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This is a one-shot that I am particularly proud of.  It's kind of dark, involving suicide and all, but I still like it.

DISCLAIMER- I don't own Dragonball Z or GT. I used the characters created by Akira Toriyama to write this for fun. I don't profit from this in any way.

Dark Memories



"Hayaah!" One boy launched a jump kick at the other.

The second dodged it with ease, but wasnt prepared for him to jump back again with another kick.

I watched the two fight from a distance, keeping my ki suppressed so as to not alert them of my presence.

I sat alone on a small hill under a large tree that sheltered me from the harsh summer sun. A warm breeze blew my long lavender hair into my face, making the long strands stick to my tear-stained cheeks.

It wasnt fair.

The two boys fought one another while four spectators cheered and laughed along with them. They sat in a row with their backs to me. On the far right was a girl. She sat on her knees, aggressively cheering and hollering. Her shoulder-length black hair shook in her excitement. Her right hand clasped tightly around an orange bandanna while she shook her fist in a cheer.

Sitting cross-legged next to her was a boy. He had black hair that stuck out in front of his head in a style fit only for a Saiyan or a Demi-Saiyan. He occasionally shouted out joking insults like: "You suck!" or "You cant fight!"

Next to him was another girl. She was obviously the oldest of the girls, maybe twenty years old like two of the boys. She wore only pink, and her blond hair was worn in two long pigtails. She rested her head on his shoulder, not making any noise at all. I couldnt decide whether she was asleep, or just being very quite.

Finally, on the far left, a third girl sat. She wore a rather revealing red leather outfit: a typical stereotype of a rebellious teenage girl. She actually looked like a miniature clone of my mother: hair and all. She giggled after every insult uttered by the bay, and sometimes joined in.

One of the fighters was the youngest of the boys. He had dark tan skin, almost brown. His jet-black hair was cut into large spikes running down the center of his head. He had skill, that much was apparent. His opponent was easily twice his size, and he was holding his own very well.

The very last of the six I knew was the oldest. Id seen him before as a baby. When I fought in the Cell Games, he was only a year old. He looked very much like me. He had short lavender hair cut just above his ears. He was this dimensions version of me. Living proof of what my life could have been had it not been for the androids.

Another tear rolled down my cheek. It wasnt fair.

After the Cell Games, I had gone back to my own time. I first killed the androids, then destroyed my dimensions version of Cell with ease.

I had saved the earth, but for what? A handful of Humans, not even enough to repopulate the world? My mom and I had lived as happily and peacefully as we could in my broken and torn world - that is, until she became sick. Very sick.

My vision became blurry as I remembered. She had become weak. Too weak to fight the illness. It had claimed her life not a year after the androids had been defeated, leaving me alone. All alone.

I had felt helpless. Though I had become an ascended Super-Saiyan, I felt defenseless, unprotected. I had never known my father as a child, so she was al I had. She taught me everything I knew. She guided me through thick and thin, never letting me lose my path. Now that she was gone, I was lost. I had no friends. No family. No future.

I closed my eyes tightly in an effort to block the memories, but I could not escape them. It wasnt fair. I opened them again to see the fight below end.

The boy, who was essentially me, delivered a final punch to the tanned one. He fell out of the small ring that had been made of the same type of chalk used on football fields. The four children watching, cheered, jumping to their feet.

The blue-haired girl ran to the tan-skinned boy, and helped him to his feet. The black-haired boy walked to the victor, and clasped hands in a half high five, half handshake. The blond walked with him and her arms wrapped around his left arm. Finally, the raven-haired girl ran up and playfully hugged my other self.

I became quite jealous of the scene before me. Why couldnt I have that? The friends? The happiness? The carefree bliss? Why couldnt I have that?! It was rightfully mine! It would have been mine had it not been for those fucking androids! It was all their fault! ALL! They killed everybody! EVERYBODY!

I clenched my fist in rage. I hated them! I hated them more than anything! Why?! Why did that freak doctor create them?! Goku was already dead! He had no reason to do so! NONE!

I actually wished that the androids had not killed him. I wish that he had lived. Lived only so I could kill him! I wished that I could beat him, and beat him, and beat him until his dark, cold, emotionless, damned heart stopped!

I closed my eyes tightly again as I felt my rage begin to take control. I could feel my Super-Saiyan powers begin to surface.

Suddenly my eyes snapped open when I realized that in my moment of anger, I had let my ki flare, and I knew that at least half of the children below could sense ki. I quickly hid my power again as I regained control over my emotions. My eyes darted from person to person to see if any had noticed me; fortunately they had not.

I continued to watch them as they set up for another fight. The black-haired boy had taken the younger childs place, and was about to fight my other self.

As they began the match, I knew that my time was almost up. I gently laid my hand on my sword at my side. The sword that had been entrusted to me by my mother. The sword that had saved my hide on more than one occasion. The sword that would solve all my problems.

After my mothers untimely death, I had decided to use the time machine one last time. At first, I wanted to go back to the moment after Cell had been defeated, but decided against it. For one thing, it would be kind of weird watching myself grow up. It would also have caused problems with the child version of myself. It was no way to live; growing up with someone who was almost identical to you, but almost eighteen years older than you.

After that failed idea, I had decided to go to a later time. A time where my other self was already grown up and more stable. A time where it wouldnt be so weird to have me around. Besides, I had thought that it would be interesting to see how my life would have been without the androids.

Without thinking further on the matter, I set off. Little did I know that the time machine only had enough power to make one last trip. After I arrived, I realized the mistake I had made.

I had not anticipated the fact that EVERYBODYS lives would have gone on as normal. It didnt dawn on me until I saw the new generation of children. It wasnt right for me to barge in and demand that everybody change their lifestyle to fit me in with them. How selfish.

After seeing my error, I decided not to be seen. Not to be known. It was then when I decided my fate.

Tears fell from my eyes freely. My time was up. Before they really got into the fight, the children had seen me. They all stood in a row, looking up at me with confusion. I looked into each set of eyes.

Charcoal black eyes, clueless, but fierce. The eyes of a warrior in the making.

Crystal blue. Exact replicas of my own mothers, proving the girls place among the family.

Midnight blue. The same eyes that I had once looked into with fear. The eyes of an android spawn.

Heavy black eyes, gentle and playful, yet the eyes of a warrior. Just like Gokus.

Another set of black. These had the same fire in them that my master Gohan once had, telling me that she could have been none other than his daughter.

Finally, I looked into the last set of eyes. Eyes that I knew better than anything. Eyes that I saw every time I looked into a mirror. But these were different from my own. These had not seen the things I have. These had not been scarred with the memories of everybody they care for die without hope of ever returning.

The six all stared up at me, all unsure of what to think. An enemy? A friend?

I lifted the my sword and unsheathed it slowly. They all alertly watched, ready to retaliate. I lifted the blade up to my face and looked into my reflection in the shinny steel. My eyes were blood-shot and puffy. My long hair was a mess, strands sticking out in random directions. My face showed nothing but sorrow and regret.

I heard six individual gasps as I moved the blade so that the tip of the sword was positioned above my heart. The sharp tip tore my shirt and pricked my skin merely from the swords weight.

I heard two sets of feet beginning to run up the hill, and four flares of ki as the rest took to the air in an effort to reach me before I could finish.

I closed my eyes and pulled as hard as I could. The blade penetrated my flesh easily. I fell to my back, the sword sticking out my chest.

I slowly opened my eyes again and looked up to the six faces. I could feel their hands on me, trying in vain to save me. I could feel the cold steel of the sword being lifted from my body. I could feel the blood begin to gush the second the blade left.

I closed my eyes one last time as I heard their shouts of horror. I could hear the girls soft crying at the display of gore that they had witnessed. I could hear my heart beating. I could tell that it was slowing. Soon, all sound was blocked from my mind, and I waited for my death to come.

I did not feel any pain. All I felt was: thu-thump... thu-thump...... thu-thump......... thu... thump......... Then I felt nothing at all.

Well, that's it. Like always, I hope you liked it.  Review at