised. The hair on his head began to glow golden yellow, then started to grow. Kakarot stared in amazement as the boy slowly transformed.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" His hair grew longer and longer, spilling down his back in large spikes. His eyebrows slowly vanished, as if trying to compensate for the extra on the back of his head.

Although, his hair was not the only thing to change. His ki exploded to an insane amount of power. Even Gohans power paled in comparison to his. His ki flared wildly around him, actually stripping some of the trees of their leaves, and pulling the grass up by the roots.

Kakarot knew, however, that he was much more powerful. He allowed his own ki to flare to show that, too.

Gotenks eyes widened. "Wow." He said. "You havent even gone to stage three, and you are as strong as me!" Kakarot smiled. "But it doesnt matter. I will still kick your ass!" The smiled vanished as the boys arrogance returned.

Gotenks suddenly opened his mouth and spit out a long white blob. Kakarot watched as the blob floated in midair like a big white bubble. Suddenly, arms sprouted from the sides and a head emerged from the top. It looked like a ghost replica of the boy behind it.

"Allow me to introduce you to my world famous Kamikaze Ghost Attack!" Gotenks yelled.

The ghost held up two fingers in the peace sign at Kakarot, smiling happily.

Before Kakarot could think, the ghost shot forward. Kakarot was about to jump away, when suddenly, images began to flash through his mind again. These were very different from before.

First, he saw a man with tall spiked hair, wearing blue spandex and white armor. Kakarot was surrounded by rocks. The mans eyes were turning red and fangs growing in his teeth. Fur was appearing on his skin, and he was growing.

Then, Kakarot saw a dying planet. Teal grass covered chunks of land, being ripped away by harsh teal sea. A purple and white man with a long tail stood laughing.

After that, Kakarot saw a green man who was covered in black triangles. He had large wings on his back, and two half-cones on his head. He stood in the middle of a stone tile arena. At each corner stood a giant pillar.

Finally, Kakarot saw a pink monster. He wore the same orange outfit that Kakarot wore now. A long pink antennae grew from his head and down his back. Around him were five ghost copies of himself. "Ghost Kamikaze Attack!" He yelled.

Kakarots mind was suddenly dragged back to the real world as the ghost creature grabbed him, hugging tight. Kakarot stood perfectly still and heard the ghost snicker. The white blob began to glow brilliantly, and before he knew it, he was engulfed in a ball of fire.

"Ha, ha!" Gotenks cheered.

Kakarot found himself lying on the ground. The blast had hurt him, but not badly. The most it did was piss him off.

Kakarot got to his feet, ready to attack. When he looked up, Gotenks had created seven more ghost copies of himself.

"Attack!" He yelled, pointing to Kakarot.

It wouldnt work this time. Kakarot brought his hands to face, fanning his fingers next to his eyes. "Solar Flare!" He yelled, causing a blinding light to flash.

The ghosts stopped in their tracks, rubbing their eyes. Gotenks, still standing behind them, rubbed his own eyes. "Hey! No fair!" He yelled.

Kakarot brought his fingers to his forehead and concentrated on the boys ki. In a flash, Kakarot was standing next to his foe. Gotenks had not noticed. The impostor grabbed Gotenks arm, and threw him at his own ghosts. The fused boy slammed into all seven, causing them all to explode on him.

Without wasting any time to see if the boy had been hurt, Kakarot shot blast after blast of yellow ki into the veil of smoke. Within, each blast blew up violently, sending chunks of dirt high into the air.

A clearly audible scream of pain could be heard, then nothing. When the smoke finally cleared, Trunks and Goten lay within, no longer fused as one. Both boys were unconscious.

Kakarot smiled to himself. That was easier than I thought. For a Super-Saiyan Three, he wasnt that strong.

Kakarot heard a set of feet touch the ground. "Why dont you pick on someone with matching strength?"

Kakarot recognized that voice. It was his own. He slowly turned around, and faced what could have been thought of as a mirror.

Goku stood confident, but angry. "Why did you attack my sons? Im the one youre after, right?"

Kakarot couldnt believe what he was seeing. It was like a mirror was threatening him! The man even wore the same gi that Kakarot had been given.

"You are Goku?" Kakarot asked.

Goku nodded. "And my son tells me that you claim to be Kakarot?"

Kakarot nodded before glancing over his shoulder to the first boy he had defeated. Gohans body was gone. He must have recovered and left to warn Goku.

"Kakarot is my Saiyan name. Why do you call yourself as it?"

"Because I am Saiyan." Kakarot responded. "I have been sent here to kill the humans so that the Saiyan empire can sell the planet away."

Goku shook his head. "I dont think so. Thats already been tried. It wont work. So long as Im here."

"Well then, I guess Ill just have to kill you." Kakarot said.

Goku smiled. "Youre welcome to try." He immediately powered up to level two Super-Saiyan. Kakarot could tell that their powers were completely even. He would have to go to his fullest to take care of this nuisance.

Just like Gotenks had done moments ago, Kakarot began to yell as his power raised. As Goku saw what he was doing, he too, began to power up.

Almost in unison did their hair grow down their backs. Their eyebrows disappeared, and their powers jump to unimaginable heights. The ground began to shake as rocks and dirt lifted into the air.

The trees around actually bent, and almost snapped in half. When the transformations had finished, the two stood up fully. Two identical men stood staring at each other as if hoping the other would back down. They both knew that they were very high in power. However, they both also knew that they were exactly even. Down to the very last hair.


Chapter V

Goku vs. Kakarot


The two men stood staring at each other, measuring each others ki levels. Both noticed that apart from being at exactly the same power, they carried the same life signature. They were identical in every way.

"Watch carefully, Uub, you are about to get your final lesson." Goku said.

For the first time since Goku arrived, Kakarot noticed a boy standing behind him. The boy wore a dark green gi with a red cloth around his waist. He had dark skin, and darker eyes. His hair stood up in large spikes down the middle of his head. The boy nodded.

Goku shot forward, striking out first. Kakarot was surprised at his speed, and took a fist, full force, in the jaw. As Kakarot flew back, Goku warped behind him and kicked him in the back.

As the impostor fell forward, he twisted himself around to land on his back, and readied a ki blast. Goku, again, was too quick and threw his own ki ball down. Kakarot was engulfed in fire and smoke as the attack exploded.

Goku jumped into the air, charged his energy in his hands, and let loose a rapid barrage of blasts into the smoke.

Kakarot suddenly appeared behind the Saiyan, having used Instant Transmission just before the second energy attack could land. Goku didnt have time to react, getting kicked hard in the back.

The fake Saiyan shot forward as fast as he could, striking Goku in the back again with his foot. Goku shot to the ground like a bullet. The impact created a small crater in what was left of the field.

Kakarot pulled his hands to his side, charging a blast of energy.

"Ka Me Ha Me" A blue orb of ki appeared in his hand.

Goku could feel Kakarots power raise sharply as he charged. Immediately knowing what was about to happen, he charged his own attack.

"Ka Me Ha Me" Goku created a similar ki ball in his hands.

For a second, their eyes met, exchanging looks of anger. Then, they unleashed their devastating blasts of energy.

"HAAAAA!" They both screamed simultaneously.

Two beams of energy shot at one another: one from the ground, one from the air. The two attacks met halfway between the two fighters, creating a giant sphere of pure energy.

Goku pushed as much ki out through his hands as he dared, trying to gain the upper hand. Kakarot pushed just the same amount, countering the increase of power.

Not far away, Chi-chi, Videl and Pan watched in utter amazement. Gohan stood hunched over behind them, nursing his wounds from earlier. The three girls had to shield their eyes from the intense light emitting from the energy.

The two Super-Saiyans excess ki flowed out, causing the trees and grass to sway as if in the wind. Neither warrior showed any sign of giving in. Goku and Kakarot both increased their attacks power, only causing the sphere of energy to grow in size.

The air around the beams of the Kamehameha Waves actually sizzled from the intense power. Nearby, Trunks and Goten were barely regaining consciousness. Goten sat up, still in the crater. Trunks was not far behind. They both looked in stunned awe at the struggle.

"We should help your dad." Trunks said.

"Yeah." Goten agreed. Neither boy moved.

"Which one is your dad?"

Goten stared at the two fighters for a moment. "I dont know."

"Cmon, Goten, hes your dad. You have to know."

Goten looked from one to the other. "They look identical, and their power levels are exactly the same."

Trunks glared at his friend. "Then guess!"

Goten nodded, looking at the two. Surely, he could pick out his father.

Meanwhile, Chi-chi and Videl were pressuring Gohan do to the same thing.

"Help him!" Chi-chi yelled.

"Hurry, Gohan!"

Gohan looked to the field. He had not seen which one was which because of his wounds. "Which is he?"

Chi-chi, Videl and Pan all pointed to the one on the ground. "That one!"

Gohan nodded, holding out his hands, reading a ki blast. He only needed to distract Kakarot. Goten, having made his decision, was preparing a similar attack.

Goku and Kakarot were too focused on their goal to notice the two ki balls. One ki blast slammed Kakarot in the side, making him lose the beam of energy he was shooting.

A second blast of ki hit Goku, causing him too, to lose control. The two waves of power fizzled out without causing any damage whatsoever.

Kakarot glared at the source of the attack, while Goku did the same. Kakarot saw the small group of people near the forest. A low growl escaped his throat.

Goku saw Trunks and Goten, cowering in the crater. What the hell do they think they are doing?! Goku thought angrily. He looked back up to his target to find that Kakarot had moved. Goku frantically searched for his advisory, but it wasnt until he heard a blood-curtailing scream when he realized where the impostor had gone.

Videl had been thrown from where she stood, and Chi-chi lay against a tree, unconscious. Pan had ran, while Gohan was locked in combat with Kakarot.

Goku brought his fingers to his head and warped to his first-born son. Gohan had only been blocking as Kakarot punched mercilessly at his arms. Goku shoved Gohan out of harms way, taking a hit in the face.

Content on attacking anyone, Kakarot continued fighting, issuing blow after blow to Gokus body. Goten jumped to his feet, and moving as fast as he could, ran to his mothers side. Trunks rushed to help Videl.

After several punches to the chest, Goku had had enough. He channeled all his ki and pushed it down. The Saiyan shot into the air like a rocket. Goku knew that in order to protect his family, he had to get away from the area. Just as planned, Kakarot was right behind. Uub followed at a safe distance, studying his masters fight.

Back on the ground, the group had reassembled. Chi-chi was still out, and Gohan was badly bruised. Other than that, everybody was okay.

"We should go help Goku." Trunks said.

Gohan shook his head. "No. We would just get in his way." Gohan shot a glare at Goten.

Goten put up in hands defensively. "Hey! There was NO way I could tell which was which!"

Gohans expression didnt change. "Then you shouldnt have tried to help!"

Goten pointed at Trunks. "Trunks told me to!"

"It doesnt matter." Gohan said, checking his mother. She had hit her head, but nothing serious.

Goku wanted to fly as far as he could away from his home, but Kakarot didnt allow it. Using Instant Transmission, he quickly caught up to Goku.

The two were immediately locked in hand-to-hand combat in mid-air. Uub watched intently as the two men moved around erratically, becoming visible for a split second, then disappearing into a blur of speed.

They were fighting over the forest that housed the Son household, but were far enough for it to be safe. The two warriors slowly moved towards a mountain that rose up at the edge of the woods as they fought.

Suddenly, the air lit up with yellow light as the fist-to-fist fight erupted in ki explosions. Both Super-Saiyan Threes dashed backward, throwing energy blasts at one another, just before they charged each other in a violent clash. They repeated the maneuver several times. Each time would have different results. Both Saiyans were neck and neck in fight status.

Finally, after one last devastating attack, they both had to stop.

Goku and Kakarot gasped for breath. Cuts, scrapes, and bruises covered their bodies. Their fighting clothes were in shreds, and their powers were dropping rapidly.

Uub stared, his jaw open and his eyes wide. He had never seen his master in such a magnificent fight.

"Where did you come from?" Goku gasped.

"Vegeta-sei" Kakarot panted, " and the proud Saiyan race"

Goku shook his head. "No the Saiyans are dead where did you really come from?"


Goku nodded.


"Freeza betrayed them. He killed every single one except me and Vegeta." Kakarot stared at Goku for several moments, then finally, he let his transformation drop. Goku breathed a sigh of relief and powered down as well.

"I am still a Saiyan."

Goku shook his head again. "No. You are me. I dont know how, but you are."

Kakarot looked down to the ground. How? Who am I? Slowly, Kakarot turned around to face the mountain that they were near. It looked familiar. How?

Suddenly, another round of images flashed in his mind. This time, he was in a tank. The same tank he was in earlier. A stasis tube. An old man stood in front of him.

"You will be my greatest creation ever. The blood of the most powerful warrior in the universe runs through your veins. The blood of Son Goku."

Kakarot found that his eyes were closed. When he opened them, he was back, staring at the mountain. The answers he needed were there. He slowly flew towards it, leaving a confused Goku behind.

Uub quickly floated to his sensei. "Wheres he going?" The boy asked.

Goku slowly shook his head, watching Kakarot fly away. "I dont know, but I know we will see him again. Soon." Goku then smiled down at the boy. "Now, lets go to my home and make sure everybody is okay. Im sure my wife is plenty mad at me.

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