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Goku vs. Goku Chapters 6-10
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DISCLAIMER- I dont own Dragonball Z or GT. I wrote this for fun using the characters created by Akira Toriyama. I dont profit from this in any way.

Goku vs. Goku

Chapter VI

The Doctors Secret Lab



Kakarot soon found that the mountain was home to more than rock and dirt. On the back side was a cave. Inside the cave was a door. Inside the door was a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel he hoped to find the answers he was searching for.

The cave seemed to stretch on for miles within the mountain. The path was at a slight slant, tunneling under the forest his counterpart called home.

It was dark. In order for him to even see a foot in front of his nose, he had to create a ki ball in his hands and use it like a torch.

He walked for what seemed like hours, with no end in sight. Any normal man would have given up and turned back long ago, but something drove Kakarot, like the lure of fresh meat to a starving dog.

Besides, the feel of the place was almost familiar. Even the heavy musk of the underground cave seemed to stir Kakarots memory. All the way down, pictures and images seemed to flash through his mind like a slide show.

An old man chasing him as a baby. A huge bald Saiyan trying his best to survive against Kakarots attacks. A purple alien with black horns shooting a beam from his mouth and becoming a frog. An old doctor standing in front of a stasis tube. A giant Namek rampaging in a frost-bitten world. A black-haired boy and a blond-headed girl causing death and destruction. The images went on. Bits and pieces of memory. They didnt make sense. They seemed out of order and irrational, like they were from two completely different lives.

Three strange robots fighting Kakarot and two other Super-Saiyans. A blue-skinned little man laughing with his cronies. A young Super-Saiyan fighting against a lizard-like man. A powerful Saiyan with an M on his head giving Kakarot the fight of his life. A huge pink blob sucking up thousands of screaming candies. A red devil man tearing Hell apart from the inside. A dark cave with a tube of green gel inside. A gigantic green monster having its way with a city.

Eventually, Kakarot came to what he hoped was the end. The cave narrowed to a door, then expanded again into a large room. Kakarot stopped in the entrance. He was standing on top of a stone staircase leading to the floor of the room below. From where he stood, he could see most everything.

The room was lit only by eerie green light, emitting from a cylindrical tank along the wall. Computers and equipment littered the room. Cords and wires ran along the floor, eventually meeting at one point, and leading out another door. Kakarot looked more closely to the tank of green liquid. It was the same one from his flashbacks, only this time, he was on the outside.

He carefully walked down the stairs and approached the tank. There was something in it. A man. A Saiyan. He was unconscious, but clearly alive. He was tall, taller than Kakarot. He had dark purple hair, grown in spikes down his back. It wasnt very long in Saiyan standards.

A tail behind him proved his species, but he seemed weak. Kakarot could definitely feel his energy, but compared to his own, the man was a worm.

"Like it?"

Kakarot spun around. He hadnt even noticed the other ki. The doctor from Kakarots flashbacks stood in the doorway. He calmly walked in front of the tank and smiled up at it.

Kakarot looked back up to the man. "What is it?" He asked.

"My newest creation: Broly."

"Broly?" Kakarot repeated, testing the name. "Hes a Saiyan."

The doctor nodded. "Yes he is. Some know him as the Legendary Super-Saiyan." Kakarots eyes widened. He knew that he wasnt the Saiyan of legend, but he assumed that it didnt exist. "His power is incredible. Unstoppable."

"Who are you?" Kakarot asked, his voice shaking.

"My name is unimportant. I am the man who created you."

Kakarot was speechless. All he could say was, "What?"

The doctor turned around and walked to one of the computers. "I created you. You werent born on Vegeta-sei. You werent sent here as a baby. You arent here to kill the Human race." The old man punched in a few buttons on the console in front of him. "Eleven years ago, the threat of Majin Buu made an appearance. Humanity seemed doomed. That is, until the names of three individuals became apparent. Trunks, Goten and Majunior. Babadi, Majin Buus master, became obsessed in finding the three. He had thousands of people killed in the search for them. Eventually, they showed themselves. They fought, and lost.

"By this time, almost every Human on Earth had been killed. I survived by hiding in this cave. I created several spy cameras in which I used to observe Majin Buu. I had planned on creating a similar monster to counter him with. Unfortunately, his reproductive abilities baffled my mind, so I gave up. It was then when I saw him for the first time. Son Goku.

"He fought Majin Buu to a stand-still. Even when Buu transformed to his most powerful form, Goku countered it with his amazing Super-Saiyan Three technique. I became obsessed with him. After Majin Buu had been defeated, I returned to the surface and obtained some of his cells. I planned on making a clone of him. The problem was, I didnt have enough funding. Thats when I found out about a man named Emperor Pilaf. The ignorance of the man granted me all the money I wanted. This is how you were created."

Kakarot had not moved an inch. His mind felt like it had shut down.

"In order for you to become as powerful as Goku, I needed to awake your Saiyan instinct. I found the space pod that Goku came in, and played the message for you over and over. The message that told you who you were and why you were here. You were my greatest creation ever. Perfect."

It finally made sense. Everything. Somehow, the flashbacks Kakarot had been having were of his real life, and of Gokus life. Then, a new question surfaced in Kakarots mind. He looked up to the man behind him. "Then why did you do this?"

The doctor laughed a bit. "Well, it seemed that being stuck down here with Pilaf for ten years took its toll on my mind. I became just as obsessed with killing Goku as he. After he took you away, I realized that in the same way you were perfect, you were flawed. You were identical to Goku. You still are. You could never beat him, and he could never beat you. It was useless. I needed to create something more powerful in order to kill Goku.

"Of course, by that time, Broly had already been killed. In my research, however, I stumbled upon information about the Dragon Balls. It took me a year to find them all, but I did. I wished Broly back to life. It took some persuading, but I convinced him to help me. I used every resource and technique at my disposal to increase his power. I eventually had to break down and splice Gokus cells with his. When he awakens, we will find out if it worked."

Kakarot couldnt believe it. The man was insane! Kakarot rose his hand, aiming a ki blast at the doctor. The old man took a step back. "Go ahead, kill me. Broly will live. He will kill you, too! You cant stop him!"

Kakarots hands lit up with a ball of yell energy. "And, if I destroy his life-support?"

"It doesnt matter! Broly is invincible!" Kakarot had heard enough. In one final scream, the doctor was dead. Kakarot spun around and threw a ki blast at the tank of green liquid. The glass shattered, spilling its contents out to the floor. Kakarot threw several more blast to destroy all the computers. He flew to the door at the top of the stairs and headed back down the hallway as fast as he could.


Chapter VII

Vegetas Hate


Vegeta sat alone on the mountain with his eyes closed. He sat in the shade of the cliff that towered above him. Another cliff, this one at a drop, created a large plateau in which Vegeta loved to train. On one side, the mountain ended in another cliff making a small catwalk on which was a path he used to reach the place without flight. The place was his haven. If he could not use the gravity chamber at Capsule Corp., he would come here.

The best part about it, though, was that only he knew about it. He could train undisturbed by his family. When Bra had been born, he had to find someplace to go. That girl could make him do anything she wanted just by looking at him. She wasnt a bad girl, though. Even though she wasnt that interested in fighting, she allowed him to train her. She had become quite strong, too. Vegetas goal was to get her strong enough to beat the brat of Kakarots brat in a fight.

Vegetas eyes snapped open when he felt a familiar ki approaching. "Kakarot" he muttered under his breath. Vegetas rivalry had slowed since the fight with Majin Buu, but Vegeta still couldnt stand the man. Especially since he left with that stupid kid before their match!

Vegeta got to his feet and waited for his most hated of foes and most deadly of allies. Finally, the man floated up. He was looking down with a troubled look on his face, not even noticing Vegeta.

"Kakarot!" Vegeta spat. The mans head snapped up and looked at Vegeta with confusion. "What the hell do you think youre doing here?!"

Kakarot didnt respond. He just stared at Vegeta with a funny look on his face, like he couldnt remember who Vegeta was and was trying to place his face.

"You are a Saiyan." He finally said. Vegeta was taken aback at this. What the hell was he talking about?! "Who are you?"

Vegetas jaw dropped. Who the fuck did Kakarot think he was?! How dare he disgrace Vegeta in such a way?!

"I have seen you before but who are you?" Kakarot asked.

Vegetas ki began to flare wildly in his anger. The bastard! Vegeta admitted that he was stronger, and now he wont even acknowledge knowing him?! Vegeta transformed, preparing to attack.

Kakarots eyes widened in surprise, then narrowed in agreement to the challenge. He, too, became a Super-Saiyan. Vegeta powered up to stage two.

Again, Kakarots eyes widened. He smiled as he ascended as well, but to Vegetas shock, he kept going. His hair grew and his power exploded. What the hell is this clown doing?! Vegeta thought angrily, He knows as well as I do that I cant match that kind of power!

"Vegeta!" Gokus voice rang through Vegetas ears, but to his curiosity, they did not come from the man in front of him.

Vegetas head turned to the pass, where another Goku ran. "Vegeta! Hes not me!" Vegeta looked to the Super-Saiyan Three in bewilderment, then back to Goku. What the fucking hell was going on?!

Goku ran up beside Vegeta. "Vegeta, hes an impostor."

Kakarot saw Goku and powered down. He needed to tell the man about the insane doctor.

Vegeta and Goku listened intently as Kakarot explained about himself and the old man. Before he could say anything about Broly, Vegeta interjected.

"So there are two Kakarots now?" Kakarot nodded. Vegeta glared at Goku. "Kakarot, this has to be your work!"

Goku shook his head. "No, Vegeta, and while Kakarot is here, please call me Goku. Just so we dont get confused."

Vegeta snorted. "Fine."


Chapter VIII

Power of a Monster


Not far away in the forest, the ground began to quake. Birds flew from the trees as the limbs shook, and animals ran from the area as the ground shifted.

Suddenly, a pillar of light shot from the earth, splitting the ground. All around, more beams of light shot up, pure ki radiating from the pit within. In a brilliant flash, the ground broke apart and lifted into the air. In another flash, the dirt and rocks evaporated. The crater within glowed with a golden aura of energy. A lone figure floated up from the hole.


Goku, Kakarot, and Vegeta stood up quickly, looking towards the forest. All three of them felt an amazing power. A thick column of dust rose from within the trees. Another wave of the incredible energy swept over the three Saiyans. It sent chills down their spines.

"What the hell is that?!" Vegeta yelled, horror lacing his voice.

"I I dont know!" Goku yelled back, just as much fear in his.

Kakarot was the most fearful of all. He knew exactly what it was.

From the smoke appeared a man. He began to fly over to the mountain as soon as he was visible.

He was surrounded by a vibrant gold aura. The aura of a Super-Saiyan.

"Broly!" Goku spat the second he realized who it was.

"Wh.. what?!" Vegeta demanded, glaring at Goku.

"I.. its Broly!"


Goku shook his head. "I dont"

"I its the work of th that madman." Kakarot choked out.

Goku twisted around. "Another clone?!"

Kakarot shook his head. "Its the real Broly. The doctor brought him back with the Dragon Balls."

Goku turned to watch the Legendary Super-Saiyan fly towards them.

"Its impossible!" Vegeta barked out. "Broly doesnt have that much power!"

Kakarot opened his mouth to respond, but no noise came out. At that exact moment, Brolys power had fluctuated, showing to all of them that he was no where near his full power.

A wide, malicious grin was spread across Brolys face. He was already in Super-Saiyan mode, but already his power had surpassed even that of a normal ascended Saiyan.

He wore the same rags he always did. He even had the same wrist plates that his father had once used to control his power.

Broly stopped in front of them and smiled a toothy grin. "Kakarot." He said.

Goku and Kakarot took a step back. Vegeta almost fell to his knees.

Brolys eyes suddenly became wide, as if he had suddenly felt a sharp pain. He threw his head back and his chest out, and began screaming at the top of his lungs. The noise was so loud that the ground actually shook. Chunks of rock broke away from the mountain.

His power took a dramatic step upward, throwing ki in all directions. The top of the cliff shredded from the might, leaving Goku, Kakarot, and Vegeta to float instead of stand.

Goku watched in complete horror as Brolys pupils disappeared, and his eyebrows evaporated. His spiked yellow hair began to grow down his back. Lightning shot from his body, cutting through what was left of the cliff, and slicing chunks of stone away. The sky darkened with clouds as Brolys power continued to climb.

It had gotten so high, that actually hurt to sense. Goku felt his head begin to pound as he watched the transformation take place.

This was bad. Very bad. He had had enough trouble fighting Broly the first time. He had to actually use others energy to put Broly out of commission, and even that wasnt enough. Broly had returned, and had given Gohan and Goten the fight of their lives. Had it not been for a wild twist of fate, and Broly not overpowered then, the Earth and everybody on it would have been doomed.

Now, Broly was breaking the limits of reality and surpassing the second stage of Super-Saiyan. A feat only accomplished by Goku and Gotenks.

Goku glanced to Vegeta, whos eyes had actually watered over. At first, Goku was surprised. He had seen Vegeta cry only once. Only once when he had to admit that he needed the help of the person he hated most. Then, Goku realized. Vegeta had strived all his life to become a Super-Saiyan, and had to bear the reality that Goku had surpassed him. He even had to endure the knowledge that Gohan, too, was stronger than him.

Vegeta even had to use Babadis possession to give him the boost into Super-Saiyan two. Now, Vegeta was watching yet another Saiyan prove that he had surpassed him. It must have been killing Vegeta inside.

Another wave of ki swept Gokus thoughts back to the horror in front of him. Now was NOT the time to be thinking of Vegetas pride. Now was a time to plan on how to stop this insane, super-powered Super-Saiyan. The only solution Goku could think of was fusion.

As Broly neared his completion, Goku and Kakarot took action and powered up to stage three as well.

Broly stopped yelling and looked down at the two men before him. His muscles had easily doubled in size, making him four times as big as a normal Saiyan. His spiked hair billowed down to his waist, making him look like a porcupine.

"Are you ready to die, Kakarot?" Broly asked as if it was a serious question.


Chapter IX

It Begins



Brolys power was imaginable. He made Majin Buu look like a small child. Dark energies radiated in and out of Brolys muscled body. The ki around him had become a visible form of gold and green light in a huge aura that seemed to actually burn with power.

Goku knew that this fight wouldnt last long unless something changed. He looked over Vegeta. The man was barely floating on his own will. The warrior had already been defeated. Goku then turned his attention to Kakarot. They were the Earths only hope.

"Hey!" Goku yelled, grabbing the identical Saiyans attention. "You say Goten and Trunks fuse, right?!" Kakarot didnt respond. "They became the same person!" Kakarots eyes widened in realization and nodded. "I think that the only way to-"

Goku was cut off as Broly shot forward and slammed his massive fist into Gokus head. Goku flew backward, shooting through the cliff behind him.

Broly smiled at Kakarot. "Two Kakarots! Now I can get my revenge twice!"

Kakarot stood perfectly still. Never before had he faced someone this strong. For that matter, he had never fought anyone the least bit stronger than him! Broly reached forward, grabbing Kakarots head, and throwing him into the cliff as well.

Goku was the first to return. He rushed from the growing pile of rocks, throwing a punch at Brolys face. Goku felt his knuckles come into contact with Brolys jaw, but the monster didnt even flinch.

Broly smiled evilly and grabbed Goku, pinning his arms to his side. Broly lifted the man up and brought him down hard, headbutting him in the stomach. Goku screamed in pain, spit flying from his mouth. Broly lifted him up and slammed Goku down again. Then again, and again, and again.

Finally, Broly threw Goku into the air and held out his hand. The energy around his palm turned green, then gathered in Brolys hand. Broly closed his fist around the ball of green ki, and when he opened it, the ball shot forward.

Brolys signature move hit Goku and exploded, sending the Super-Saiyan flying through the air like a rag doll. Broly zipped over and brought up his knee into Goku as he fell.

Gokus body fell limp over Brolys leg. The giant tossed him into the air with his knee, then kicked him into the mountain. Broly let out a wicked laugh as he began to throw blast after blast into the side of the cliff, demolishing what was left of the side of the mountain.

Little did he know, Goku and Kakarot had used Instant Transmission, and were both behind him.

"One, two, THREE!" Goku screamed.

"KAMEHAMEHA!" Both yelled at the tops of their lungs, letting two power waves of energy.

Broly spun around, taking both blast in the face. A powerful explosion sent both Saiyans tumbling backward. What little was left of the mountain, was now falling to the ground in huge chunks of rock. Vegeta had to shield himself from the debris as it flew in every direction.

Goku and Kakarot righted themselves in air to see the result of their attack. Before they could even comprehend it, Broly had shot from the smoke and grabbed each of them by their necks. He was barely even scratched.

The malicious smiled had never left his face. He held out his arms on either side of him, still clutching a squirming Saiyan in each hand.

Goku and Kakarot, as if sharing the same thoughts, began to throw a rapid series of ki blasts into Brolys sides. Broly only laughed. Vegeta watched in horror as green light concentrated itself in Brolys palms against Kakarot and Gokus necks. The two identical Saiyans were blasted away from Broly as the ki balls exploded.

Broly pulled his arms to his sides and laughed, gathering more and more power into his body. His aura flared brightly, and electricity flickered around his muscles. Goku and Kakarot fell to the earth, too hurt to try to fly back up. The two hit the ground hard, each losing their transformed state and reverting to normal.

Goku rolled onto his stomach and struggled to his hands and knees. Blood dripped from his face and onto the ground. Kakarot stayed on his back, breathing heavily.

"H how can he be so strong?" The man choked out.

Goku shook his head slowly. "I dont know."

"Hes invincible."

Gokus face twisted in anger and frustration. "No hes not! Theres a way to beat him!" The beaten Saiyan turned to the other. "The Fusion Technique."

"You mean the same one the boys did?" Kakarot asked, struggling to sit up.

Goku nodded. "All we need is time to teach it to you."

Kakarot shook his head. "How?"

Goku looked over his shoulder into the sky. Broly was still up there, laughing in triumph. Vegeta was nearby, just waiting for Broly to attack him.

Vegeta! Goku yelled using his Saiyan telepathy. Vegeta didnt respond, but Goku knew that he had heard. Vegeta, we need you to distract Broly so Kakarot and I can fuse!

This time, Vegeta replied. WHAT?! Are you insane?!

Please, Vegeta, all we need is a few minutes.

Fine, but hurry.

Goku smiled. Thanks, Vegeta.

Goku got to his feet slowly. Kakarot watched intently as Goku began to explain.


Chapter X

Vegetas Fight


Vegeta eyed his foe warily. He couldnt stand that deep cackle of a laugh, but Brolys overwhelming power held the Saiyan prince back. How could he amount to that?! He couldnt even beat Kakarot as a level two Super-Saiyan! How was he to even compare to one that overpowered level three?!

Broly slowly turned around to face the intimidated prince. "Well, Vegeta, would you like a shot at death?"

Vegeta spat, and powered up, going all the way to stage two. If Kak- Goku, wants me to stall this monster, I will.

Broly suddenly charged, not allowing Vegeta any time to react. A massive fist crashed into Vegetas chest, sending the proud Saiyan flying backwards. Vegeta quickly recovered. As fast as he could, he flew straight up.

Broly laughed. "Come Vegeta, embrace your end." The giant Saiyan gave chase.

Vegeta leveled out, flying horizontally, and gaining as much speed as he could. Broly laughed wickedly as he followed, enjoying the new game of cat and mouse. Vegeta began to zigzag back and fourth, as if hoping he would lose the insane man behind him, but Broly kept up with every turn.

"Now, youre mine." Broly said, suddenly getting a huge burst of speed and easily catching up to the smaller Saiyan.

Vegeta let out a cry of shock as Broly grabbed him with both hands like he had done to Goku earlier. Vegeta screamed in rage, letting his power soar as he tried to free himself, but it was no use.

This only amused Broly more. "Squirm, Vegeta, squirm!"

Vegeta roared in anger. Nobody disgraced the Saiyan prince like that! Vegeta twisted his legs up and kicked Broly with all his might with both legs. The blow landed on Brolys chest, and was strong enough to break Vegeta free.

Once out of Brolys grasp, Vegeta backed up as fast as he could. The small man threw blast after blast of ki at Broly as he moved. Broly only laughed, taking every blast like it was nothing. He then rose one hand, pointing his palm at Vegeta. A green ball of light appeared and shot forward.

Seeing this new threat, Vegeta threw a few energy blasts at it. Each of his attacks mearly bounced off. Vegeta turned tail and flew again, but it seemed that the faster he went, the faster the attack went!

The blast contacted him on his back, exploding and launching Vegeta forward. His eyes widened as he saw Broly shot in front of him.

Unable to stop, Vegeta collided with Brolys fist. Before Vegeta could recoil from the attack, he felt another fist slam into his back. The Saiyan fell onto Brolys knee and was immediately sandwiched by Brolys fists.

Vegeta cried out as pain shot through his body. Broly had begun to slam ki blasts down on the Saiyan prince, laughing like a madman the whole time.

A sudden flash of bright light from below caught Brolys attention. He stopped pummeling Vegeta, allowing the Saiyan to roll from his knee and fall to the ground.

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