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Goku vs. Goku Chapters 11-15
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DISCLAIMER- I dont own Dragonball Z or GT. I wrote this for fun using the characters created by Akira Toriyama. I dont profit from this in any way.

Goku vs. Goku

Chapter XI




"Fu Sion HA!"

The bodies of two identical Saiyans became engulfed in light as they merged. Broly ceased his attack on Vegeta and lowered to the ground to see what was going on.

Vegeta landed with a thud, barely conscious. He could sense two powers combine into one awesome one. Goku and Kakarot combined not only their bodies, but their identical powers as well.

"What the" Broly said as he watched the bizarre display.

The light dimmed, revealing Goku. Or what looked like Goku. He wore a black vest, rimmed with a red, fluffy, collar, and sleeves. He had on baggy white pants, held up by a black rope.

He slowly looked down at his hands and smiled. "It worked perfectly." His voice was not like usual fusions. It was not a doubled. It was simply Gokus voice. He smirked toward Broly.

"You are not Kakarot." Broly said.

The fused man shook his head. "No. Im not. You can call me Gokarot."

"Gokarot?" Broly repeated the name, as if testing it.

Gokarot smiled, then suddenly bared his teeth. He bowed a bit and began to scream.

Broly watched, unimpressed, as the mans hair flashed gold and lightening flashed around him. In a flash of light, his hair had more than doubled in size. He stood up straight, and smiled once again.

"Broly! Prepare to meet your match!"

Broly laughed. "You think youre going to defeat me?"

Gokarot nodded. He suddenly vanished and reappeared directly in front of Broly. He rose up his fist, sinking it into Brolys gut. Broly stumbled back, amazed at the force of the attack. It was the first time in years that he had actually felt pain. He liked it.

Broly took a step forward, and Gokarot jumped into the air. With a twist of his body, Gokarot swung his shin into the side of Brolys head, pulled back, and threw a ki blast into his face.

Gokarot landed on his feet. When he did, he took a few steps backwards, using his ki to propel himself so all he had to do was touch the ground with the tips of his shoes. He smiled proudly as he made some distance from the giant and himself.

The smoke around Brolys head cleared, revealing a wicked smile. Blood ran from his lip and one of his white eyes. He laughed.

Gokarot, a little confused at this, had to ask. "Whats so funny?"

Broly stopped and replied. "Cause you are still so very weak." With that, his power soared. The golden aura of ki flared around him, and his power level jumped to new hights.

Gokarot watched in amazed horror as Brolys energy and power zoomed over his own. Gokarot wasnt exactly sure of his full potential, but from what he guessed, he was in for a fight.

By the time Broly had finished powering up, his muscles had increased even more! Broly gave his trademark evil grin and said, "Well, Kakagou or Gokuot or whatever, how do you like my new power?"

Gokarot laughed. "Its impressive, but nowhere near mine!"

Broly laughed back. "Im sure."

Gokarot suddenly shot at his advisary with amazing speed. He let loose a barrage of punches and kicks to the Super-Saiyans chest and stomach, but Broly didnt budge.

"Is that the best you can do?" Broly taunted.

Gokarot flared his ki wildly and increased the ferocity and speed of his attacks, landing blow, after blow, after bone-crunching blow. Broly laughed through it all, but slowly backed up from each attack.

After one final punch, Gokarot jumped back and switched to energy attacks. His arms flew like machine-guns, throwing small orbs of ki. Broly was quickly engulfed in flames and smoke as he was pummeled with the blasts.

Finally, when Gokarot could feel his energy begin to drain, he stopped. After the last blast hit, there was silence. Except the billowing smoke, nothing moved. Nothing made a sound. A bead of sweat rolled over Gokarots brow.

Then, the silence was broken by a deep laughter. Gokarots eyes widened when he heard Brolys almost giddy laughter.

In a flash, Broly erupted from the smoke, grabbing Gokarots head and shoving it into the ground. The Earth split with the force, sending chunks of rock flying. Broly laughed harder as he lifted his other hand and aimed a ki blast down.

A crater was created from the resulting explosion, Gokarot lay at the bottom while Broly floated above, still laughing like a hyena.

Gokarot struggled to his feet. How? How could Broly be this strong?! It was like he had an unlimited source of power! A never ending well of energy! He was a beast. A monster. Powered by hate, and driven by his need of revenge.

Not far away, Vegeta lay in shock. He wasnt watching, but he could feel the powers. It was incredible. Unimaginable. When Vegeta felt the ground shake as Broly embedded Gokarots head into the ground, he had to get up and watch.

Gokarot had flown out of the crater and was staring angrily toward Broly. Vegeta could see hate in his eyes. They werent the eyes of the Goku he knew. They were the eyes of a cold, ruthless Saiyan.

Gokarot suddenly arched his back and screamed as loud as he could. Vegeta could feel his power begin to climb. Electricity shot around him in a brilliant show, and his golden aura brightened. Suddenly, it hit Vegeta. Gokarot was trying to go to the next level. Super Saiyan Four.

(Quick note. DBGT hasnt happened yet. Vegeta and the rest dont yet know of the "true" Super-Saiyan 4.)

There hadnt been a stage four Saiyan to date, but it was only logical that if a third stage existed, surely more did. Vegeta watched with growing interest as the fusion form continued to gain power. At this rate, he was sure to evolve. Then, Vegeta realized that he actually hoped that the man didnt ascend. If he did, it would have been yet another step for Vegeta to take in his quest to be greater than Goku.

Broly finally stopped his seemingly endless laughter. For the first time in his life, a look of uncertainty was on his face. If Gokarot ascended, his power would be far greater.

Suddenly, the single fused man broke into two individual Saiyans. They abruptly stopped powering up and looked at each other in confusion.

"What?!" Vegeta spat; it hadnt been nearly half an hour yet! Though, he was secretly relieved that Gokarot hadnt transformed.

Goku and Kakarot looked to each other as if waiting for the other to tell why they had split apart.

"What the hell is going on?!" Broly demanded.

"We must have used too much power!" Goku shouted, realizing the reason.

"What?!" Kakarot yelled, clearly worried about the pain that was sure to come.

"We burned up the time we had with our energy!"

The two Saiyans once again faced the terrible monster before them, who had broken out in laughter again.

"Can we fuse again?!" Kakarot demanded.

"Not for another hour." Goku responded.

"An HOUR?! We cant survive for that long!"

"I know." Goku said, already scheming another plan. Broly continued to laugh triumphantly while Goku thought. Finally, he said, "You and Vegeta will need to hold him off for a bit, I need to get something."

"What?!" Kakarot yelled, but it was too late, Goku had already left.


Chapter XII

Plan B


Goku had vanished into thin air, leaving a worried Kakarot, and a troubled Vegeta. Broly on the other hand, was in quite a good mood.

"It seems that one Kakarot has already seen that I cannot be defeated!" the madman laughed hysterically.

What the hell was Goku up to?! Kakarot couldnt stand against this power alone! Hell, together they couldnt beat this monster!

Kakarot glanced over to Vegeta. The man looked like his head was about to explode. Veins popped out on his forehead, his face was dark red, and his fists were clenched tightly.

Did Vegeta know the Fusion Dance? Kakarot wasnt sure about Vegeta and Gokus history, but something told him that it was bad. It wasnt likely that the Saiyan knew how to fuse, still, it was Kakarots only hope.

In an instant, Kakarot warped to the furious prince. Vegeta didnt seem to notice, he was breathing heavily in anger. Kakarot actually began to fear him as much as Broly, but he needed to ask.

"Vegeta, did Goku ever teach you how" Kakarot didnt finish. He had noticed that Vegetas pupils had disappeared and his ki began to spike. The clone stepped away slowly as the golden aura around Vegeta grew. Broly watched in interest as Vegeta arched his back and began to yelling.

Broly smiled. "It seems that Little Vegeta is about to join the growing list of Super-Saiyan Three."

Kakarot heard Broly speak, but needed no narration of the display. It was obvious by the growing hair on Vegetas head.


Goku suddenly appeared on the sacred planet of the Kais. Old Kai was fishing in a nearby pond while Kabito-Kai watched the fight with Broly in a small glass ball. Goku immediately ran to the elder.

"Old Kai!" He shouted, disregarding any kind of greeting. "I need to ask for a favor!"

Old Kai nodded. "I expected as much.

Kabito-Kai ran to the Saiyan. "Goku! Vegeta is ascending!"

Goku nodded. "I can feel his energy, it should keep Broly busy for awhile."

"What do you need?" Old Kai said, setting down the fishing pole and getting to his feet.

"I was wondering if you had another set of those Potara Earrings."

Old Kai frowned, "Well, we would IF YOU HADNT CRUSHED THE ONES WE GAVE YOU!"

Goku smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head. "Yeah sorry about that."

Kabito-Kai, more calm than his ancestor, replied. "I can make you another set, hold out your hands."

Goku eagerly did as he was told, holding lifting his hands in front of him like a child receiving money. Kabito-Kai pointed his palms at Gokus, and in a flash of red light, two round earrings appeared.

Goku held up the powerful jewelry, inspecting it. "Thats great! Thanks!" He quickly lifted his fingers to his head, ready to leave.

"Wait!" Old Kai yelled, "I hope you havent forgotten that if you use those, you will be NO returning to normal. Just because you split up inside of Majin Buu DOESNT mean that it will happen again!"

Goku nodded. "I know." Then he vanished.


Chapter XIII

Vegetas Fury


Vegeta floated above a crater made by his own overwhelming ki. Kakarot stood back, amazed at how much power the prince actually had. Broly, too, was a little shocked. Vegetas energy radiated around him in a whirling, spiraling, thick golden aura.

He looked down at his arms, studying his potential. "So this is what it feels like." he simply said. He was already short of breath and aching all over. The transformation alone had eaten away a great deal of his stamina. He wasnt sure exactly how long he could stay like that, but he knew that it would be a very short time. How did Kakarot do it?

"Well, well, well." Broly mused, "It seems that I have some more competition." He let out a laugh at his own statement. This only angered the new Super-Saiyan three further.

At any normal time, Vegeta would have snapped back with an insult or a threat, but this time he didnt that kind of time. Instead, he struck.

Broly was caught off-guard, both by the suddenness and force of the attack. Vegetas fist sunk into Brolys stomach, actually knocking the wind out of the giant!

As Broly fell forward, Vegeta zipped around him and kicked the behemoth in the back of the head. Vegeta grabbed a fist-full of Brolys green-yellow hair and pulled him back up. Vegeta flattened his hand against Brolys head and shot a ki blast.

The Saiyan stumbled forward, smoke actually rising from the singed hair. Vegeta outstretched his hands and began gathering energy. "Kakarot!" Vegeta yelled, "Keep him busy!"

Kakarot didnt know what the prince was up to, but wasted no time in complying with the order. He powered up to stage three and jumped at his foe. The smaller Saiyan unleashed a barrage of vicious attacks at the chest of the legendary Saiyan, doing nothing more than a few bruises.

Vegetas muscles bulged as his body swelled with ki, two yellow orbs had formed in his palms. The aura of golden light had vanished, absorbed into the mass of power Vegeta was creating.

Kakarot could sense Vegetas ki sky-rocket, but he didnt dare let up on his efforts to see what was going on.

Finally, Vegeta felt that he had had enough power. "Move!" He yelled. Again, Kakarot wasted no time, jumping away. Vegeta swung his arms around to meet in front of him. "FINAL FLASH!" Vegeta screamed, unleashing one of the most devastating attacks in his arsenal.

Broly, still recovering from Kakarots flurry of punches, could not move in time. The beam of pure energy engulfed him, burning his flesh and eating away at his skin. The attack ripped and shredded the surrounding trees and rocks, breaking them down and turning the once quiet section of forest into a flaming hell.

Finally, a mighty explosion rocked the earth, ending the blast in the most destructive way possible.

Not a movement was made, not a sound uttered, not even a breath taken as the results of the attack were assessed.

The smoke slowly cleared to reveal nothing but a large crater. Kakarot allowed his transformation to drop. He couldnt sense Brolys ki. Not at all. He could feel his own and Vegetas, but that was all.

Breathing heavily and not able to retain his transformation, Vegeta powered down as well and lowered to the ground. He couldnt feel Brolys ki either, but past experiences had taught him to never assume victory.

Goku suddenly appeared nearby. He nearly jumped in surprise at what he saw. The ground had been stripped of everything but dirt and rock. A gigantic crater had scarred the land; Vegeta and Kakarot both stood on opposite sides of it. Broly was nowhere to be found. Had Vegeta actually done it?

Several minutes of silence passed, waiting for the evil Saiyans inevitable return, but he did not come. Kakarot jumped into the air, his fist raised in triumph. "YEAH!"

Neither Goku nor Vegeta moved. Too many times in the past had they thought the enemies defeat was assured, only to have them return and take a life of one of the mighty warriors.

Kakarot, on the other hand, had not had such experience and openly celebrated his first true victory. He jumped into the air and hollered in joy.

More time passed, all the while, Goku and Vegeta searched desperately for any signs of Brolys survival. Finally, Kakarot noticed that the two had not moved. He immediately got the idea and waited.

As time went on, however, Goku and Vegeta become more and more confident that for once, their foe was NOT going to return. After about half an hour, they had been convinced.

Gokus first act was to run to Vegeta and congratulate him. "You did it, Vegeta! You saved the Earth!"

Vegeta smirked. "Of course, Kak Goku Without you, who else would get the job done?" Goku laughed, both in relief, and at Vegetas difficulty in calling him by his Human name.

Suddenly, all three of them sensed a ki approaching. They all jumped up and got into fighting stances. They knew it was too good to be true.

When Uub came into view, they all let out a sigh of relief. Uub landed in front of his master. "Goku? Are you okay?"

Goku rubbed Uubs head playfully, "Yeah, were all fine."

"What happened?" The boy asked, looking around in wonder.

"The very thing Im training you for: a fight for the Earth." Suddenly, Goku remembered the earrings still clutched in his fist. "Ill be right back." He announced before vanishing.

As if triggered by Gokus leaving, the ground near the crater blew up. The three people left spun around at a huge explosion of ki. Broly, the legendary Super-Saiyan, floated above the ground, alive and well.


Chapter XIV

Final Fusion


Goku arrived back on the planet of the Kais with the Potara Earrings in hand. When he materialized, he saw both Old Kai and Kabito-Kai staring into the crystal ball intently.

"Hey, Old Kai, I guess I wont be needing these after-"

"Get back to Earth NOW!" Kabito-Kai yelled.

Goku furrowed his brow. "Why? Whats wrong?"

Old Kai pointed into the ball, and Goku came up to peer inside. His jaw practically dropped when he saw what was happening.

Broly held Kakarots head in one hand and was swinging his body at Vegeta and Uub. With his other hand, he was shooting ki blasts at them whenever they were too far away to be hit by Kakarot.

"Oh, no!" Goku yelled, bringing his fingers to his head and concentrating on the strongest ki on Earth.


Broly spun around and launched Kakarots body towards Vegeta. The living projectile slammed on target, knocking Vegeta to his back. Broly laughed, flying above them and launching a powerful energy blast down.

"Kamehameha!" Uub yelled, throwing his senseis signature move down at the evil Saiyan.

Broly turned, swinging his arm into the blasts path. The beam of blue energy was hit back like a baseball, slamming into the trainee warrior. Uubs smoking body fell to join that of Kakarots and Vegetas.

Broly began laughing like a madman as he threw another ki blast down to the three. The ground below them exploded, sending each in a different direction. Broly shot over to Vegeta, and snatched the prince from the air. Vegeta didnt have either the time nor energy to try to escape, and took Brolys fist in the face.

Laughing maliciously, Broly zipped over to Uub and grabbed the boy by the ankle. Broly lowered to the ground and began slamming the boy into any rocks or trees that were nearby. Kakarot and Vegeta both landed nearby, neither of them having the strength to get up. Uub hit the ground with a thud when his attacker let go of his ankle, and stopped moving completely.

Broly let out a wicked laugh, "Looks like Goku isnt here to help any of you!"

At that exact moment, Goku reappeared nearby. He took one look around and knew that the fight had been unsuccessful.

Broly immediately took notice of the new arrival. "You want a turn?"

Goku stared at the monster sternly. He had reached his limit. No longer was he willing to joke. He was sick of Broly, and sick of what the Saiyan had done. He moved over to his fallen friends.

Vegeta was barely holding consciousness, and Kakarot looked like he was about to faint.

Goku clutched the earrings tightly. He knew what he had to do, but it wasnt an easy decision to make. Slowly, Goku fastened the earring to his right ear.

Both Vegeta and Kakarot watched as the hero held up the other ring. Broly waited patently next to Uubs motionless body.

"Put this on your left ear." Goku said, handing it to the man he had decided to join bodies with.

Kakarot took the jewelry in his fingers and looked to Goku like he was crazy. "What the hell will this do!?"

"Just do it." Goku said.

"What will happen? I know something will happen."

Goku nodded. Kakarots instincts were well tuned. "We will fuse."

"You mean like before?"

Goku nodded. "But this time, there will be no splitting apart."

Kakarots eyes widened a bit at this. "Then why are we doing it!?"

"Because its a much stronger fusion. The last time we used too much power for it to hold. This fusion has no limit, therefore giving us a window to use as much energy as we want."

Kakarot wrinkled his brow in thought. Was it so bad? Becoming the same person for the rest of his life? He would still live, just sharing the same body as another. What did he have to lose? He had no family, no friends. Why not?

Kakarot, having made his decision, clipped the ring to his ear.

Goku smiled and nodded. "Thanks."

As soon as the earring was on his ear, the transformation began to take place. Loose rocks and dirt began swirling around them from an explosion of ki as their bodies came together. The already darkened sky turned almost pitch black and lightening shot down from the heavens.

A blinding flash of light, followed by an devastating explosion, and the two super powers combined.

Dust enveloped their two forms, throwing a veil around the most powerful union since Vegeto. Vegeta, unable to hold his head up any longer, joined Uub in unconsciousness. Broly was forced to cover his eyes from the sandstorm of dust, but he still watched with interest.

All around the world, the other warriors felt the power. Tien and Chiaotzu had stopped their training to study the energy they felt. The Kame house, too, felt the change. Krillin, 18, Marron, Master Roshi, and even the turtle all felt the power as if it was next to them.

"What is that!?" Roshi demanded, closing his eyes to get a better lock on the source.

Krillin shook his head, "I I dont know. It almost feels like Goku, but a lot stronger!"

"Maybe he needs help." The kind-hearted Marron suggested.

"If it is Goku," 18 responded, "Id say whoever hes fighting needs help!"


Gohan, Goten, and Trunks stared in shock at the billowing cloud of dust in the distance. They floated high above the house where Chi-chi, Videl, and Pan all waited.

Goten couldnt believe what he was seeing and sensing. The mountain that had once bordered the forest was no longer there. A brilliant ray of golden light shot up from the dust that had engulfed half the forest. Within the cloud was an immense power, the likes of which the teenager had never felt in his life.

"Kami, it makes Majin Buu look like a harmless rodent." Goten whispered in awe.

Trunks nodded. He then looked to his friend. "Shouldnt we go held your dad?"

Goten glared at Trunks like he was stupid. "Remember what happened last time we tried that?! No!"

Trunks shook his head at Gotens protest and continued to watch and wait.


Slowly, the swirling tornado of dust thinned out, allowing Broly to see within.

A man stood in the very center of the chaos. It was Goku. Just Goku. He wore the same clothes, had the same hair, the same face, the same body. Seemingly nothing had changed.

Goku looked down at himself. He looked and felt the same. It wasnt like the other fusion. With it, he could feel Kakarots mind. He had felt strange, like two personalities were struggling for control. It was like that for any normal fusion, but not this one. This time, Goku felt like himself. No Kakarot. No second personality. Just himself -that, and an enormous level of power.

Though it seemed that he had not fused at all, his energy was more than enough evidence that Kakarot had merged with Goku.

Goku looked up to Broly, but waited, analyzing his ki. Broly was much stronger than before. Goku couldnt understand how he had gotten such an increase in his power so quickly. Then, it dawned on him. Vegetas attack must have almost killed Broly. Goku knew that Saiyans gain power from near-death experiences, and somehow, the monster had fully recovered, it must have been some alteration the scientist had made.

Goku wasnt sure if he had more power than the evil Saiyan, but he would find out soon enough.


Chapter XV



Goku stared at Broly in challenge. He immediately powered up to Super-Saiyan Three. The ease of the transformation surprised Goku a little. Before, he had to struggle and burn a lot of energy in order to make the jump between the second stage and the third. Now, it was mearly a small step, but his power climbed to new heights.

"So you are ready to die?" Broly mocked.

Goku showed no sign of even hearing the taunt. He mearly bent down into a fighting stance, ready to charge the monster Saiyan. Broly, seeing this, prepared to take on his foe. The two concentrated their ki, about to push it all in one direction to launch themselves.

In a split second, they had moved. Broly shot across the barren land at Goku, swinging a massive fist at the man.

Goku, in turn, jumped straight up and took off into the sky like a bullet.

Brolys attack swung harmlessly into the air. Gokus act confused him a little. So he wanted to run? Shaking his head free of the confusion, Broly flew up and gave chase.

Higher and higher Goku and Broly climbed into the sky. Gokus only goal was to get the leviathan away from any obstacles. To Goku, the ground was only something very hard to be slammed into.

"Kakarot! You cant run forever!" Broly laughed just behind him.

Goku looked down to see the Saiyan just below. He threw a ki blast down at his pursuer, simply trying to distract him long enough so Goku could really attack.

With a flick of his wrist, Broly deflected the blast away.

"Damn." Goku cursed. If he slowed even a little, Broly would catch him. Goku still wasnt sure exactly how his power rated to that of the Super-Saiyan, and he didnt want to take the chance of it being lower.

Looking ahead, Goku saw that they were about to enter a cloud: the perfect cover.

Goku blasted into it and sharply changed direction, making a U-turn and attacking where he thought Broly would have been.

However, a sudden flash of light evaporated the cloud. Broly floated in the, now clear, air. Goku tried to stop, but instead, rammed his face into Brolys fist.

Broly threw his head back and laughed, allowing the dazed Goku to regain rational thought. Broly stopped laughing and outstretched his arms at his sides. Goku knew what was about to happen, and put up his hands in defense.

Broly swung his arms in a huge clap, trying to smash Gokus head. Instead, his hands were stopped by Gokus. Goku pushed back against the vice grip with all his strength, while Broly squeezed together.

A low growl unwillingly escaped Gokus throat as he pushed. It didnt dawn on him until he heard a similar growl from Broly that he was actually winning the test of strength.

The knowledge that he was actually pushing back seemed to give Goku a boost of energy, and in one outburst and cry of triumph, Goku had freed himself.

"What!?" Broly roared, unable to believe what had just happened.

Goku smirked. It seemed that he was stronger. Broly, subconsciously, began to back up. It seemed that he was intimidated by Gokus strength.

This time, Goku didnt waste any time attacking. He charged Broly, punching him in the chest as fast as he could. Gokus arms moved like a machine gun, slamming into the larger Saiyan and causing him to back up more and faster.

As Broly moved out of Gokus reach, Goku turned the punches into blasts of yellow energy. The two warriors were soon engulfed in smoke, but Goku didnt stop. He didnt even slow down.

He abruptly stopped and raised his hand to his head. Using Instant Transmission, Goku warped behind Broly, and continued his assault there.

Broly was beginning to feel like a punching bag, first being hit from the front, now the back. He had lost his control. He had lost his advantage. It was making him very angry.

Finally, Goku moved away, breathing heavily. Though he had twice the amount of strength since fusing, he was still growing tired.

Broly spun around to face the fused man once again. The wicked smile gone from his lips. The malicious laughter long silenced. "How could you have gotten so much stronger so fast?!"

Goku smiled and said between breaths. "Fusion can work wonders."

Broly growled and rushed again. Goku quickly moved up, swinging his foot around to smash into Brolys face. Broly grabbed his ankle and began swinging him around, spitting a mouthful of blood from his mouth.

As he was swung, Goku threw blast after blast at Brolys face. Each hit their mark, but none slowed him down. He just took them and kept swinging.

Goku looked above his head and noticed that Broly was no longer swinging him horizontally. Goku could see the ground. The sky. The ground. The sky. The ground. Broly was preparing to launch him, head first, into the ground. As fast as they were spinning, Goku knew that he wouldnt be able to stop in time. He had to do something fast.

Goku pulled his hands to his sides and quickly charged some energy.

"Kame hame HA!" Goku threw the weakened version of the blast directly in Brolys face. The force of the blast surprised the monster, and he released Gokus leg.

To Gokus relief, he was thrown up instead of down. However, before he could regain control, Broly appeared behind him and grabbed him in a massive hug.

Goku was helpless as Broly began to fly downwards, gaining speed rapidly. "You are going to hit the ground, one way or another." Broly laughed in Gokus ear. Goku wanted to get an arm free and use Instant Transmission, but with Broly on his back, they would both be moved.

Faster and faster they fell. Goku tried to push all his energy down to stop them, but the combination of Brolys movements and gravity overpowered his own. He could see the ground approaching fast. So fast, in fact, that Goku barely noticed that Broly had let go.

At the very last second, Goku brought his hand to his head and teleported behind Broly again. He slammed into Brolys back at break-neck speed, sending the giant down to earth as well.

Hitting Brolys back was almost as bad as hitting the ground, and Goku became dazed once again so the two continued to shoot towards the ground.



Gohan, Goten, and Trunks watched a bright bead of light shoot downwards. The whole earth shook as it hit. A cloud of dust as tall as a mountain shot up, and the ground under the forest cracked into giant fissures.

Any tree a mile within the collision were uprooted and evaporated by the shock wave alone. The three boys had to shield themselves from dirt as it pelted them.

"What the hell was that?!" Gohan yelled.

"I hope it wasnt Dad." Goten yelled back.

"He may need our help!" Trunks shouted.

"I think youre right!" Gohan replied.

Goten nodded, and they all took off in the direction of the fight.


The dust around the crater settled slowly. Broly and Goku both stood within, bleeding and breathing heavily.

"How" Broly choked out.

"Wow" Goku breathed.

A vein began to pop out on Brolys forehead. "How That should have killed you."

"No." Goku corrected. "That should have killed you!"

Broly didnt even hear Gokus response, and Goku soon found out why. The monsters power had taken a sudden leap.


Broly arched his back and began screaming at the top of his lungs. Goku could feel his power climb higher and higher, soaring above his own.

"Oh, no!" Goku yelled, pulling his hands to his sides as fast as he could. "Ka!"

Brolys hair thinned out into more spikes and stood up, making it look like a pile of needles on his back.


Brolys power continued to climb as the electricity surrounding him turned to violent, erratic lightning. The golden aura around him grew more intense and flared wildly.


Broly grew larger as his muscles doubled in size. He screamed even louder as pure energy actually seeped from his body. His ragged clothing waved in the exertion of ki.


His clothing actually gained a golden tint to them as his energy washed over them. He yelled even louder as the transformation began to end.

"HAAA!" Goku screamed, throwing his arms out in front of him and unleashing the powerful blast of energy.

The blue wave of power washed over Brolys still-growing body. Goku pushed as much energy as he could through his hands, concentrating the beam on Broly.

Brolys skin began to burn and smoke as the beam burned it. Slowly, his skin actually began to break away and disintegrate into nothing. Brolys cry of power quickly turned to one of pain as his body broke down, like his skin.

In one final explosion, Brolys super-powered body completely burned up into the magnificent blast.



When the three boys arrived on the scene, it was already over. The entire area was nothing more than a charred crater.

They found Uubs beaten body lying against a tree nearby. He was beaten badly, but alive. Vegeta was found about halfway to the center of the land scar. He was in worse shape than Uub, but alive as well.

Trunks carried his father while Goten held Uub, Gohan flew in the lead, searching for his father.

Finally, they found him lying in the very center. He was unconscious, lying on his back. As the trio landed, Trunks looked around. "You sure thats him?"

"I hope." Gohan said, slightly ashamed that he couldnt tell between his own dad and the impostor.

"Where is Kakarot, or Goku, or whatever?" Trunks asked, setting Vegeta down.

"Wait" Gohan said, seeing the earrings on Gokus ears. "Those are the Potara Earrings."

"What does that mean?" Goten asked. "Did he fuse?"

Gohan shook his head. "He looks the same. Then again, if he fused with Kakarot, he shouldnt look any different."

"But if he fused with Kakarot whod he fight?" Trunks asked.

"I have no idea." Gohan replied, heaving his father onto his shoulders. "But it looks like he won. Cmon, lets get them home."

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